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Oculus Quest

Discussion in 'Other games and gaming' started by narfi, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Have one ordered.
    All I have ever messed around with VR is with Google Cardboard and one of my older phones (2 or 3 generations ago?)

    I hope to (or justified the purchase with) use it daily for some indoor winter cardio and will have to find the best exercise game for that.

    Anyone have experience with the Quest specificly or VR in general (I know Jamira and Wistrel have) and have any recommendations on setup, games, etc.....

    As I understand it, there are no user profiles, so one headset for a household of 3 (me, my wife, and our 10yr old son) all use the same account..... How does this work for games? Are there separate save games so more than one person can play without interrupting each others progress? How about the health related ones with different users and data?

    Bonus brag. I've lost 65lbs since October and am under 200lbs for the first time since my teens. I have dieted and worked my ass off the last 3 months, but the hiking(2.5hrs a day in snow and hills) has started to take a toll on my knees and I want to give them a bit of a break.
    I plan to ramp up my weight lifting a bit and do less cardio now that I've reached my first goal of 200. So tentatively morning routine will be 30 minutes VR cardio warmup followed by 45minutes of lifting before breakfast and then work.
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  3. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I know nothing about the VR stuff, but great going on your battle against weight, buddy :)
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  4. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Well, first of all "Skyrim VR"! It'll pop up soon for PC:
    Ten years old graphics but still really impressive!
    And you may check out "Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice" as well. It's a bit strange but great and you can get it now. It's also a 3D-audio experience by using the speakers of the headset!

    Usually you can save your game. But sometimes just for one player. You can't save different points in Hellblade ... **ROLL EYES** At least in Skyrim you can create different characters and save them seperately. Every character exists independent of other characters.

    Last but not least: "Google Earth VR". I like it so much! Okay, sometimes the 3D cities look like after bombing. But all in all it's awesome.

    Regarding Oculus Quest compared to Oculus Rift:
    Currently I run my Do X-project with an Oculus Rift. But I met two students last December who uses Quests for the same models. So we could compare them straight. They were in need of an USB-cable to run my models. But it worked with the cable. So all good with the Quest I think. Run free without cable or connect by cable for bigger jobs. Another point is the tracking. You can make a setup of 3 or 4 Sensors for the Rift. That would be essential for free movement and turning around. The Quest misses this opportunity. When the cameras of the headset don't see the controllers, the controllers will vanish and can't be used anymore. But those are marginal problems.

    Finally: Do yourself a favour and buy a serious computer to run VR-software. Have fun!
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  5. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    I forgot to mention ISS VR. Not very exciting but interesting.
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  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I don't know about the Quest. My friend who originally got the DKII (which has mainly been me setting up stuff and he comes over to try when I get it working) has just got a new PC and the new Valve one. We finally got the PC sorted (don't ask) and need to set up the VR some time soon.

    Personally I'm really looking forward to trying this one. It looks like a lot of fun and good exercise (note the anime thing is an extra thing someone did for the video - it's complicated). I think I'm gonna get so tired playing. I have a rythm action game I play with Leap motion that just involves hands and I get quite worn out playing it!

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  7. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    WTF! Sorry, why do you want to test such a foolish bullshit? What the hell should be the fun in this stupid game? Not to speak about the idiotic music wich offends my ears.

    Okay, I calm down already. Obviously you like it and I am too old for such things from Asia and it's strange modern culture. I will shut up and listen to solid music instead and enjoy completely different VR-experiances.
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  8. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Beat saber is one of my main justifications in the purchase, but I expect to add a couple other cardio intensive games as well.

    My latest obsession has been getting into a healthy shape. As mentioned in my first post I have lost 65lbs since October and I intend to keep loosing weight and build more muscle and endurance.

    These last 3 months my morning routine has been,
    Wake up at 6am
    Pee and daily weigh in.
    Get a huge glass of water and lift weights for 45min.
    Eat breakfast.
    Walk/hike including a steep hill for 75min. (Walk ends at work)
    Work all day.
    Walk/hike including a steep hill for 75min. (Walk ends at home)

    That was lifting 4 days a week and walking 5-6.

    My knees need a break and I'm no longer trying to loose weight as fast now. (4.5lbs a week for 14 consecutive weeks is not considered healthy though I had no adverse effects)

    My new plan is lifting 6 days a week and just walking to and from work (15min each on level ground) so I have more time in the day but also more calories to burn off. Add to that I haven't really been doing any warmup before lifting like I should, I will do some form of cardio game for 30min before lifting each morning.

    Beat Saber
    Box VR
    Likely one of the boxing games, not sure which one.

    Fun games will be in the evenings or weekends, and hopefully some family focused fun cast on the tv for the others to see while the player is under the hood.

    I'm open to suggestions of other cardio type games.
    I did look into the one that pairs with a pedel counter on an exersize bike for racing, touring google street view, and other mini games while on the exersize bike, but it requires a monthly subscription which kind of turned me off to it.

