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Discussion in 'Entropia Community' started by JohnCapital, Dec 8, 2014.

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    Get your facts straight ... I played and contributed with my writing and media efforts for 8-1/2 years promoting this game with only a couple of very short breaks until I finally said enough is enough. My experiences with PCF and this game are just as valid as anyone else's. Players naturally talk about their own experiences when talking about this game and how they were/are affected, impacted, or influenced by it, rather than talking about someone else's experiences. How do you not relate yourself to your experiences?

    Everyone's level of involvement is different, and some have more to share than others when making contributions to discussions. I was immensely involved with PE/EU from a social/media perspective for all of those years (minus a couple of very short breaks), and because of that level of involvement, I have been able to share some insight on various things that have been helpful according to other posters, as have many others, so picking on McCormick, myself, or anyone else is quite unfair.

    My question is ... why do you find it necessary at all to pick on anyone at this forum? I wonder who's next.

    Yes Narfi, this game does seem to have a hold on us, that much I will agree with, but the impact of the experiences are personal, and only we as individuals will fully understand the effects no matter how much of what we experience we share, because only we know all of the variables and understand them.

    Many of us have been questioned at times (yourself included), and have found ourselves unnecessarily having to take a defensive posture, which is unfortunate, but that's the nature of the beast. Like McC and others, not once have I ever stated that I hated this game, only some of the management decisions, and sometimes the delivery of content, but I'm not alone in this bull pen, because every forum has its content with a multitude of complaints. I guess some of us are just juicy targets. :biggrin:
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  2. Sadly it is the issue discussed here, there just are not enough people posting to it or reading it.
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    I strongly suggest you stop picking on people period. It is not up to you to decide who is and who isn't entitled to their opinion.
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  4. I do not dislike you, Jamira. The only personal problem we ever had was when you tried to attack me on a personal level just because I wouldn't agree to have a pretend fight with you on the forum. I appreciate some folks who play this game on a role-player level, and I sometimes do(did) too (ask MS9 about the socs vs robots beacon run and other games I organized back in the day) but I just don't do pretend fights just to stir the pot. It's not my thing, sorry. All my public fights are legit.

    A greater compliment I could not ask for. :)

    O_o Honestly, I don't remember this. I do recall us fighting over something or another on the forum, but don't recall the exact issue. Can you PM me a link, please?

    Monria? The link I see in your signature is that PedtoClick thingie.

    As for helping getting you unbanned, I never said I would do that. I'm not a mod anymore and don't consider myself to have any special "in" with PCF modding. Serica does her thing as she see fit. I believe I asked you for a link to the post your ban occurred on because I was curious.

    Guess not helping when you just asked for info out of curiosity gets rated on the Hitler level these days. That damn 'net comparison bar gets lower every day.

    Got no problem from me there. I'm fine with your opinion, your artwork, and everything else. I may disagree with you occasionally but tbh, that don't mean shit, and we both know it. :D
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  5. Allow me to elaborate. You see the Nazi's following orders and killing thousand of people, they are still terrible even though it was just following orders and doing a job. After WWII the Nazi's were still hated, just like I still hate you for your previous actions as a inhuman and ruthless enforcer of illogical and downright retarded rules of PCF.

    And how dim are you, I never had a PEDtoClick banner on PCF, I said several times and even listed the exact url for you. But you seem to have some false impression that my signature on this forum being the same as on every forum?
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  6. Sorry, Venture. It seemed I simply misread your post, was all. 'Low me to 'splain.
    It was the "In my fucking signature no less" part that for some reason made me think you were referring to your signature here as an example. My bad. Sorry.

    Also, I went back in this thread just now and found the sample you gave at first. (basically eu.com?id=1234) and sure, it's obviously linking to MA's site. Obviously it still technically hits PCF's "no affiliate links" rule. I get that since it's MA's affiliate program (Never knew they had one, tbh) one might think it should get a pass. Obviously Serica felt different.

    However, it seems kinda dumb to put an affiliate link on a forum for folks already using that product. Affiliate links are meant to encourage you to go out and get NEW business for the company, in return getting a "finder's fee" so to speak.

    I mean, who were you aiming that link toward? Folks coming to PCF who haven't signed up yet? Seems they're already destined to do that. Not doing much for promoting MA that way. Kind of like getting folks parked at a supermarket to take a ticket as they walk in, so you get credit for them. Go spread those affiliate links in places that can bring MA more customers, don't try to leach off what's already there.

    On that level, I can see why she'd turn your argument down. And with your calm thoughtful demeanor and discussion skills, I'm shocked and amazed that she didn't find it in her heart to remove your ban.

