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Planet Cyrene dynamic upgrades

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by Tass, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. The only problem with this is that there is no system as you stated and will have to be done manually which in this case will be on the PP updates which will be like 4+ times a year. On top of that you destroyed the planet as it was replacing it with something that seemed to have been created over night. Yes I understand some of the issues you may have ran into for this to happen but still it's just sad to see the old Cyrene gone and moved all into one small little server area which you have claimed is the beginners area. I like many others were waiting for Cyrene to call home. Just needed you to give us that full launch with shops and homes. Now that you have removed all this there really isn't anything left of the planet.

    Now if you stated that all has gone to hell and you needed to start from scratch then yes you would have a lot more supporters - myself included.
  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Since we have Cyrene "in da house" as it were ;) I was wondering how does this dynamic upgrade system tie in with "Hard Launch"? ie do we start now and kind of beta test the game mechanic and then things will be reset later? or do we start now and continue through "Hard Launch"? Also Is the current available "server square" here to stay or just a temporary relocation place while Hard Launch happens?
  3. The plains are at 80%+ of its dynamic map "change". Im sure we might read about the effects on cyrene forum one day...
    cka mindark.

    cka mindark2.

    The room with its majestic sign...Creative Kingdom Animation...Digital Scryers...Ed and his models...the story files, it all felt so powerfull...so uber-mighty. It was literally screaming for true diversity. And it ended up as another Entropia with different 3D models to hunt, some NPCs and so called missions and 90% beeing the same ores to mine as everywhere else.

    On may 2015 Cyrene will be with us since 3 years and I somehow cant believe only MA is blocking creativity and "systems". Then again thats probably the case. Oh and I do know creating a planet (with MA in the background) can take time and tiiiime and oOooooOoooOOoooo...


    Hard Launch ? Cyrene forum feels dead silent already...whyever each planet needed its own forum in the 1st place.
    Scattering the allready very small Entropia playerbase through the universe...

    But hey, if noone cares, noone shares.

    Did I miss something ?
    Ed Robles 3 was last seen: Feb 23, 2014 :'(
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  4. Neuromancer

    Neuromancer Brainstormers Official Brain Glue

    Hey Kris.
    You might want to change your Entropia Planets profile to something like "Awesome Cyrene guy who gets things done and listens to the community" but "Cyrene Dev" would be shorter. Dump the white cat thing.
  5. been on cyrene a few days. It's interesting, but as you guys mentioned, the graphics in certain locations are horrible. What the hell is the point of that sky base thingy in the upper right side of the map... no terminals, no npcs, graphics that make 8 bit 1980s video games look high resolution... wtf?

    Most of the crafting seems interesting though with sweat in most of the ingredients. However, it's way too damn confusing if you are used to crafting on other planets since the L and UL bps are all in the same books and there are 3 different books, one for each race I guess. Way too many L blueprints are dropping instead of UL ones, or that's the way it seemed to be in my loot... and what's worse, most of the UL that do drop are damn blueprints from the main Calypso books. Mindark needs to really do away with that shared resource bullshit if they want the planet partners to succeed. I already have almost all of the bps from Calypso component books for both books there... I came to craft on Cyrene to see if I could loot a few cyrene prints. I did loot a few, but the ratio of cyrene prints to calypso prints that are showing up is not good... also there's way, way way too many welding wire bps dropping. Those L prints are a little nice since tt value is more than one pec, but geesh.

    The hub is interesting, but highly exploitable based on what I've personally seen and read about on cyrene's forums... that whole pet buff working in there is just silly. Also, the decay on the fap and armor there is way too damn high vs the decay on the weapons. I think it's like 1 ped decay on fap for one single click. It does heal you a lot, but just for what is supposed to be cheap 1/10 decay cost fun pvp 1 ped seems steep for one single little click. There are no lime green type tokens on the floor in the hub arenas outside of the proving ground, so if you go in to one of the higher priced arenas and no one is there it is boring as hell since you can't do anything... it's a bit like going to the oil rig on other planets when no one else is there except the oil is not dropping at all... and there's no mobs around to do anything with either... well, there is one mob in the entire hub, but the beast is in the main part of the hub, not the 1/10th decay part, so you can only use hub weapons on it, but you are paying 10 times the decay cost you should to kill the damn thing, and then the loot on it is about half those lime green token things... so if you really want a lot of those to afford that silly coat that cost 500k lime green, go for it, but expect to pay a hell of a decay cost to get there.

    Also, I wish they'd get rid of all of those stupid walls around the cities on cyrene. I understand they are sort of like the forts on Calypso and stuff from the old days, but it just looks plainly dumb as it is since the walls don't fit in with the area at all and they all look alike... and the number of npcs inside of each is nutty high... something like 20+ npcs in one little 50 foot area and none outside of those walls til you get to the next city... crazy.
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  6. Great post mastermesh
  7. Not been to Cyrene yet, seems like an interesting planet.
  8. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Well Cyrene has changed a lot with the dynamic upgrade stuff. I was there when it got introduced and I did not like it one bit and left. Since then stuff has changed, but no idea if it is any good yet.
  9. What is sad about this 'new' dynamic update stuff is that the system was never put in place and all this will need to be done manually. It's all a big unknown what is happening with Cyrene these days other than the user base of the planet changing the story a bit in saying that the new downsize is just a temp while the development team works on updating the other three areas. Meanwhile the only person left on the forums these days from the development team is not giving out much other than saying 'they are working on it' and 'and it should be here next VU' Kris has been saying this for years now.

    I have put this link in before but what I found most interesting is the project that the owners of Cyrene are working on now:

    I want to know what deals MA has been working out with creative Kingdom these days:openmouth:
  10. When approaching planet Cyrene, I wonder if you get the same 'You cannot enter deep space' message/bug that I had when I went to rockstropia which is the only other planet I've been to so far. It was right in front of me but I kept getting this message and couldn't get my slepnir to go anywhere, then eventually by pure luck I was asked to pay the 2 peds entry fee.

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