Planet Explorers - How EU should have been :)

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  1. Thanks Tesla :)

    I have been thinking more about the background music for the youtube video on Planet Explorers later on. Other than the post earlier in this thread, I was looking at taking parts out of this mix too.

    I has some really nice "feel it" music in it which can empower different emotions while showing different gameplay scenes / touring / gliding / etc etc.

    Below is the other one I am looking at, at the moment, 2013 edition. Also awesome. :)

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  2. WOW! One guy that plays has been doing a recreation of many of the well known sci-fi space ships :)

    Here is some of his work in ISO format ready to be imported into the game!
    And there is more on that are being added by him (matthuas).

    I must admit they are pretty damn awesome and very close reconstructions :)




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  3. Some more progress, finally on the colonist dwelling build outs.
    This is definitely going to use some stone & marble up :)

    I broke down and bought a jetpack too, to give you an idea of what it looks like from another POV.

    At the moment I can support 24 colonists with a lvl 3 assembly core (Also the forcefield generator)
    I am hoping they will let me upgrade it further than level 3 in a later patch as I will have 72 (12 per level x 3 levels x 2 sides of the building complex) colonist dwellings. For now they can have 3 rooms each hehe.

    The rooms are very large, 56 long x 56 wide x 12 high blocks each.
    So plenty of room to make a very asthetically nice looking apartment/dwelling :)

    It is a bit dark in some places within the internal structure as I have not put in the light sources yet.

    Pics - Enjoy!

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  4. Ok, now I am am officially impressed, he has recreated the VIPER MK.2 from BSG!
    (Same guy as previously posted)

    yay /dance :beerchug: :bowdown: :clap:

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  5. You know when you think of how something will look good in your design of something ?
    In this case, the two cocktail lounge/bar/night club idea I have for the complex

    I am really stuck on wanting holo pads brought into game lol :)

    Maybe the power of wishful thinking will help in a few VUs time *grins*
    Link >

    Another idea is an object that can be kicked around ...
    Alright to the point a soccer ball with real physics attached!
    I would like to potentially put a soccer stadium in the complex too.

    You just can't go past forgetting sports!

    Or maybe, a shooting range with spore (the game) like self designed mobs in the designer ?

    I do like the racing track idea, but think that it can be done better outside the forcefield as I would like to make a truely epic sized track (Death-race style) to race with others on at a later time in multiplayer mode.

    Starting at 1:15 in the below video!

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  6. Ok forget the soccer sports ground & mob designer lol, I found something better :)

    Real Steel style boxing matches, robots (or mechs) designed in the designer! WOOT!

  7. Hi,

    Wanting to let people know that I will be steadily working on the dwelling build outs, but do not wish to do a post every 10-15k blocks (about 1 day/8 hours worth of gameplay).

    At the moment, each dwelling level is taking about 45,000 blocks to complete the barebones structure and there are 3 levels of dwelling apartments to do. 45k blocks takes about 3 days worth of harvesting & build time (About 25-30 Hours of gameplay).

    So I will keep you posted with new updates when milestones are completed, or if something somewhat exciting occurs :)

    Thanks to all those who have shown interest in this project so far.

    I have a lot of new and exciting additions to add to the concept, however I want to *hint* finish the above ground part of the concept first :)

  8. Well that was funny, I wrote the above post thinking, damn I am starting to find it hard to find stone nodes!

    A little aimless wandering and whola, I have run into stonerville lmao!

    This place will look like a bombing test range once I am done with it :spank:


    Searches for ... Ah the Egg!

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  9. Ok, this is quite awesome,
    I found a underground cavern with some nasty mobs in it! I fell into it but got out for now :)
    The mobs are following me around underground in the caverns - Yellow dots on radar under me :)

    Panic, so no picture yet. It was overly dark and I didn't have my flashlight on hand lol

    However, the site excavation has begun lmao!

    Now for some earth moving music to go with the task ! :devilish:
    3 hours should do it!
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  10. Nice! Found another entry ... well hole in the ground that leads down to the caverns.

    In this picture shot you can see there is an underground lake in the caverns as well.
    It probably leads out to the shoreline at some point :)

    Oh Yeah! I found another wandering survivor too lol. (Top left of pic)
    I must take note of where she is wandering around.

  11. Since I have been asked this more than once ...

    Yes there will be windows in the complex (On the outer walls).
    36 dwellings/apartments out of 72 will have windows :)
    There will also be balconies too!

    There will be a lot of glasswork elsewhere too, but I need to be careful due to the low construction defense durability of glass at only 155 (Stone is 250, iron 650ish). The outer framework ... um hard to explain, like a lining framework structure will be made of iron. 4 blocks x 4 blocks thick. This should stop any major/massive damage from the huge robots and ufo attacks on the structure.

    I don't want to go losing half an apartment with nicely made furnishings in it due to no outer defensive shell lol.

    Anyway here is a pic of the windows ;)
    And one of the night sky (almost dawn break) under the forcefield.

  12. Yes if your in story mode the quest line goes there.. what is the coordinates of the cavern.. there several ways it goes I believe just be careful if your wandering in there as there is a "boss" down there.
  13. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Thanks for posting it is interesting to keep seeing the discoveries :D
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  14. I suspected there might be a boss mob down there ...
    I was just working my way around stonerville collecting stone nodes for more of the mega complex.
    I will finish that off and make some heavy armored vehicles before going exploring too much too far away :)
  15. Thanks for keeping onboard with it :)
    It is a bit slow going atm due to building such a huge base camp lol but once done, we will have some fun!
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  16. For a small change of pace today ...
    I am going to save my adventure mode build and start a new story mode game.

    Well hold that:

    I am wanting to stream the story mode using here on EP forums and on steam.
    So I may hold off for a week or so more. I know some more bug fixes have been done in 0.753
    (Available to steam beta opt in users)

    Anyway if your playing this game, please vote it up on overwolf for integration here >

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  17. The question came to mind today ...

    So how much of the map have I managed to explore so far ... Answer: A tiny portion lol.
    And mind you it is a fairly long run from the starter village to my base camp ~ 10 mins.
    So to run the entire 40km map oh my!

    Good thing is you can place your own markers on the map.
    I agree that the map system needs a lot more work done to it. But it works for now ;)

    Explored region, close up :)

    Expanded map .... what is that smudge in the middle lol.

  18. Nice! Found some creation music :alien:
    For use with this -

    This is my weird side ... A Minor designer incoming lol

    I should mention one of the four santuraries will be programmed with classical music.
    Another with nature music - oceanic/rainforest/birds/etc etc
    Another with powerful elemental/emotional trance music
    And the last will be more game style tech house & some industrial style music.

    Something for everyones enjoyment. Themes will be created/designed for these environments ofc :)

    These areas are different from the 2 night clubs/cocktail bars in the complex.
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  19. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I absolutely love your enthusiasm that surrounds your involvement in games, it's infectious, and I really admire your dedication to what you do, and the level at which you do it, right down to the music ... awesome. :thumbsup:
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  20. Thanks MindStar :) I appreciate it.

    Yes, this game definitely has some extraordinary potential to it. I am mainly doing all this to check out the scope of what I can do before the multiplayer server is properly release down the track supporting hundreds of users simultaneously.

    It is funny because new ideas keep popping up all the time, some good, some great and others not so good lol. This game if you let it and are creative can occupy you for many thousands of hours of fun and good times (with many others once MP is properly introduced) :)
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