Planet Explorers - How EU should have been :)

Discussion in 'Other games and gaming' started by Viperstrike, Mar 16, 2014.

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    In your dreams Blanche, in your dreams! :tongueout:
  2. Well there is one way to find out :shoot:
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    You need to be medicated ... I guess that didn't happen yet. :tongueout:
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  4. I have been listening to some more trance mixes today and at the moment, I am looking more on the powerful elemental side of the equation of the above quoted for the programming of one of the sancturary sound nodes in Planet Explorers once they are released.

    Naturally it won't be pure straight out trance as that would likely trip too many out;
    So I thought having a harder yet uplifting style of elemental trance would be more suitable.

    Here is one of a few mixes I am thinking of atm >
    Not 100% decided yet, it is a bit raw, but it is on the shortlist for now.

    Thoughts, suggestions and opinions are all welcomed ... Positive or negative of course.
    Especially from those with an appreciation of trance music in all of its forms.
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  5. I need to be medicated?? Really?
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    You know I love ya Softy ... I need to be medicated too, so maybe we can have a party. :tongueout:
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    @ Viper ... that kind of music gets my MoJo workin' ... not Obie's cup of tea, and I like Rock better, like he does, but when I'm workin' out or doing things around the house, this is what I like listening to because it motivates me. :thumbsup:
  8. Aye it can have that effect;
    My spectrum of music tastes are actually fairly wide and varied.
    eg. Classical, Earth/Nature music ... <snipping a relatively long list of others> ....

    Electronicka of nearly all types, anything in this area that can be expressed in a free-form dancing style where movement follows thought energy and thought energy follows movement. eg. Tech/Hot/Funk House, Goa/Psy/Trip/Tech/Elemental/Emotional Trance and the uplifting styles of Techno/Industrial and ofc there is a lot of other genres in this domain that I am comfortable with but won't go into like garage, dubstep, chillstep which I am starting to get into recently

    I don't like the REALLY HARD stuff ...

    Eg. Anything that is mentally, emotionally or spiritually wrecking/damaging ...
    ie. Of a denser/lower form of energy from any genre like gabbacore, hardcore, most heavy/scream metal, cyberpunk, some of it is very damaging trash imho, my mind is too substle to handle it, I can't seem to lower my vibration to such levels (Very low etheric, nowhere in the astral) and it does not flow in a natural, intelligent nor in a rythmic and colourful way.

    Rock, well ... define rock, it comes in many forms I suppose, it is a huge spectrum.

    The lighter ... top 40 hits style stuff, yes, I don't mind it;

    However 'most' of it does nothing for me. I do not find it mentally, emotionally nor spiritually elevating, sexually elevating/sensual ... I would say most of it would not put me in an elevated/higher state of conciousness nor motivate/activate/energize any of the energy centers in a way that can be described as beneficial.

    We are all mentally and emotionally geared differently and all have preferences of levels of concious living we wish to experience I guess;

    Some live more conciously than others, some live a muffled/damppened concious existence (sometimes to supress shock/pain/abuse/fear/anxiety/darkness/etc), others well .. we can all take the escapist/easy route using substances K-hole/lsd/etc which the majority of people try at some point in their lives if we choose to, but that leads nowhere fast, self development nor health wise on any level of existence.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that we all have our preferences and that I respect these preferences.
    I do however do my best to be as open to as much of the universal language as possible (energy in the form of sound & colour) but can't handle the full spectrum of genres with ease.

    Anyway starting to get in to other areas of interest. So I may just stop there. :)

    I hope some of that made some sort of sense :tongueout:
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  9. Starting to think we all need medication lol Can I join this party too :rofl:
  10. While dinner is cooking away on the pot, I thought I would share the earth/nature music selection to be used in programming one of the sancturaries sound nodes in P.E.

    I have purposefully selected one artist for this for simple reason ... Continuity of music relating to the theme I have in mind to be designed for this sancturary area.

    The artist is Medwyn Goodall who some may know from the new world music label.

    Medwyn mainly specialises in earth/nature based music and branches off into various areas including druidic, celtic and of course wildlife, environment scenescapes and states of mind, etc ... It is heavily instrumental based, such as wind-pipes, drums and other earth energy producing instruments.

    Anyway here is a playlist people can go through if they wish. I am having a bit of trouble tracking down Medwyn's own page since there are so many thousands of people interested in this music from all over the world on Youtube. So for now I will use someone who has a few titles listed:

    Link to a sample playlist >

    A small sample of one of many hundreds of varying earth/nature titles Medwyn has produced:
    Very relaxing, grounding, meditative style earth/nature music.

    There are just so many to pick from, from this artist,
    I really need to sit down and put a suitable set together.
    Keeping in mind this will be the most relaxing and grounding sancturary out of the four on offer.

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    @ Softy ... we can't play anymore? :what:

    What happened? :headscratch:
  12. Put your professional skills to work and figure it out
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