Planet michael jackson ??!!

Discussion in 'SEE' started by RAZER, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. MistressArwen

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    Planet Michael Jackson?

    Youve got to be kidding me. Whats next? Planet Hollywood? or Any other Celeb out there.

    A Question comes to mind. Do the Jackson Family know bout this? Do they approve? :dunno:

    And will this mean we get a more extended variety of Dance -emotes for our avas?:loveshower:
  2. MindStar9

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    Planet Michael Jackson?

    The Jackson family definitely knows, and are definitely involved.
  3. Planet Michael Jackson?

    Involved in the sense of taking the cash. I doubt their involvement will stretch beyond that.
  4. MindStar9

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    Planet Michael Jackson?

    Correct :)
  5. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

  6. Planet Michael Jackson?

    I did.

    Damn you! You finally did it! You blew it all up! Damn you! Damn you all to hell!! :rofl:

  7. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

  8. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Planet Michael Jackson?

    After looking into the screenies - especially the one showing a grave yard, I realized, that they used the exact same type of grave yards stones as they threw around with on ROCKtropia ... I really hope that each planet will be adding some specialities too and not only reused stuff from other planets ...

    Which leads me to a question. Because I don't know enough about what it requires to make a planet, but ..

    Doesn't each planet partner have their own developing team? Or do they get a planet, to built on (get ideas for - and then the MA dev team built it all?)? If they use their own coders, it amazes me how much it all look alike - I know the engine is the same - but more design-wise?? :headscratch:
  9. Planet Michael Jackson?

    I think that's probably just a ND Studios thing. Their favourite keys appear to be CTRL, C and V.
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