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Discussion in 'Entropia Community' started by JohnCapital, Dec 8, 2014.

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    Got one withdrawal this past week, and the last one should come in a couple of weeks, which closes it out for me. However, I didn't do anything with my skills, but that probably isn't worth it anyway, so I'm not bothering. I haven't signed in for some time, and may do that perhaps once a quarter or something, but I am not doing anything in the game whatsoever, and when I sign in, I don't stay in and have myself listed as invisible. I guess that's about as final as it gets for now, and my 10 year anniversary would be April 2nd.

    I hang about to keep up with McC's research and discovery, and see what's new or happening that just isn't the same soup warmed over on a different day, and also to check in on people that I care about, but that's about it.

    I wish you the best Acro, and I agree with McC that your post was very well done. I have no doubt that you will do very well, and you have your focus right where it needs to be ... I know what that feels like, and it feels good. :thumbsup:

    Big Hugs backatcha. :hug:
  2. For shame, McC. How can you forget Knuckles, or MS9? (waits for someone else to point out who I've not mentioned)

    The problem w/ a ban list (not the self-deactivateds) is that it's just a list of those who were very often intentionally naughty. And when it comes to forums, there's not a lot of tools on hand to reign in someone intent on causing trouble.

    Venture, I don't know your situation specifically as your ban was after I left, but if it's that Ped-to-click site, I recall that broke the "affiliate link" rule, even if it was specifically EU-related. And no, I'm not gonna debate the issue w/ you here. I'm not a mod any longer, so don't have any fuck to give about it.

    Necro, awesome post.

    MS9, sorry to hear you're on your way out, too. You've worked so hard on so many projects, from way back in early CND days, through Who's Who, your soc and Cyrene, and everything in between. I consider you a friend, even if we disagree on some things. (Hell, I don't agree with anyone on everything. I'd be scared if I did.)

    Nor Alien, yeah you're just the typical lovable non-threatening forum whore. :D
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    I stopped writing for EU Oct 1st 2013, and maybe twice or three times signed into the game since then, but it was momentary. Far too much occurred (some things not shared) to care anymore, and I really don't care to get detailed about my final departure and why it became the ultimate thing to do. I was quite vocal for a while, but now it doesn't matter.

    I hang around here just to see what's going on, and to see what friends are up to. If there's something of interest I'm inspired to add to, I do. Otherwise, it seems to be the same old story over and over again, and content at the other forums just confirm that as well. However, Arkadia seems to be doing well, but then I always knew that if any PP could make a go of it, it would be Dave.

    I consider you a friend too John, even though we haven't seen eye-to-eye on some things. We go way back and have had some wonderful times when the game felt more vibrant and electric from a social perspective.

    I write for myself now, and continue working on my book, so everything is going well.

    I wish you the best, as always. :thumbsup:
  4. Good ol Knuckles, may he never be forgotten.

    To me, the most interesting part of this "ban list" would be, that all the "oldskool people" (suddenly) started to become "intentionally naughty", as you say it, because there was indeed noone listening to them anymore and the "new arrivals" started to call em winers and retro-freaks on top of it.

    I followed a lot of discussions about the same matter regarding other online games.
    Suddenly the phrase, "Entropia is a game meant for decades" , wasnt directed towards people of the past anymore...

    But this is my opinion. I share it. And others are ofc allowed to share their own opinion.
    Different opinions (about an online world) shouldnt mean you have to be ignorant towards others or freeze them out of the game, just because you think they dont fit your ideals. That happened a lot on PCF. Just a friendly reminder.
  5. I have to disagree with you. Although we may be talking about different parts of that "list".

    There are those, such as yourself, Infinity and MS9, who are not "banned" for breaking rules, but asked for there account to be closed. The reasons were usually either leaving the game, or just not wanting to be part of that forum any longer (or both).

    I think that is the group you are mostly referring to. You folks left the forum the right way. You said "no more. I'm done. Close my acct." And on that level we agree.

    But there are others who were banned outright for intentionally and repeatedly breaking forum rules. Some did it as their way of leaving with a bang, or because they hated 711/Neo/Warants/whatever, some because they suck at following rules. Some are simply anti-social pricks who only played EU in between their stays in jail.

    But no one was banned just for not liking EU. Hell, I've been vocal on may occasions over the years, even before and while I was a mod. Shucks, one time I as much as told MA they should fire their staff and try again. No ban for me for that. My temp-ban came blowing my stack and calling names, not from disliking things MA did.

    But that is what you want, isn't it, McC? A list of banned avas from PCF/EF/Whatever with a 2nd column stating why they were banned, so you can see if your theory holds out?

    Well the best I can help on that level is this: Thinking through the perm bans (of which there were not many) that I was part of, and comparing that to the list of folks who simply quit the forum and closed out, I'd say there were probably a bit more leaving properly than banned for rule-breaking.

