Philosopher's Sword

Discussion in 'Items' started by Lucky_A, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Have to say CONGRATZ NI devs for this one :thumbsup:

    Really nice item ! Nice damage, UL SIB sword, not easy to make but not impossible either (now that u added cyclops heads to the loot :p ) , excellent eco (was not expecting something more eco than falx tbh) ... all in all I had a nice surprise when using this sword for the 1st time and for that thank you :)

    On the improvement side ... the low number of uses and the 50% usability treshold :( ... think the aim should be for at least 1k uses, even if that means higher item TT value.

    Once again :thumbsup:
  2. So is it true that there's some unlimited blueprint of this unlimited sib sword? If it is true then all the sword are belongs to TT now, I have to say that's really a bad thing to the whole universe.
  3. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    so where are the pics??
  4. archon.jpg

    theres mine
  5. Swords are in AH on NI & Caly, Entropedia has all stats ... no need to post pics :)
  6. Hey, am back to NI today, I saw a philosopher sword at auction for 2k peds, this is too funny. my sword costs TT+50 and does twice dmg as the philosopher. And my sword is not a special weapon, basic gear, certainly can't be used in AG but really, NI staff, really? You get the measure of things now? Not yet?

    So let me add that most of time I get profitable runs with my Falx, and just sold for 500 peds of stuff gathered in AG with my Falx, so why would I buy a sword 2k peds that will bring me loosing runs on big cyclops? This is too funny, but am fine, I stick the small dudes with Falx to feed orders...


    Regards :)

    PS: If you didn't get it, like I said few weeks ago, your BP are useless. Not want to be rude, but am realist. So far, you're only selling wind/dream to those that are ok to buy dream instead of playing. Hope it will change, the planet is nice!
  7. While it would be nice for a larger amount of people to have those bp's which would force the price down the NI staff don't determine the price of the sword on the auction do they? rather the person selling it....
  8. Yes, ppl determine price ... however, this is based on several other factors like MU of the ingredients, scarcity of the BP and, maybe most important, competition in AH ;) ... if there are 5 swords listed in AH for an about +100 I wouldn't list mine for +200 as chances of selling it are very slim.

    However, with the recent change in cyclop heads drops and their MU going to crazy numbers (like 99k% at some point), not many afford to click that BP anymore, so less competition - less swords to be sold - higher prices :cautious:

    I still believe that if drops would have stayed as they were originally, the Philosopher's sword would have become the "Apis" of AG :D and price would have gone slowly down to +100 - +200 range ... it's not late for that though, as NI staff admitted they're lookin into loot distribution ... fingers crossed :)
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