Planet michael jackson ??!!

Discussion in 'SEE' started by RAZER, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. Nor Alien

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    Nor Alien Euqcab has succefully completed the Moon Walk mission and has looted an Oxygen Chamber worth 290 Peds!! :thumbup:
  2. Shadowsong

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    I agree. I also think this will have a positive impact on the overall RCE. What every virtual planet needs is an "off-world" trade partner to underpin the economy. If Planet Michael becomes a platform for memorabilia acquisition, they will have unlocked this aspect, as they will effectively have built an export revenue stream independant of actual player activity as we understand it via our traditional ingame professions.

    They will certainly bring a raised profile for EU, and that has to be good.
  3. aridash

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    i really hope they sort out the download. with rocktropia, its unlikly i'll ever visit but i would rule it out. but Wackoland? i would never ever go there. so i dont want to be downloading their shit either.

    Farmville and other Facebook games too. the companies behind some of these are already bigger than MA.
  4. Tass

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  5. MindStar9

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    Tass ... you never cease to amaze me. ;)
  6. EwoK

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    oh my freeking gawd! you have to be kidding. Never been an MJ fan in fact, thought the guy was a weirdo, but can't take away the fact he was a fantastic entertainer....but seriously? a freeking planet??
  7. There's a PED joke floating around here someplace...
  8. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Im not sure how it will really work, but after watching the youtube video by neverdie about SEE and their plans (obviously hyped) it makes me wonder if it really could be a good thing for us.

    The themed planets that SEE is putting out will bring in lots of new players with much different expectations. I have a hard time seeing that their attention span for any single one of the theme planets will last months or years which leaves two options.

    1. They hop planets and keep playing.
    2. They quit.

    Either of those options really can be a good thing for the rest of the universe. Someone with a short attention span spending money for a short time on stuff and then disappearing will help the markets I believe since they will be unlikely to have learned enough in that time to withdraw much if any when they leave.

    Life on Calypso, or any other "long term" "grind" planet will appear to be unaffected, but the underlying economy will be stronger and there will be interesting options for trade or diversity in "vacation" planet hopping whenever you want to go see something for a week or two.

    Everyone whines and complains about the global chat, but i believe that once the universe grows a little it is inevitable that MA will isolate global chats just from sheer volume. (and enough complaints from everyone)

    just my thoughts on it,

  9. Norbert

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    I found this preview from IGN, interesting that it will be a non-violent MMO so i guess laser guns are out on this one. As for myself not my thing but maybe it will pull in some cash for MA i guess, also variety is a good thing i think. At first i kinda said wtf!!! but nothing after this nothing will surprise me lol.

    Planet Michael Preview - PC Preview at IGN
  10. Is a Planet Michael participant that wants to get rich in the local currency considered to be a PEDophile?
  11. Yeah, can you imagine reading that in global chat:

    "Avatar blah blah blah was abused by Michael Jackson for 67 ped. A record in the hall of fame has been made. Congratulations."

    Sorry to all MJ fans, but this is just creepy. I do hope with the 2nd planet coming in they will seperate all global messages and even items. I do not want to see mj clothes on Calypso.
  12. I was wondering about the no-gun policy first, but from what IGN writes it almost sounds like the Moves will be some extreme form of Mindforce dancing, sort of.
    Might not be so Bad after all! :D
  13. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Despite the rumours which surrounded MJ (and still obviously surrounds him - and fair enough, people may have opinions) - he was one of the greatest mucisians and a legend. Not only his music but what he did for charity during the years will be remembered forever, I'm sure. A planet is a special way to be keeping his name 'alive' - and I for one is looking forward to it! I find it ok exactly because he's not (moon)walking the Earth anymore - it's like having a memorial planet :)
  14. Thanks Lykke.

    I always enjoyed MJ's music as a kid. Caseys Countdown generally had hits from the Jackson 5, and as I got older Thriller and Bad came out. Then the rumors hit. It was obvious when the rumors started coming in that he was being picked on because he was ugly, different, a wierdo. There was never any legal basis to them, and this was illustrated twice in court.

    People scoff and say he paid off a family. This is true. The truth is nobody knows why, though. MJ was always a champion of the poor and disadvantaged, and the fact is (and this is a documented fact) the family that MJ paid off had also tried to harass Jay Leno and Leonardo DiCaprio that same year in the same way they harassed MJ. I dont know what happened, but theres plenty enough reason to disregard all the bs surrounding him based on the actual context.

    As an adult I grew away from his music. Im into Grunge and sludge punk. Pop music never really did it for me as an adult, but I never forgot how much I enjoyed it as a kid. When I heard all the garbage about MJ on television I rolled my eyes and questioned the tabloid nature of our society.

    Some people, however, insist on picking on a person because they are different. Like a shark, once blood is in the water these individuals all gather for a bite. These people say that MJ was a predator, that may or may not have been, but he is dead now --- and the sharks are still circling. Who's the predator now?

    In short, the jokes are old, tired, and boring. Shut up already.
  15. There's that stuffed shirt again. Dude, lighten up!
  16. Norbert

    Norbert Cartoon Head

    MJ was an incredibly talented musician and performer, not my musical taste but i respect him for that at least. As for the more tainted side of MJ whether right or wrong the guy basically set himself up for allegations. What i mean is taking a string of kids to his bed, his general bizarre nature, and his odd look in his later career didn't do the guy any favours tbh. I can say though that no way on earth i would have trusted my children to his care, especially as the rumours of his sexuality increased.

    Whatever the truth is people have already made up their mind after all the press, child abuse is a very emotive subject and will polarise opinion in a very black/white fashion. The rumours/opinions on the whole sordid affair will keep arising for many years, nothing that can be done about it really imo.
  17. Oh noes! I was called a stuffed shirt by some douche on the intarwebz! :openmouth:

    My life is ovar! :kos:


    Norbert youre quite correct. Im not trying to fix anyones misconceptions. Just pointing out that the jokes are a little trite.
  18. Leaving aside the person, as that is going to just bring flaming - seeing that there will be a now-guns planet sound interesting. It would be good to know what types of weapons this will apply to - would we be able to use melee? What about mindforce? Will the "moves" work on some other planet? Dance fighting sounds at the same time both wonderful and whacky. Will this be "Dance Dance Revolution meets Entropia Uinverse"?

    While there will clearly have to be new offensive professions, will there also be a new defence profession a la Jammer? What about attack types? Will there be a new type of armor attachment, earmuffs that will protect us from some moves for example ?
  19. Here's the link to gamespot's article on Planet Michael: Michael Jackson MMOG due in late 2011 - News at GameSpot

    Review is impartial, comments are as expected mostly negative, but it's publicity alright. Topic was on the front page of Gamespot, and i really wonder when was the last time EU had done so...

    One thing is for sure. For better or for worse, this will bring in more players to feed their decay in the platform, letting MA grow. That gives us some stability and better prospects i'd say, even if we'd never visit those other planets.
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