Planet Calypso News: Omegaton to Purchase Vast Quantities of Components

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  1. Omegaton, the Federal Empire's official logistics company, will be placing auction orders for large quantities of components in an effort to supply colonies experiencing acute technology shortages.

    However, Genesis Star CEO Maximilian Wolfe says the initiative is anything but generous, claiming the import-dependent colonies are being forced into a monopoly arrangement.

    "No other importer can get near those planets," said Wolfe. "The Imperial Navy's got them surrounded. Only Omegan freighters are allowed in."

    The accusations were flatly denied by Tiberius Calderon, the Consul appointed by Omegaton to facilitate the initiative on Calypso.

    "The Genois will say anything to discredit their competitors. It's pathetic," said Calderon.

    Consul Tiberius Calderon will place auction orders for the following industrial components starting Feb. 28, 2020:

    • Simple 4 Conductors - 12000 PED
    • Simple 3 Conductors - 60000 PED
    • Simple 2 Conductors - 160000 PED
    • Simple 3 Plastic Springs - 90000 PED
    • Simple 2 Plastic Springs - 112000 PED
    • Simple 3 Plastic Ruds - 17000 PED
    • Simple 2 Plastic Ruds - 110000 PED
    • Hardened Metal Ruds - 30000 PED
    • Basic Filters - 50000 PED
    • Basic Sensor - 22000 PED
    • Basic Structure - 45000 PED
    • Standard Matrix - 50000 PED
    • Standard Plate - 25000 PED
    • High Performance Engine - 15000 PED
    • Electropositive Processor - 10000 PED
    • Reinforced Bearings - 10000 PED
    • Heavy Duty Core - 10000 PED

    Omegaton is offering the following additional incentives to spur the procurement effort:

    • For each component listed above, 100 PED will be awarded to the colonist who makes the largest contribution to fulfilling Calderon’s orders for that particular component.
    • 1000 PED will be awarded to the colonist who contributes the most total Trade terminal value, of any combination of components listed above, to fulfilling Calderon’s auction orders.

    Omegaton will place orders until the total Trade Terminal values listed above have been successfully purchased. Note that all of the orders listed above may not be active on the auction at the same time. Some components may be purchased using multiple orders; however there will still be only one 100 PED reward per component. A single colonist can qualify for multiple rewards.

    Any intentional disruption or manipulation of the auction order process will be investigated.

    / CalyNET News

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  2. I wonder when Omegaton will desperately look for Explosive Blueprint IV gamblers... finally "reward" their hard work... x'D

    I can already hear the fanboys shouting...

    "Great initiative Mindark ! Super Duper Idea ! Make crafting become great again !"
  3. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Could they finally be removing a fuckton of these useless components? Please continue doing more of this. Drain all of that worthless shit, animal skins, and all the other crap that simply hogs up storages. Add some orders for skills at market rate as well, please. And weapons. And armour.

    "Cash me out, how bout dah?"
  4. Damn, you in a hurry brah ?
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  5. San


    Why? Virtual skills are just condensed time. People's time is the most abundant and useless resource there is. Why pay markup for it? You are asking for the productive to reward and even encourage the unproductive.
  6. The Trade-Terminal is your friend !
  7. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I spent time getting those skills ;)
  8. San


    We all did or continue to do. This doesn't mean we can force or oblige anyone to put any value on it. Like watching a hamster running in its wheel -- just that we are the hamsters and enjoying it.
  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I sorta wonder how this will work out... I mean MA offer a price but then maybe people go on a crafting sesh... also raw material sellers will hike the price so folks selling to MA at a loss... don't think MA can keep adjusting prices in line with material costs...

    I dunno... need an economist.
  10. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I haven't enjoyed the game for years, to be honest.
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