People Make Games - Review and David Simmonds interviewed (8/2020)

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Aug 14, 2020.

  1. The review
    The questions
    The Simmonds

    In my opinion these newcommers did an excellent job in a short period of time,
    by learning about the game mechanics, the PR gags, the scams and finally confronting David Simmonds himself.

    A lot of "uh...aah...oh..." and other funny noises by Mr. Simmonds.

    Huge respect !

    Looks like the tide is turning...all those salty tears on PCF. Look how toxic and insulting they suddenly become, if someone makes Mr. Simmonds stutter and the word gambling shows up.

    A big no-no in their world !

    I was aware those fanboys wouldnt like it but...what a show !

    Thanks to Pudding, Evey, Larry, messi91 and Bonnie Knight, for showing your true faces once again. Lovely.

    So, this time its the fault of a well prepared interviewer. Right ? ;D
    Next !

    comments PCF pmg.jpg
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  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I liked how someone left a comment about the depth of the story and missions or something along those lines. I'm not sure whether that person actually played EU at all.
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  3. The toxic tears on the other forum beat any youtube comment right now. ^^
  4. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Lol, Simmonds & EU core community meeting modern gaming journalism.

    I don't go to PCF anymore but would be fun to compare the video comments and the PCF comments.

    What's the problem in simply admitting that it's pure gambling, a shitty game always 10 years behind the standards and MA a developer incapable of changing anything about that with a total lack of vision. Just admit it and keep playing. I play shitty games too but 95% of the time I play good games :)
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  5. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    What I don't get is why they are blamin the journalist. It's a real cash economy, and it fucking reeks and acts like a slot machine. Of fucking course they will go at it with the gambling angle (and I'm surprised not more media have done so). MindArk has had close to 20 years to have a proper answer ready. And yet, SSimmonds stumbles and apparenlty is caught off-guard, like the useless twat he is.

    He came across just about as unsympathetic as possible, ill-prepared (despite the video creators stating in the comments that they initially talked to some marketing spokesgoblin, and decided not to use that footage, as the marketing person wasn't willing or able to answer certain questions.

    If the PCF crowd wants to hate on anyone, hate on Simmonds. The former CEO, current chairman of the board, who single-handedly managed to turn loads of potential new people off the game.

    "But breaking mah collarbone was due to a gamble too, hurr durr".
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  6. It is obvious that the interview has been cut and that the reporter has something against EU. He definitetly wanted to give a certain picture of the game. When you compare youtube comments and PCF comments they are opposite of each other.
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  7. San


    What is "modern gaming journalism"?
  8. Awww come on, just compare all of the repetitive old interviews to this one.

    This one was straight about the core system mechanics of the game.
    And it made the big-boss stutter more than once.

    Did you really look forward to another :
    "Hey, please tell us a little bit about Entropia, I never heard about it before"
    bullshit ?

    "YooooOoooo its ten to one and real cash man !"

    Do you want even more empty promises ? Wanted to hear more about the non existing millions of accounts ?
    Their bank maybe ? What for ?

    Just look at those desperate PCF comments :
    "It was the interviewers chance to recieve informations about the future of Entropia"
    Of courssseeeeeeee...

    "What wasted potential for a great interview with MA...this is the reason why we cant have nice things"

    SOoooOOoOOo, this time its the fault of an interviewer, that this game didnt get any real development and only empty promises since 2009...some weeks ago it was the fault of the toxic community...and so on...

    "The interviewer would never succeed in Entropia at any level"

    Yeah, show him, this phrase alone makes the whole interview obsolete and invalid... hillarious x'D

    ...this is so low...disgusting and beyond embarassing...while claiming to be mature and professional business people, calling this forum cancer at the same time. Look how pissed a handfull of people can get, if someone asks the right questions, instead of offering the standard repetitive magical-wonderland bullshit. These are stuck addicts. Plain and simple. They dont even need the mature sci-fi experience...they want money...they want more money...and THATS what the interview was about !

    And everytime those repetitive and boring interviews come up again, the fanboys get all high and stuff.
    "Very good interview, this will bring in many new people..." blaaahhhhhh....always the same allround solution, the same expectations...more people...the miracle cure...the magic bullet for this online experience...

    A simple "Hello" by "My" every 6 months is enough, to keep these guys defending this product.
    THAT should make one think. Not the forum, not the news. But a community, easily to manage.

    Entropia has simply turned into a cheap gambling experience, it has destroyed many reallifes by now and ubers are always complaining and fighting each other, because of cheats and exploits...and big scams...while there is no communication at all by the developer. Repeat.

    You dont agree with that ? You'll get pointed to the exit faster, than you could say goodbye.

    The other forum is a good example of a bad ideal, when it comes to "Lets make Entropia great again".

    Stockholm Syndrome anyone ?
    Nah, just keep in mind how many of the big players are very close to Mindark or directly involved with Mindark.
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  9. San


    Thank you for the essay but this was not my question. What do you have to do that people take you literally :D
  10. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Beyond all valid criticism let's not make it "this forum vs the other forum". It's one community with every individual in that community having a personal opinion, some of which cannot be voiced on PCF, so people are doing it on EntropiaPlanets.

    The real differences between this forum and the other are in the setup, the admin and the general approach:
    - PCF is run by a liar, scammer and notorious rulebreaker, EP is run by fine people only ;)
    - PCF is for profit, EntropiaPlanets is non-profit
    - for PCF you pay overpriced rates through your deposits, EntropiaPlanets is for free
    - PCF is heavily censored, EntropiaPlanets allows you to voice negativity about the game and even to say goodbye when you leave it
    - hope to have more differences soon ;)
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  11. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Gaming journalism as it is today, a broad variety of which crowd-funded YT channels are an integral part, critically discussing the hot topics such a gambling and loot boxes without having to rely on "good realationships" to developers in order to make a living.

