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  1. what do i do first how do i get weapons how do i level up
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    You get weapons by collecting sweat from animals with your "sweat gun" and selling it in stacks of 1000 to other players. The starter gun costs 3.8ped from the trade terminal and you will want 10+ped of ammo to go with it. Sweat sells for about 5ped per stack of 1k, so you should collect 2-3k of sweat before selling it, then use that to buy a gun and ammo. You will level up automaticly as you use the different weapons and tools in the game.

    gl and have fun :)

  3. you can buy the basic weaponry at trading terminals, for example an opalo

    buying weapons this requires peds in the first case, thats the money here
    to get peds you can deposit real money or you could try sweating for example

    leveing up is learning by doing
    for example, when you shoot a rifle you get rifle, dexterity, and related skills
    together those will form your sniper profession, which tells you how effective you are with the different weapons, the higher the sniper profession the bigger skill increase bonus weapons (mostly those are limited) weapons you can use and the better you can use non SIB ones
  4. and you could make real money in this game as well right how that works? has anyone made real money in this before alot or just a little?
  5. from starting point where do i go so i see animals
  6. actually near port atlantis shopping mall
  7. Let me ask you this - Have you really searched websites to get as much information about the what/how and maybes about this game - let me tell you that i believe you did not go searching for answers before asking -
    so let me give you some websites that you need to read and get a general idea about the Game and how things work and what you can do.

    Go to and and go to and look up the guides.

    then if you don't understand -->>then ask questions.

    I can tell you from experiences that researching first before gettting started into a game will help you have a foot hold.
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