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  1. I'm curious if there is a list of the dictionary of words in the pcf 'bad word' filter out in the open somewhere. I know that two of my blogs got on that list somehow. I wonder how many other censored items and urls are out there on that list... keeping the stuff on the list from being in public discussions there on pcf, well sort of (unless you find workarounds).
  2. Jamira

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    Well, once upon a time there was a forum - EntropiaForum.com - driven by a guy called MindBuster. That was the time when the community bloomed and we had a very, very good time. I remember well when I joined the forum in early 2006. I used it before for informations btw. It became suspect to me when Neomaven bought it and killed the diary-section. Dead, but still availiable here:
    That was in October 2007 for me. I was still member of the - so called - forum. But more and more Neomaven (711) and his guards drowned that forum down to a nazi-fashioned non-critical fan-page. Just to name two special administrators: An US-american John Teacher Capital (JC) and an Australien woman (?) Harena Serica Turbinis.
    Finaly it led me to leave this so called forum. Too sad. THAT was a good chance once. Well, it's gone.
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  3. Jamira

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    Yo, don't be sorry about my selling out. MA must be sorry about it ... kinda 250 ± 50 Euro per month. Hmm ... if they don't want it ...
    Probably you can be cured as well ;-)
  4. My last depo was $100 USD back in Oct 2013, so.... Not a big burden for me.

    And to be fair, I simply don't have the time to play like I used to anyway. I still play, just not at the level I once did.
  5. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Same here. Haven't depo'd in years. I still play every now and then, but typically speaking, I end up bored within the hour. Only reason I've not completely given up just yet is cause I still own thousands of USD Worth of gear and skills, and part of me still hopes MA will SEE the light at some point. Maybe I should just face reality, though.
  6. MindBuster was my hero, until he kept asking for (server) donations, even if the neovixen deal was allready through...
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  7. Jamira

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    Yo, what I meant with "cured" was to leave the game.
  8. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    I sold really everything except my skills (so far). Today I bet on a pair of Omegaton gym shoes ... I hate it to run around in sweaty armor :-( The shirt I would like to buy is at Arkadia's auction. But I don't have the PED to buy a Space Thruster for my 7 PED Sleipneer nor do I own enough fuel to fly to Arkadia. 12 PED left. Hope to recive the last $500 withdraw soon ;-)
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  9. narfi

    narfi Lost

    you dont need to fly to arkadia, if you win the bid, you can have it delivered in 12hrs for 2ped, or delivered instant for 6ped.
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  10. Jamira

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    lol ... I am to long away! I'm not up to date. Thank you for info, narfi!
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  11. What are you missing ? Maybe this ?
    I made a very small(!) overview of old, banned/deactivated avatars :


    Its a waste of time to go through the "all users" database...you could have been a great help here providing the Big List, John. ;)
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  12. MindStar9

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    You can add my name to the "Self-Requested Deactivation" account list McC, which I did a long time ago ... probably around Oct 2013 (I think).
  13. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    OMG! I am famous - ROFL!
    Thanks for the reputation, McCormick! I appreciate it soo much ;-) ***bows***
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  14. Nor Alien

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    I'm on pretty much every forum. The majority of times I'm off topic or spouting rude and crude jokes. Only had two posts deleted. Never had a warning?!:whistling: I guess I'm just a harmless forum whore! :sneaky:
  15. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Or at least better disciplined than some of us ;-)
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  16. PCF sucks and I guess John does too if he insists on still being associated with it. I mean I am banned for linking to an Entropia website for fucks sake.
    They can all eat a dick over there.
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  17. Jamira

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    Welcome to the Club ;-)
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  18. Real Life is too much fun (and sometimes drama) for me now.
    Well, now that 25k tower is in my back account :)))))) I think the last deal with EU is done.
    Now I have to concentrate on the future (my sweetheart, starting our business,...)

    Some part of me wants to see you all again in game. But so much off my friends and people I know stopped playing,
    and the game feels so much different then PE used to do. It feels like an empty skinner-box now, like so many if not
    all modern on-line games.
    I loved the freedom of PE to make your own in game life, set your own goals and stuff.
    Now, that teached me a lot and a part in essence, being a pioneer in PE had resemblances to being an entrepreneur IRL.

    Well, I might make a state of the union about what EU thought me later today :)
    Meh, prolly not. But a big hug to all of you.
    My ava is turning 10??? :O soon; and to be honest, I don't think she'd be a good teen anyway :D

    So, a little advice. take life a bit as you did PE. See the world as a place to set your own goals. Not the goals of your employer,
    not the expectations your parents or friends have of you. But be an "uber" (leader). You have, or will get the skills while doing.
    Whether doing charity, building your empire, improving the future or anything else that builds your legacy. Go out and venture!

    Big hug :grouphug:
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  19. Well written...still, many of those 10+ year old avatars are still lurking around ingame.
    I have met many of them again just recently. But they dont play 14h per day anymore. Neither do I.

    A huge part of my FL is filled with very well known names...that havent been online for 90+ days...1000+days...or show a simple "not available" attached to them, which probably means they left the building more then 5 years ago ?

    I myself did a long pause starting in 2009, with occassional logins only, to chat or explore. I never really left for good and tried to follow the progress. I did my "blog". That pause was needed...it feels indeed like a skinner-box with tons of farcry remnants now...that dont surve any real purpose.

    Back then it was the detailed, immersive world AND the mature community...now it is mostly the stories, that the people are telling. Knowing, that you have been a part of something wonderfull.

    Only 1 other MMO did this feeling to me again. Tabula Rasa. But it shut down after not even 1 year.
    I would have stayed in Tabula Rasa to abandon Entropia. So, Im still here...hope dies last...and it is already dieng.
    MindArk simply forgot, what they had in their hands.
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  20. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    That's how I live my life in both virtual and real! That's the only way to "live"!

    Be true to your self and the rest will fall into line! :wink:

    Gl with your ventures and adventures! These very things shape you, but that all depends on how you react to it! From your post, I think your going to be just fine! :beerchug:
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