    Ya know, I started this thread to see if any of the problems on PCF could be traced to me and things I did wrong. I wanted to take that moment to see if there were things I could learn from. Best I got here was:
    • Certain rules on PCF that I enforced folks disliked. (Fair enough. I can learn from that)
    • Someone trying to give me shit for something another mod did AFTER I left. (niiiice)
    Well, 500's still a great batting score, so I'll take it.
  7. Sorry if I went a little overboard calling you dim, but I did mention it several times.
    However I am not sorry about the nazi comment, it's a perfect comparison to the staff at PCF, which you were part of.
    Even if you are a nice guy now who I have nothing personal against, your past actions are intolerable.

    I am sure the Nazi's enforcing the rules against the Jewish people felt the same way you do about it, just doing their job right?
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  8. The link was allowed under the rules, no NON MA related affilaite links are allowed, an MA related one very much is so, I was doing it because of that. If I am allowed to do something and someone tells me not to I sure as hell will keep doing it when the rules state I can.

    Go re-read the rules and you will see I was very much in the right.
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  9. It's kind of odd of MA to do this isn't it? I got a link myself a few months ago when testing to see if such a program does exist.

    So if you know of any new users who may want to start out on Arkadia, then please pass them this link for me! :)

  10. LOL. That surprises the hell out of me since I mentioned the affiliate program's now defunct website many, many, many times on pcf when you were a mod (not sure it's the same one you guys are talking about though?)... primarily mentioned it there because it said:
    To me, that's an indication that auction fees DON'T get cycled back in to the lootpool, as many theorize that it does. It also ties in to what part of what is going in to cld payouts... and it has to do with why markup on auction and shops can't be below the pec level... (kinda hard to divide a pec in to two. Nowadays it can be done with stuff like fragments, etc. but back when calypso was the only thing out there, it was more difficult... so 2 pecs was lowest, with one pec for pp and one pec for ma on taxes, auction fee, etc. would have been my guess back then on how it all worked)

  11. Apology accepted. I always respect someone more when they can man-up like that.
    Yep, checked the rule again and you are right. The first part does mention that it's meant for non-EU related affiliate links.

    I suggest you (politely) send a PM to Serica and plead your case. If she still has an issue with you (or she banned you fomr something else, and you two simply aren't communicating well) then try 711. Did I mention being polite?

    But I still stand by my opinion that you are an idiot for pushing that link so hard on PCF, as that indicates it's more about you hoping for some easy free money, and not about actually helping MA gain more customers.

    You keep focusing on this Nazi comparison, but the big (and only) issue you talked about in this thread was something that happened with a different mod after I left.

    Using your Nazi analogy, this is like getting mad at a German cop who moved out of Germany before the 3rd Reich came in. But hey, details, right? Now if you got a beef with something I actually did, I'm all ears (eyes).

    However, I dislike my own analogy too because it implies something about Serica's modding that I don't believe. I admit you do have a fair point about the technical loop hole in the affiliate link rule, but in general, I think she's been fine. No worse than I was.

    Yeah I seem to recall MA toying with an idea of maybe looking into the possibility of an affiliate program. My memory is more on the "yeah ok, whatever" feel I had about it, so really didn't bother realizing that it actually got up and running.

    In short, I basically forgot because I was too busy not giving a fuck about it. :D
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  12. I was not pushing it hard at all, I simply used my signature. One time I did mention it in a thread when someone asked if an affilait system existed and I linked the url as an example.

    No, I am also concerned about all the modding you did to every person ever while a mod.

    No, it's like getting mad at a Nazi who fled Germany after the war was over. Did you enforce ANY of the PCF rules that are over the top? It seems you did and that is what my beef is.

    This isn't personal. I don't dislike you as a person or anything, but in this thread we are discussing PCF, and you are one of the people who did work there at the time enforcing the terrible rules. In that context I feel you are a bad person, or rather were a bad person, doing terrible things.

    Only enforcing other people's rules right? That is no excuse for enforcing terrible rules.
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  13. For anyone wondering:
    The affiliate program is basically an offshoot of the Planet Partner program. At least the one they have currently set up. Basically an affiliate earns the same way a planet partner does for bringing in new players that do not stay on the PP's Planet. Personally I earn 10% of the decay a user makes (or 10% of the decay profit MA makes from the user to be more exact).
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    I entitled Serica as Nazi sometimes too. I am from Germany and additional I am from former German Democratic Republic - East Germany. I was caged there for 35 years. The gouvernment of that so called "democratic republic" handeld free speech and criticism in a comparable way like the Third Reich. Not that hard way, but with same patterns. Believe me or not but this made deep impacts to folks like me who don't like such regimes.

