philosopher sword decay test

Discussion in 'Items' started by Kitten, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. I just did decay testing via shopkeeper method on philosopher sword

    tt pre swing 37.51431
    TT after swing 37.39891

    Decay per swing 0.1154

    Decay number updated in entropedia

    Eco 2.645 damage per pec

    compare to my Archon eco at 2.983 damage per pec BIG difrence
  2. Thanks for taking the time to do that. :)
  3. Hmm ... if that's true then they CHANGED the behaviour meanwhile. I did decay tests on Philosoper UL several times and each time got same results as on entro, 0.10491 decay per swing thus 2.910 dpp.

    Will check that when I get ingame ... hope u are wrong Kitty, but if you're not I suggest re-checking Archon too as I don't think they tempered with only one sword :p

  4. Just checked ingame ... decay per one swing is LESS than 11 PEC, thus I believe is unchanged to 0.10491 (out of 4 swings with no fruits I get 10.5 PEC/use, so I'm pretty sure it stayed unchanged ;))

    Suggest you re-check your decay test and correct Entropedia.

    I know you're trying to sell your Archons, but providing wrong information about other swords is not a nice way :p ... plus, Archons are by far more eco and more DPS, thus the best choice for any1 that reached LVL 24 Swordsman ... so nothing to worry from the side of smaller swords ;)
  5. I can screen shot the infos as soon as i can borrow philosepher form kitkat again ^.^

    I always use shopkeeper method because it tells me exact numbers every time
  6. hmmm can weapons be traded with enhancers in them? maybe there was a damage enhancer plugged in I did not look for I just thought of that
  7. Think it can be ... u can place them in Auction with enhancers on, so most prolly u can trade them too ...

    I do not have a shopkeeper, thus I use the fruit/nova method ... and that's telling me 10.491 PEC decay / swing. If we happen to meet ingame I could borrow u one to make the shopkeeper test.
  8. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Yes, you can trade with enhances attached.

  9. I am at NI/Ag as well and have a phil sword you can borrow for test Kitten. Just pm me ingame.

  10. Neato but my shop / shopekeeper is on Ark so have to wait till I am home and kitkat log in hehe

    Hope she still on Ark at moment O.O

    even more wish I had been able to get a property at NI -.-
  11. ok found out there WAS an enhancer on the blade and redid decay tests

    37.39890 before swing
    37.29399 after

    Decay of 0.10491

    Eco of 2.91 damage per pec XD

    much better

    I cant figure out how to upload photos in this new forum though I have screen shot of the decays

  12. For a sec there u gave me the chills :p ... glad nothing got "nerfed" and hope it stays that way :D

    Looking on the bright side though, u did managed to make the decay test with one damage enhancer, useful info for those seeking to use such on an UL sword ;)
  13. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Its Really Easy....


    Then you just click insert thumbnail, or fullscreen. (full screen automatically re-sizes it to the screen for you)
    hope that helps :)

  14. where did the gallery go?
  15. decay.jpg

    Decay test data >^.^<
  16. The gallery is gone. :( I don't remember the exact reason there isn't one with this software. I believe it was something like he didn't like the way it was set up and they were coming out with a better one later.
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