    In the modern gaming scene MindArk simply looks like a company from another age, their top representative clueless and unprepared for an interview with "modern gaming journalism".
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  12. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    This "certain picture" is how the grand majority of gamers and gaming journalists do see Entropia Universe and imo that's quite accurate. It's a casino with a MMO interface, the core mechanics are gambling. The comments on PCF and under the video differ because the majority of long-term players are in denial of the facts. What I would really love to see is a poll for current players: would you still be playing EU if it wasn't with real money? Well, you'd probably have to do that with a lie detector :D
  13. San


    I have nothing against gambling. It is a matter of personal freedom to not be subject to prohibition just because some moralin sour grapes don't like it or some people lose their shirt who can't handle it. With that said, the increasing pressure from more and more jurisdictions on this branch should worry anyone who is invested in it. Specifically, I don't understand negativity against Entropia based on the fact that a random simulation is at its core (this is how nature itself works, cf. foundation of quantum mechanics). Other criticisms may be valid or a matter of opinion, but this one I really don't get what the problem is people have with it. Do you want them shut down because it's a casino? Do you want all casinos to be shut down?
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  14. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    No problem with gambling. But for everything that's gambling the same rules have to be applied. A casino cannot claim it's all "skill-based" just because you have to balance over a beam to get to the slot machine. And if it involves gambling it needs a clear warning sign so people that want to stay away from gambling can easily avoid it.

    From a development & gaming perspective I believe it's idiotic to focus on gambling. I think EU relying on gambling with negative returns for users as main payment method does in fact massively limit development options. It's not a benefit, it's a burden. For example Diablo III removed the real money features soon after release because players love "great loot" but with items worth real money it wasn't possible to give them "great loot". Ideally Entropia would be a great gaming experience that still allowed the gamblers to gamble. There are countless options to achieve this. If I only think about creature AI and hunting methods...
  15. San


    This is far from being cut and dried. I remember the day when our American friends vanished from online poker rooms literally overnight. Poker is the prime example for a misclassification of a skill-based game as gambling. Yes, every hand you are dealt is random and there are good and bad ones, or more precisely easy and difficult ones. How you play each hand determines your result over statistically relevant number of events. We have a similar principle in Entropia. You can't look at individual events. This is why I keep telling everyone to at least take a superficial look at quantum mechanics, but most folks get a crisis even at the suggestion. It is 100% statistics and 0% gambling.
  16. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I have nothing against gambling either. But I do have a problem when someone has a game which core mechanism is just gambling, and pretends it's anything else. The whole "skills" matter is bullshit, as every crafter knows.

    Poker, however, does involve skills. Bluffing for instance, and knowing when to fold. Putting shit I buy directly from the Trade Terminal into a crafting machine and having it autoclick away is gambling. Nothing more, nothing less. There's absolutely fuck all you can do to change the outcome, other than play or not play.

    I choose not to play. At least in a casino I get free drinks, as opposed to contempt, empty promises and bugs.
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  17. San


    I have a suspicion why that is and I'm working on finding out.
    There is ample confusion about that. I'm talking about real-world skills in a real-cash economy. The in-game "skills" system is just a variation to the random base. The actual skill-based game takes place on the market and in your risk management.
    Knowing when to fold is very much a thing in Entropia. Many don't, and many don't care. One difficulty is you get to compete with people who don't need their money and willingly throw it away. Their dumping practices destroy a lot of potential to be productive. But they're part of the world around us and your call is to find ways of working with it.
    Yes. And? Nobody forces you to do that. It's not forbidden either. Many say they actually feed the system with their losses and help propping up overall returns. What makes them tick is a mystery to reasonable people but they are out there, too.
    Company and service culture is a different discussion. But if you think in a casino there is all respect and no contempt for the milking cows flocking in every day, you are sadly mistaken. What do you think the free drinks are for? Big casinos use to give free hotel stays to winners, ever heard why they are doing that?

    Tl;dr: ALL the skills which matter are of the real world.
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  18. Quite "interesting" how butthurt and insulting the usual suspects become, every time someone asks questions.

    butthurt interview.jpg
  19. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    The gambling industry is taxed higher, and regulated far more. Actual odds (on a per-slot machine basis) are to be published, great care has to be taken to protect gamblers. David claims that MindArk can interfere, but I never heard of a single case where that was done. They happily take and keep taking whatever anyone throws at them. After all, an entire layer of worthless management has to be paid.

    Oh, maybe. But whenever MindArk mentions skills, that is not the skills they are referring to. What they are referring to is very much the in-game skills.

    Folding is not the same as walking away from the machine or table. A typical poker game/night will see many folded hands. Unless you consider switching from one mob or BP to another to be the same as folding, of course.

    That does not make any difference as to whether or not it's gambling or not. Which it is...

    Of course the sole purpose is to ensure the players will stay longer in the casino, or play again the day after. The house always wins, so the longer they can ensure the player stays, the better their odds of making back what the high-roller might have won previously.

    MindArk doesn't even give you that courtesy. They just screw you in whichever way possible.
  20. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Who fancies crowd sourcing an in game advert? The haters will hate of course but I mean honestly... who in fairness can object to trying to help people who are mentally unwell?

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