    But in the end, we aren't even talking about that, are we? I mean let's face it. We're talking about over 10 years of playing a video game. That's pretty damned uncommon. There's still a ton of us "old skool" players still playing almost every day, and participating on that, and/or other EU forums. But there was bound to be old players leaving.

    These new folks start in a world of vehicles, fully stocked outposts, instructional missions to get you started, etc. etc. etc. Robot wars? What's that? The game has changed a lot and for many of the older players, it's become less hospitable for various reasons, such as the reduction of social interactivity as MS9 mentioned. (In fact, I just recently had to tell some new players ingame about how much more active/social the Twin Ring used to be. Poor guys.)

    What amazes me is how many folks leave EU, but still participate in the forums. However that crowd is, by definition, heaviliy biased in the "dislike EU" category, by sheer fact they no longer play. They simply stay on the forums to chat with friends, keep an eye on things, and/or stir up trouble. ( I said "or". Not everyone is just staying to make trouble, I know that. But i do know some are.)

    I think that huge difficulty folks have with leaving EU & forums completely real is a testament to that social aspect of the game that we are enjoyed for so long. It really is a shame MA has failed that part as much as they did.
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    Well, I assume you don't like me that much. How ever, you're 100% right with this post.
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    Dear John :tongueout: ... more often than not, you seem to present the right ingredients to inspire a thought-provoking response from me in one form or another, and this is one of those times. That's actually a good thing, because I love stimulating and diverse discussions about something we all have opinions about.

    Sometimes we get so wrapped up in experience that we may be too close and on the inside too deep to have a clear enough vision to know what's on the outside, but this is what I know for sure ... while experiences may have similarities, they are quite subjective given we bring our own variables into the mix, but I respect that, because we are socially persuaded in directions that fit what we're comfortable with ... and even if we're not that comfortable, we deal with it in our own ways.

    I can only speak for myself, and I will say that I can understand both sides of the issue with PCF. I joined in June 2005 when it was the original Entropia Forum, and when MindBuster was owner. On New Years Day January 2006 he invited me to become a moderator because he appreciated the constructive way in which I responded to content, especially the more challenging posts.

    I had only been a moderator at ND's original forum for a few months prior, so quite inexperienced. I grew my moderator feet (so to speak) at Entropia Forum where the membership base was significantly higher than ND's, and learned some valuable lessons. I wasn't the perfect moderator, but as you know, the staff had each other behind the scenes to confer with on various issues, and especially before making the bigger decisions about temp or permanent bans ... at least that's how it was when I was there.

    I know first-hand that it's not an easy job, and there will always be those who just can't admit they're being an ass, or take responsibility for their actions, but rather defend just to defend because their egos won't allow them to do otherwise. That's the nature of the variables of social interaction, but ... I can understand what inspires them to challenge those who try to lead, or those who try to keep a semblance of peace according to rules.

    Funny thing about the PCF rules ... when I came on board at the request of MindBuster, he asked me to review the then current rules and make suggestions that would help to address some of the issues we were having at the time, so ... the rules got a makeover ... and when 711 bought the forum, he too asked me to do another review of the rules, as well as the Terms of Use. He made most of the adjustments himself according (again) to what fit based on experiences. The rest of the staff at the time reviewed the changes and either agreed, or added their input with regard to additional changes, so it was a collaborative effort.

    Since MindBuster started Entropia Forum the beginning of 2005, the rules have progressed to what they are today, and increasingly became warranted, while also unpopular. However, in the course of evolution, it is my opinion that the "flexibility" factor in how posting was monitored became an issue even with me. It seemed that the membership increasingly lost their voice in some respects, and we saw decision making by administration fragment the community ... especially when the database was sold, and continued with an even closer association with the developer of the game.

    At the end for me, I challenged the rule regarding not questioning moderator decisions, and took you (JC) to task with regard to certain discussions where I felt you weren't being fair, which I feel strained the long-term friendship we had. You threatened to temp ban me if I didn't stop, and I think it was then that I realized PCF was over for me. BTW ... I didn't create the "don't question moderator decisions" rule ... that happened as a result of the community becoming more and more vocal about how things were moderated. Also BTW ... I only moderated from January 2006 to Valentine's Day 2007 ... it just wasn't worth it to me, so I give all respect to those who have hung in there longer.

    Despite the forum challenge and agreeing to disagree on a few things, I think our friendship has survived JC, because we didn't lose the mutual respect we have for each other regarding what counts most, and I'm glad that's the case. I DO agree with you however, that there were definitely those who deserved a temp or permanent ban because of their actions, and I have no issue with that whatsoever. I also agree with you that quite a few left because they were done with it all (such as myself), and asked that their accounts be self-deactivated. I can't speak for McC about all that, so he'll have to reply to your statement regarding what he meant, or what his motives are about "the list."

