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Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by RAZER, Oct 10, 2009.

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    So, I was going over the websites of all the planet partners and was thinking about how we will be able to get there when all of a sudden it hit me. You know that the TP's on the planet shoot out a blue line in the air, well I noticed a few other blue lines from buildings that don't have a TP, like this one:


    Maybe these buildings are TP that can get you OF this planet and to another one. No TP in there yet because there are no other planets yet, but why else would there be a blue line coming from it.

    This pic is from Port Atlantis, but I know I have seen one in Athena Space Port as well and probably in some other places to.

    So will this be the way to get to the other planets and if not, what are these buildings and why do they have that blue laser thing??
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    mm I actually would have thought, that the new planets would get the spaceship owners more into business. That would make sence somehow, that you use ships to get from one planet to another and not tp's? But that would also naturally means it would cost you to get from one place to another.

    From a personal view I always thought the tp back from CP was quite outdated and weird, since you have to take a flight up to/from CND... and you have to take a flight UP to CP ...?

    Anyway, the blue lights could be some kind of antennas though I do admit, they look like the tp's awfully lot, so maybe your theory is correct. Of course it would make it much easier to get from one planet to another - the question is, do you need to get back on calypso, everytime you need to visit a new planet - or are they all connected either through space-routes or tp's? (what a lot of tp's to have on the map list then)
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    I'm thinking of an interstellar network of TP's that connect all the planets. Ones you enter the TP and activate it you will get this map:


    from where you can choose the planet you wanna go to
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    if you are MA its doesnt really matter how we move between planets. FPC is a bit more concerned and the new planets will have an interest, and they will have had input to the method used.

    the thing with the current ships is, there aren't actually many active and its a fairly unreliable and poor system. would introducing more ships solve this? not with the decay+oil cost as now.

    it would be too expensive to be viable for many to leave. while that might seem a good idea at first it also means it will be expensive for the reverse trip. TPs offer the posibility of cheap and easy transfer, each planet less concern about people leaving as they pop back just as easily.

    but i think it will be neither. i reckon CND will be used as a staging point with similar setups on other planets. you use ships to get to the relay station then have mass transit between planets for a modest fee, say 50ped.

    what ever happens, it will be interesting, in fact personally more intrigued by how this works than the actual destinations.
  5. There will probably be tp's to the other planets, but they will be a more expensive alternative than flying.
  6. I thought the same thing when i first saw after VU 10 how the map appears. You used to open it and choose between continents, now they are both on the same "page". My first thought was they might have tweaked it to simplify for when they add new planets, those becoming the new page.

    Sure the odds are out there but being a speculation thread it seems likely enough.

    As for spaceships... i hope they implement them sooner or later but i don't want to depend on them in any way if possible. Personally if i saw a tp next to a spaceship I'm more likely to pay a bit more and just tp given the choice.
  7. Totally agree! Certainly for the return trip. At the moment, we have Calypso, CP and CND. It is not easy to get to any of those places... unreliable and inconvenient at best. I can only imagine how much worse it will be PMing a pilot asking about a flight and getting the "I am on Planet Playtex, sorry..."
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