Planet Explorers - How EU should have been :)

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  1. LOL, well time for some experimentation with the ingame designer!
    Though it may mean an epic death for my current mega complex build ;)
    Only to see a better built modulated system ofc. Portable ISOs that can be easily recreated.

    I couldn't decide on a good death scene to attribute to it, so here goes a mix of a few epic ones from FD!

    Horror, be careful playing with the play button hehe

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  2. A couple of messages asking what is industrial music.
    Well it is kind of hard to explain because it comes in various forms .... but it is just that, industrial style electronicka ... It comes in mostly a very hard (and sometimes dark, but not always) style of command, divide and conquer style of electronic music.

    Here are a few examples, not the best examples, but I am being rather lazy atm ;)
    It is sort of futuristic dark electronicka industrial based music.

    The Das Klub mix is not too bad, but still a little warped lol :P

    I will be more looking for the more uplifting industrial music which is much harder to find, but a small example is from 47:10 onwards for a while in the Das Klub mix. It is still very hard, command, divide and conquer but has a lighter uplifting air about it :)

    Footnote: Like with all tech/electronicka music, free-form dancing is involved. Energy follows thought and thought follows energy.
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  3. A lot of this comes from my youth as a raver back in the old underground days in Australia - Techno, house, trance, psy-goa etc.

    Eg. Techno - Field of Dreams 4 was one of my favourites, you would always find me up at the front at these raves, dancing um 12 hours+ straight <no ocmment>. Damn it was a long crazy period in my life lol. But that was many many eons ago! Much older now (almost 40) heh (Well I pretend to be :P) ha!

    LOL The memories! *sigh* Wants youth back, those days were awesome!
    I used to pack my bag on Friday after work and didn't come home until late Sunday afternoon lol

    Sunday was always recovery at the greenwood hotel.
    I must say I am pleased to see that they have kept with the atmosphere all these years!
    Most weekends were a bit of a dressup, not all though, some were just chillin' to funky house tunez!

    Today however the scene is in a very bad way :( And mental health problems are skyrocketing to an all time high! It used to be very much about the musick with a little bit of D!!!gs to empower the experience.

    Now days it is all about the d!!!gs and how fucked up you can get *sad face* and very little is about the soul of musick.

    Kids these days, NFI!

    But there you have it, 8 years of my life wrapped into a post lol :vampire:

    Footnote: Like with all tech/electronicka music, free-form dancing is involved. Energy follows thought and thought follows energy.
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  4. How's this for old school familiar with Empirion? Jamie was my first mentor way back when I first started in EU :)
  5. Awesome :) Glad to see others into the scene!
    Yet I still don't like what has happenned to the scene today. It kind of sucks in many ways, very sad (maybe I just got old and it has evolved). People lost the very soul of why we went out to these raves/doofs/house parties, etc in the old skool dayz.!
  6. In release 0.752, the devs released a new designer grid which is 60M long x 30M wide x 24M high.
    So I will start my experimentation to conceptualise (see) how big this is in the game world.

    First I will design an ISO frame of the structures entire size.
    Then I will lay an assembly core and see how many of these fit within the core and how they best fit.

    Pic - Wire frame of new grid in designer.

    Now to import it into game :alien:
    Stay with me, making dinner IRL at the same time so this will take a moment lol Sorry for the delay.
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  7. Well that ... I hit a brick wall ofc lol ... You need to have a cockpit & rotor & fuel cell in the design before you can export it. I guess I can't use the new grid for designing buildings which is a real let down :(

    I may put in a request to the devs for a building grid at a later stage.
  8. On second thought, no, I think it is a good design limitation as it will stop people from extremely fast base builds in multiplayer once it is properly developed .... So there may just be a method to the madness after all :)
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  9. They had a building grid in couple of versions back.. I don't know why it was taken out at the time but I think I read it might be back in the 0.8 one. but there post and pics of a kitchen someone did using car and they hid all the car parts needed. it was pretty awesome kitchen
    There is a entire section of forum devoted to iso... you need to check it out lol kitchen thread
  10. It seems the mega complex will be here to stay.
    A little more progress of the first level of apartment dwelling build outs.

  11. Awesome sounds good :)

    Agreed that is very well done :)

  12. About the building grid, if that is the case, I may look into holding off in further developing this complex as I would really love to start designing it in the designer so I may save it as ISOs for other versions of the game hehe :)

    It is a lot work to make these constructions so I prefer to have a version I can reuse :)
    And ofc make more fancy in the designer, rather than just a whole bunch of squares/cubes put together.
  13. well o.8 i think is supposed to be out end of April so fingers crossed
  14. Ok Viper asked me to post these here... Some more Mac creations this time for Softy! Will there be a Mindstar vs Softy battle in Planet Explorers one day.. Things that make you go HMMMMM?!

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  15. LOL that made me laugh so hard when I first saw it, awesome one Mac!
    Now for round one of airship battles - MS9 <purple> vs Softy <technicolour>
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  16. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I am a one <purple> woman Marine Corps while Softy keeps her Army <technicolor> locked up in a box.

    Semper Fi
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  17. Cool well going to press the pause button on Planet Explorers until 0.8 is released :)
    Intermission pause time, yum! Nom nom nom!!
  18. NO WAY! (Said with sarcasm)
    This is how I imagine the battle goes down on multiple levels.

    Softy you may start this video off ;) A magical Softy battle tear should do it!

    Softy & Mac vs MS9 & Obie .... (Round 1)
    Softy is meaner than she looks, its all a ruse!
    Softy in plate and mail armor! The flower is a nice touch, I mean like wow!

    Poor Mac (Nice try with the arrows) copped it to the head! Defeated by Obie.

    MS9: Damn You! *spank* no technology and teleporting to other worlds allowed! @ 2:00 ...
    I therefore banish you to become a dragon lady!
    Ok I will allow regeneration this once ... I can't have you falling to bits on me this soon.

    Immortals and their Morphing! *sigh*
    I found you, and yes I did not miss your cheeky undertoned grin.
    I suppose I must haul your ass off for another round of this!
    Lucky I have my mech armor at hand, I am in for a long haul by the looks of it!

    Look out for Round 2 in a future release update. :nana: :rofl:
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  19. Did you see that rocking crayon gun??? :) BTW my crayola box will turn that purple flying contraption into pixie dust :laugh:
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