    Probably it would be better to call it "Nazi-like" instead of "Nazi". However, you where part of it. There was a beloved excuse from german guilties after WW2: "Befehlsnotstand" ... kinda "superior orders" in juristic English. A poor excuse since you no longer have to pay with your life for it.

    At the other hand I love your openness. Everybody deserves a second chance! I from my side would like to make peace with you.
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  15. Concerned enough to never approach me until I brought it up first.

    Yeah I modded folks that broke forum rules. And yeah, I'm ok with pretty much all the rules on PCF.

    No naming/shaming? Here's a recent example of why that rule's in place. Sure, he meant no malice, was simply incorrect about something. But perhaps you weren't around back in the old days when there were very tense rivalries between certain socs (I.E. BAhq & Warants) Sure maybe some BA complaints were legit, but other times they intentionally twisting evidence or straight lying to make it seem worse.

    No mod criticizing? Well, when someone is legitimately modded and they open a whole new thread specifically to bitch about it, what would you do?

    Would I have all those rules if I were running a EU forum? Dunno. Maybe more. Maybe less.

    This thread is basically a repeat of one I did on PCF, to allow folks a "legit" way to approach me publiclly about specific mod actions I did. Preferably a while after it occurred, to give them time to relax and reflect before just bitching at me. And it's pretty much going the same way, but since this ISN'T PCF ro EF I figured I'd check to see if anyone was simply biting their tongue due to location.

    So I'd say in the long run, I'm pretty happy with my actions as a mod. Thanks and good night.

    Done and done. :biggrin1:
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  16. I can honestly say in all the years I was a participating member of PCF I was never unfairly modderated by John or any of the others. When you log in, you agree to all the rules, whether you like or agree with them or not. When I was edited or deleted it was because I broke the rules as set out.
    I finally decided some of the rules I couldn't abide by, so I left.
    And good to see you John, hope you're enjoying your "retirement." Thanks for your contribution to the community over the years. I think you did a great job. I wouldn't do it for pay...lol
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  17. I was punished many times for following the rules down to the exact wording of the rules, for example the reason for my current 5 month ban being that I followed the rules about affiliate advertising.
  18. I am only concerned enough to bring it up with you in the public discussion you made for people to bring it up with you, that is correct, and confusing that you find it even worth mentioning. Is that not the purpose of this thread?

    I would allow mod criticism, this thread hasn't destroyed anything and that is essentially what it is.

    I'd say in the long run, I am extremely disappointed with you and the entire PCF staff, but that can be said if even I was a staff there, as I would be disappointed in myself in that situation, as I would be for anyone working there.
    The best example, and why I keep going back to it is:
    Anyone could become a nazi, even the nicest guy, and be a nice guy before and after being a nazi, but they still did fucked up shit as a nazi, the same you did moderating.
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  19. Absolutely. I encouraged feedback here and thanks for that.

    However, you made it sound as if this was a huge, pressing issue that you've worried about for many years. When the truth is (separate from your own mod issues RE: your affiliate link) I asked "How'd I do" and you, upon reflection decided I was a dick. (Well, you probably already thought that since I was one of those that stopped your precious lil affiliate link campaign over there. Which is your opinion and I'm ok w/ it.) I'm glad you acknowledged your concern level right off the bat here. That tells me that I simply misunderstood what you were trying to say back then. My apologies.

    Moving on.
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  20. I can honestly say that when you, JC, were the mod, I really had no problem with PCF and genuinely regarded it as the default communication platform (outside the game) for participants - even the one ban that you issued for me - was earned and I understood why it was so, because there was a legitimate reason for it.

    In the case of post - JC modding - (Kim Adolf Un Hit...I mean.... Serica) - the place is nothing more than a FAKE information platform for newcomers; as they only get to see the "positive" stuff, which MA allows to be seen, (Himml....I mean... e-lite - the new mod) - himself stated in one of recent posts that there is no freedom of speech on the forum - straight up.

    Censorship on PCF has exceeded any and all limits of any (not just good) taste, it is disgusting - the things done by the mods.

    PCF is no longer a viable source of credible, truthful information.

    PCF is definitely no longer a viable platform for any sort of "freedom of thought" exchance between EU participants.

    I myself earned a lifetime ban on it by speaking out my mind - and because of the truth factor in the things which I said - MA didnt want players having truthful info at their disposal and thus decided to pull the plug on me.

    My heart is filled with joy by coming to this forum and seeing that so many people are switching from PCF to EP, giving me an indication, that people are becoming aware and that the power of choice will prevail over the power of enforcement.

    edit: sry for kind - of - necro, didnt realise a year had passed since last post - only untill I had already posted ^^
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