Planet Calypso: Chronicles of the beginning

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by ALEXANDER, Sep 30, 2009.


    ALEXANDER The Renegate


    or Calypso - Chronicles of the beginning.pdf
    (right click -> save as)

    And it's officially launched !
    Thank you & sponsors

    I would like to thank Baradur ( username) for the cover he personally designed. I thank you again, its bloody awesome !
    Best guy at doing what he does ;)

    Thank you Jjmatrix for revising my book ! Typos suck ! :P

    Thank you Atlas Haven Radio for shouting the books launch a couple of times ! Also thanks to DJs sapeian sap kilmore and RavenJade ! Great show put up on the last day on VU 9.4 ! tune in at the best radio station on calypso !

    Thank you ultimababe for the 15k EFD donation for the add campaign !

    Last moments of VU 9.4

    See you all in VU 10 !

    Aww and I forgot... To be Continued... ;)
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