Planet Calypso News: PLANET CALYPSO RELEASE NOTES 2015.2

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    Settlement Update
    The Athena Spaceport region has received heavy terrain landscaping. Colonists are urged to scout the area to identify altered grazing areas and predator habitats, as well as potential robot activity.

    Dr. Udenis in South Swamp Camp (near Port Atlantis) is offering several missions for newly-arrived colonists.

    Several new tamable creatures have been spotted around Calypso, with rumors that some of those may be a direct result of the unsanctioned experiments being conducted by the rogue scientist Veyg Crenter.

    Partner Buildings in Athena Spaceport
    Several new temporary structures have been implemented on Calypso in cooperation with several new real-world Entropia Universe partners.

    • Human Flourishing Universe (HFU) - A purpose-driven VR platform for education and collaboration on business, social, health, wellbeing, environment issues with a gameplay built on compassion and altruism stimulating human advancement.
    • Planet Employability (PLE) is a leading emerging planet in the new Human Flourishing Universe (HFU), here you can link to the PLE Module where participants can complete an employability skills audit and undertake missions and assignments to improve their employability skills and/or engage in a digital internship.
    • Hub Culture is a collaboration network with activities online and in the real world. The Hub Culture Estate at the Athena Spaceport offers an environment for connections and social interactions among Hub Culture members around the world. Additional functions are available inside Hub Culture at a corresponding Spaceport within the social network. (

    CLD Plots
    The first batch of CLD Plots have been implemented on the Eudoria continent. Plot auctions will begin on Wednesday, June 17. Plots can be claimed in a reverse-bidding auction system by visiting the Estate Terminal for the desired plot. Full details of the CLD plot system will be posted on the Entropia Universe Buzz page later today.

    Calypso Land Deeds
    Once a Calypso Land Deed has been used to claim a CLD plot, it is converted to a new item named Calypso Land Deed (X), which indicates that the plot rights for the deed have been exercised. Calypso Land Deeds (X) will continue to receive weekly revenue payouts identical to regular CLDs.

    Teleporter models have been updated at the following locations (no need to rediscover the teleporters):

    1. Athena Spaceport
    2. Billy’s Spaceship Afterworld
    3. Fort Fury
    4. Fort Troy
    5. Jurra Plateau
    6. Orthos West Mound
    • The parameters for the free EWE EP-1 Neutron rookie pistol have been adjusted as follows: range has reduced, economy has been improved.
    • The missions in the Thule area have been optimized and streamlined for improved clarity and playability.
    • Information missions provided by the Economy, Equipment, Medical and Social Guides have had their dialogue improved and updated.
    • The Port Atlantis Official NPC has been relocated to the entrance to the Economy building.
    • The Mining Guild representative NPC in Port Atlantis has been relocated to the entrance to the Equipment building
    • Terrain improvements have been implemented near Corinth, Athena Spaceport, Ithaca and Thule.
    • The requirements for the “A Grave Errand” mission have been adjusted.
    • Visual improvements to various NPC avatars have been implemented.
    • Minor tweaks to the missions available in Camp Icarus and Half Moon Bay have been implemented.
    • The Valkyrie T1 vehicle has received a minor increase in grip and engine power.
    • Several new music tracks have been implemented.
    • Planetary Advisors can now be recognized by an special icon over their head, along with special icon in the chat interface.

    Fixed Issues

    • Waypoints have been corrected for the “Trail to the East” mission.
    • Vehicles can no longer be spawned in Crystalline Cavern.
    • Puny Cornundos now contribute to “Iron Challenge: Puny Creatures Stage V” mission as intended.
    • The Eos, Livas, Notus and Jurra achievements should now be properly received when visiting those locations
    • Daikiba Cubs and Juveniles should now loot Daikiba Trophies more frequently.
    • Fixed an issue causing some participants to lose their armor voucher when closing the NPC Hastert dialogue box.
    • An issue causing Umbranoid suits to display oddly has been corrected.
    • Vegetation inside the trade center at Sakura City has been removed.
    • Fixed an issue causing overly loud Phasm footstep sounds.
    • Several estate issues have been corrected.
    • Fixed an issue causing avatars to sometimes spawn on the Crystal Palace roof when logging in.
    • Corrected professions for several weapons.

