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Discussion in 'Entropia Community' started by JohnCapital, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. I had a slight grudge with Serica from long before she was a mod. Based on our limited interactions, I had the impression that she also didn't have a favorable view of me.

    Now, with that said... I post on PCF quite a lot and I don't feel as if I can't speak my mind there.
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    But that is the main game site... how could this be a problem for her?
  3. Exactly, apparently no external links are allowed (for me anyways) even if they are to a direct entropiauniverse.com page.
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    I've had more than one alcoholic beverage this evening so posting would be a bad idea.
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    I have my own issues with the history of PCF, none of which are pertinent to anyone bar me. However, my general view of PCF, is that it has deteriorated over the years, the general tone lowered and it almost seems like a ship with little in the way of crew to sail it comfortably or well. Take that as you will.

    I have not directly experienced the issues some people have spoken about or seem to have with Serica, so I will not comment on such matters. What little contact I have had with her over the years, personally, I have always found her to be a straight forward person. Other peoples experiences may differ however.

    JC, I always found you extremely helpful and even handed. Whenever I needed assistance or an opinion, you were straight up. I know how hard it is being the only iron in the fire and you did a fantastic job with the tools you had at hand. I will state for the record that you are always more than welcome at PAF and if you ever need anything please don't hesitate to give me a yell.
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  6. I haven't bothered checking out your claim, but I'm willing to guess that link wasn't the cause of your ban.

    @EwoK , thanks for your thoughts. Appreciated.

    @HardWrath, you're capable of holding back your comments? Really? :eek (2): (OK, ok. Just kidding. Couldn't resist.)
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  8. Tass

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    Google has more results for Adolf Hitler than it has for Mahatma Gandhi, so the first must be better???

    What does PCF have that other forums don't have?

    And how can EP be improved? What features/rules/content/etc are the most critical/wanted/unwanted/etc ?
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  9. Users.
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  10. Tass

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    Well, McD is serving the most meals worldwide, but is it serving the best meals?

    If it's about number of players why you bought a stable on Cyrene then? ;)

    If it's all about number of players should we play EU at all? ;)
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  11. RAZER

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    Like Tass says, there is a difference between the best and the most used.
    Sure PCF is the most used, but it is not the best EU forum, by a long shot if you ask me.
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  12. PCF has the most sales threads...be that positive or negative ;)
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  13. PCF does not support Tapatalk
  14. Well you did ask what pcf had what entropiaplanets doesn't have. and the answer is clear: users. They have more users, so more threads, more discussions, more drama and more to read. Since it is more active more people will look there, regardless of other issues.

    Several reasons really:
    • I thought it would be cheaper then the other stables (and it would be if only adm stopped bidding at 25k :))
    • I think that in 1-2 years it will have the highest amount of users per stable on any planet (so there we have the amount of users and another stupid theory)
    • But mostly because, even with current issues, cyrene has the most potential of all planets atm, and it is the best match for my playing style. And i want the planet to succeed :)
    Still a lot of 'investors' would mainly look at ROI, and they should buy CLD or AUD instead.
    Just like a lot of players would mainly look at how crowded a forum is, and stay on pcf.

    If entropiaplanets (for example) would get 10 times the posts per day it gets now, people would flock here. I think you can observer it with arkadiaforum too, which seems to have grown a lot in users and posts over the last few months.

    I think you need to pass a certain number of users for it to really kick of (just like players on a planet :))
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  15. Jamira

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    Yo John, finally we can welcome you here at EP :-)
    LOL! I assume you don't like me that much. Don't worry. I am really relaxed meanwhile since I got all this money from MA (and will get probably some more from other fools ingame for my skills).

    Just a remark: Keeping the rules stupidly without thoughts about higher values like humanity, culture, former merits and all the issues wich make the difference between cultural and stupid folks ... that's ... uhhhm ... stupid even. Who the hell (except you - and 711/Serica even) would drown all the community this way? Well, finally it's 711's fault. With all his rigid rules. Probably caused by his stiff connection to MA? Dunno ...

    Just a suggestion: Secede from PCF and 711. Win a completely new freedom! After all I think YOU are worth it! Do yourself a favour!

    (Buy my skills if you want to continue with the game - LOL!)
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  17. Jamira

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  18. Hi, sorry to hear you where running the show alone.
    I think I actually stated once that you where my favorite mod.
    You had a human side, and understood the wits and fun of a forum.

    You know, I came here for a second, just to wish everyone a happy new year; and saw you here. It made me happy, because you are amongst others the core of the community. And I know we cannot turn back the clock, but I had fun times on the forum (although sometimes I acted a bit immature, despite my age :) ).

    happy new year to all. And JC, we all love you <3
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  19. This has nothing to do with whether PCF is the best or biggest or whatever forum.

    This was simply a request for feedback. Many people have complained about PCF for years, and since I was basically the one who ran it for a long while, that's basically saying that I did something wrong. So I was simply asking folks that if they had any specific issues about me personally, to not hide behind "The forum sucks" and tell me to my face.

    Jamira, thanks for the welcome. Though I've been here since it started, but simply was not active. I'm sorry to see you selling out and leaving. However, I understand your reasons. This Universe was the place you came to escape. And when staying here becomes tougher than the alternative these days, then yeah, staying becomes a bad option.

    Acro, thanks for the nice words. Haven't seen ya 'round in a long while so nice to see ya pop in once and again.
  20. Norbert

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    I post on PCF sometimes but try my hardest not to get involved in serious threads, main reason is overmodding (does such a word even exist?).
    Seems that many threads for a period became so splattered with "deleted rule xxx.xx", it started to become more an exercise in rules and regulations than actual discussion.
    Not you JC and to be honest i hadn't seen content of many deleted posts, but couple of mine were deleted for reasons beyond my comprehension. There comes a point where you think why bother posting.

    To be clear not singling out any mod there, i just figured was a return to olden days when heavy modding was the norm.
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