    However, on another note ... I respect that McC and others put forth the effort they do in order to document the history of PE/EU, and as one who has always loved our universe, the nostalgia is refreshing, along with the comparisons and facts that continue to surface. You're right too about the huge shift in social interaction that was so vibrant and electric back in the day, and many of the veterans really miss it. It was the primary reason I was so involved and extremely active with my writing and producing fun and promoting the game ... you (JC) were a big part of that, and those were the "good old days."

    This is the only forum I'm still semi-active at, because it allows me to contribute without dismissing what's truth for me as it relates to the game and the developers. It's not deleted or edited, and for the most part, my truth is accepted, except for a few who confuse me with their supportive smilies and personal messages one day, and negativity the next. And while I haven't had challenges at forums other than PCF, this forum is neutral with respect to being "all universe" and a forum by community members, for community members ... I think that fact alone has significant impact and influence.

    As mentioned in another post (and also brought up by you JC), I hang around to see how things have progressed (or not), and also to keep in touch with friends, and to contribute when I'm inspired to do so ... that's it. I left the game and expect my final withdrawal in a couple of weeks. I haven't written for EU since October 1st, 2013, and for me, that's incredibly sad.

    I'm glad we survived JC, and happy that you may still be getting something from the game ... I'm out, but if I ever get to Vegas (never been there), I'll let you know, and maybe we can all meet up for a reunion or something.

    Best always. :thumbsup:
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  8. I was banned for adverising monria.com as I stated, check it out. You said you would. If you get my unbanned I might change my opinion about you but as far as I am concerned allowing this fucked shit to happen while you are aware of it makes you as guilty
    In my fucking signature no less.
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  9. This site has a bad trade forum, that is the only reason to use planet shitfuck forum of calypso
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  10. Basically what your missing is planetcalypsoforum is a nazi prison camp, largely in part due to your modding and serika now using your methods. Hail supreme leader john capital
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    OZ ... why don't you share your opinions instead of just running through posts and clicking on negative emotes which serve no viable purpose and don't contribute anything to the discussion?

    BTW ... my post was constructive and contributed what my experiences were with PCF, both as a moderator, and as a civilian member of the community ... how was that such a negative?
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  12. I am sure most people would prefer oz's dislikes rathen than hear my opinions about planetshitfuckforums.com
    I mean everyone here is simply being nice to a fucking nazi instead of talking about why the forum sucks.
  13. MindStar9

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    The thing is ... everyone's opinions are welcome here ... how we express them may rub some people the wrong way ... especially those who don't agree with us, no matter whether we're constructive or not, but ... we have the freedom to share our opinions and experiences which are valid for each individual, whether someone agrees or not.

    It seems that there is a personal disagreement between you and John, and I hope that it gets sorted out for both of you.
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  14. Ironic that you would say that after devaluing oz opinion and how he expresses it. But I agree with you 100%, that freedom is what makes this forum great.
    I have nothing personal against john, just like I have nothing personal against Hitler or Stalin, doesn't stop them from being bad people.
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    Well ... there's a history with OZ ... one day he is supporting my constructive posts and even sending me personal messages at the forum with further information and opinions, but then flips the next day and seems to Hussk my posts for some odd reason, so yes, he confuses me quite a bit with his behavior at this forum.
  16. I've noticed that too. I've even experienced something like that while in his society.
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    How could we make it better?
  18. Exactly why you got it..you go on and on about you and yourself on how you played the game many many years a go for a short time then spent the rest of the 6 years on the forums talking just about yourself. Now I stopped picking on McCormick since he is now in game again and his opinions have meaning being an active player.
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    Slightly off topic, but part of my opinion I would like to share:

    Love it or hate it or claim to not care....
    No one can deny that this game holds a power over us that few if any others ever have.
    IMO once under that power we are all equal regardless of where our paths takes us. Anyone posting (or reading) here, or on pcf, or any other Entropia Related forum is under that power no matter what they wish or claim.
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  20. You describe it the civilized way, which is still ok and counted as an opinion.

    To me a fresh "You really fucked it up beyond a dozen times by now MindArk, fuck you for that and start realizing what you have in your hands" feels more appropriate after 10+ years.

    A simple "Sigh, too bad MA, but hey, lets go on and SEE what the future brings (once again), yay, cant wait for it" isnt made for me anymore.

    I have another attitude towards this world, which doesnt make others beeing automatically correct.

    And I by far dont hate everything about EU. A long pause didnt make the world better though. ;p You stated it very well...I left the one forum...but not the world behind it. And as long as Im here you guys have to live with my opinions and feelings about it. =)
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