    Known Issues

    • It is not possible to return to Thule after leaving, will be fixed in the following patch.
    • The Valkyrie T1 is using the wrong start-up sound.

  2. Partner Buildings in Athena Spaceport

    wahahahahahha x'D Are you guys serious ?!

    New Oxford 2.0. To be shut down soon. Omfg, fuck off. xD

    +An announcement about an annoucement of the 1st (parts of) CLD Plots...ya, fucking 1.4GB ftw !

    Ahhhhhhhh the Partner Buildings in Athena Spaceport. Gimme a break. You suck xD
  3. ESA anyone ?

    (H-50 Farmhand Alpha)

    Harvesting was mentioned back in 2000 and the harvester tool was there
    in early beta. It was powered by Future AA batteries, which were
    used as "ammo" for this tool. You just aimed at plants to gather ressources.

    This is a standard model using a close-range teleportation system to harvest various forms of edible plants for personal use. It was primarily developed as a device for basic survival in the wild as well as an alternative to hunting.

    In 2008 some designer placed the farmhand behind an decoration...


    Da fuck ? Harvesting of the future incuding chainsaw sounds

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  4. [QUOTE="McCormick, post: 109938, member: 2273"
    Da fuck ? Harvesting of the future incuding chainsaw sounds


    Well, we cruise around in our Miami Vice boats and earth Hummers and Fighter jets...why not chain saw wouldn't expect any great flash or creativity at this point would you?? :wink:
  5. No, totally makes sense in combination with changing some teleporters at some "towns"...

    What about re-introducing Miniopolis or Jason Center ?
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  6. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Planet -> Moon -> structure

    These partnerships are getting less and less news worthy. What's next?

    "SchmitzIT partnered with MindArk and the result of this mutually beneficial collaboration can be seen in the form of the new porta potty that is based outside PA"
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  7. dalewj

    dalewj StoryTeller/Nerd/Gamer

    politicians are next. "Greece joins MindArk with the benefit of trading CLD's for real life bonds! "
  8. Reallife business partner meetings at beach resorts...linkedin 2.0 ?

    This is damned to fail...and they know it...
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    Sounds like he needs someone to use a focus chip on him?
  12. Finally a use for in game emotes?!?... hmm...

    ’How does your face look when you feel basic emotions?’’


    Emotional intelligence is considered to be a better measurement for predicting success in life than traditional intelligence. It is the key to forming meaningful relationships. To develop and work on your emotional intelligence you need to be able to, among other things, identify your emotions. EmoXpress is an app that helps you become better at that.

    The application is based on taking “emo-selfies”. The user takes selfies of him/herself by following the instructions on how to make facial expression symbolizing one of the seven universal emotions. Afterwards the player can practice combining the facial expression with the correct emotion. On the advanced level the player will be challenged to learn how to express and recognize different intensity levels of the seven universals.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    - See more at:

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  13. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I rather like the idea EmoXpress!! I have a friend recovering from Encephalitis and definitely one of the things has been re-learning facial expressions or perhaps the muscular control associated with them... I wonder if this would help as a rehabilitation tool... for people recovering from stroke or other brain aquired brain injury.... I wonder if they even thought of that?!

    Planet Employability

    Anyhow so someone posted this on the other forum..... I warn you, get ready to face palm. OK in his defense hes done well to talk the talk and get the grant and realistically, very carefully designed and detailed missions could actually result in something worth while for some people. I'm tempted to contact him actually and see if I can find out what sort of state he is in with Mindark and access to tools. I'm not sure what chance such an obviously small outfit has of pulling off anything more than a proof of concept, but if the work was based mostly on mission chains with maybe a small amount of 3d content on an existing planet such as Calypso or Next Island then I think it would be possible to achieve something that allows some degree of learning. I don't think that learning would have any recognition in the real world though unless it was something like basic computer skills or reading... it might have applications in 2nd language learning though... now there's a thought.

  14. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Their moodle site is interesting... like everything else..., seems a bit of an incomplete mess currently but it does at least show how they plan to use Moodle (essentially a resource for creating structured learning packages) somehow in all this.
  15. Reminds me of 2007...
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