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  1. Planet_Michael: Coming soon at - a developer's blog

    Sorry, but the legend that passed away also had an "interesting" life. I love the music he wrote--he was a genius and we'll be lucky if we see someone like him again in our life time. With that I think we should leave his memory in peace instead of trying to make money off it.

    RIP Michael.
  2. John BD

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    Planet_Michael: Coming soon at - a developer's blog

    comming soon.... yeah right if u read it says ETA end of next year, but anyway hope they do it right and not half baked couse in my eyes Michael stands on stage of legends right next to Elvis, Hendrix, and a personal here in holland Hazes that earned respect.
  3. Lykke TheNun

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    Planet_Michael: Coming soon at - a developer's blog

    I don't believe that's possible, even though I know it's meant well.

    People have been 'abusing' (if you wish to call it that) 'dead' people always. Some are still earning money in the memory of <removed religious name here before an admin (that would be myself) does it> - but other famous peoples names are being used to gain money too - like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, a lot of famous scientists etc.

    I like to see it more as a tribute to people (like Elvis), who added something very special to the music world - just like Michael Jackson. And after reading peopels comments on the official Michael Jackson Fan site (which I actually have been a member of for years ;) ) - it looks like people are very thrilled about this. This might be some fans closest experience to MJ ever (for some, of course the memory of a concert or meeting is bigger, but still...) - but a way to contribute to the memory and memorial to Michael and HIS contributions to the World.

    I agree to a sertain point that the thought of some people gaining money from other (dead) people (or their families) is ugly - but remember, it is their families and lawyers who decide whether they find it appropiate or not. And if you think about it, you can go into details with a lot of things and will realize that a lot of industries/business' are somehow earning on another (dead) peoples 'gifts' ... (museums fx just to mention one ..)
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  4. GeorgeSkywalker

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    Planet_Michael: Coming soon at - a developer's blog

    Well said and I tend to agree with you. Except I don't think it's just about money making. If this planet michael is done right which to me it seems will be due to the non-violence etc on the planet then this could have bigger implications for our world and indeed something all nations, cultures etc can together in peace.

    It could play a significant part in "healing" the world. There are many forces at work in our world that are quite destructive and separates nationalities and cultures to the extent of going to war. Planet Michael sounds to me something of the complete opposite and we desperately need things like this to bring people together. Sure it's not going to solve all problems of the world but I think it certainly has a part to play for a peaceful and prosperous future...
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