    Edit. I dont really like the cutesy Asian anime style either, but dont think I've seen that as a focus of beat saber before. (And you can mod it to add songs you like)
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  9. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    LOL! I understand. But that's not I should do. My weight is 60kg (120lbs) only. Loosing 65lbs would kill me ...
    My day is a bit more relaxed than yours:
    • wake up around 10am
    • get up at 12am and have breakfast, reading DER SPIEGEL
    • play SpiderSolitair, check WhatsApp, mails and Entropia Planets, slowly start work on building some flight ships or submarines for VR at 4 or 5pm
    • visit the local super market to buy the daily ration of beer, cigarettes and food
    • eat and watch the news at 7pm
    • either continue to work on some 3d-models for VR/3d-print or occasionally watch TV-series or play Elder Scrolls Online
    • write messages to friends and partners or posts at forums between 2 and 4am
    • go to bed at 4 am
    That's the benefit of retirement. Fortunately I am blessedly endowed with natural low weight. My BMI is ~21 since more than 60 years, mainly "reached" by sitting in armchairs and moving my right hand (mouse) and left hand's fingers (SpacePilot) or behind the steering wheel of a car. Therefore sport is nothing I'm interested in. I'm focussed on good stories and good information instead of. Something for my mind, not for the body.

    But good luck and fun to you with your VR-sports!
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  10. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Call it the American curse :p
  11. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Our Quest arrived last night.
    We plugged it in, and got it updating and played for an hour or two before bed.

    None of those are natively on the Quest 'yet'. (more later in response to McC)

    I downloaded it last night, but haven't tried it yet.

    Once I get more familiar with it, I will see what I need to do for viewing models and keep you posted :)

    Remodeling our house, had an unexpected sewer failure over christmas and had to replace the entire tank and drain field, and hoping to start building a shop this summer. A new computer isn't in the stars for me. I will need to find out of my gaming laptop (Asus ROG G750j) can do low quality vr or not.

    Purchased the Beat Saber + Imagine Dragons album DLC pack combo
    It has quite a few songs already (maybe 30?) but my boy really likes Imagine Dragons and I didn't know how many songs would come with it so got the bundle.

    It is a lot of fun, and decent exercise even on the beginner levels.
    I tracked 28 minutes with it this morning on my watch.
    Was all on easy levels and a lot of time spent in menus figuring things out.

    28 minutes
    Average heart rate 91 max 119
    Calories burned 170

    Had a light sweat but was not breathing hard.
    As I learn the rhythm and can do more difficult levels I think it will meet my needs very nicely.

    Once we have figured the basics out, I will be figuring out how to install SideQuest and Virtual Desktop and see how my laptop can handle that as well as wired Oculus content.

    The demo for the boxing game Creed is pretty impressive.
    My boy really likes the virtual pet game Bogo.

    Tonight will probably check out the ISS and some of the other demos, maybe SuperHot.
    There is a pretty cool looking sidequest game that is like minecraft, but to move you jog in place and climbing is with climbing motions with your hands and the axe and pick swings are actual motions. I think my boy will really like it and be good indoor exercise for him in the winter as well.
    Pavlov looks pretty cool as well and is free on sidequest.
  12. narfi

    narfi Lost

    ISS is impressive, but made me a little nauseous. Perhaps because I was playing sitting down? I am not sure, the sensation of not moving while pulling myself along the station just felt wrong on my stomach. I will try playing it more standing up and let you know.

    I got SideQuest installed after some issues with bad download speeds (joys of being on satellite internet) and a flaky usb port.
    I installed Voxel Works Quest and Landon played with it for a few minutes before school this morning, it looks like he will really like it. (it looks just like minecraft)
    I downloaded Pavlov but haven't installed it yet. It is considered by many to be the best option currently for a competitive shooter.

    I played a bit of Bait, which is a basic fishing game, but actually pretty relaxing. You are sitting in a lawn chair on a beach with your cooler of beer beside you and a fishing rod. You earn $$$ for the fish you catch and can upgrade your equipment. The sound of the water on the beach and the music coming from the bait shop while sitting in your real life arm chair that looks like a beach chair in VR is pretty cool.

    Lots of demos still to try, and haven't tried Vadar Immortal yet, looks like I got all three episodes for free.

    Had trouble sleeping last night, my knee was messed up so I wasn't going to do weights today (leg day) so I did 60 minutes of beat saber before work, here are my heart rate monitor stats,

    357cal burned
    average heart rate 109
    max heart rate 146

    I did all normal levels today, I think there are three more difficulty levels above that, so I have room to improve.
  13. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Haha. I quite like this response. It's so unfiltered and from the heart. I find it really interesting our generational differences. Actually such things have always been of interest to me through Entropia/MMOs. It levels the playing field. Anyone could be anyone and we can be friends and find commonalities regardless of who we are, how old we are or where we are.

    Well yeh though, I like rhythm action games although I'll admit I'm not especially great at them. I think beat saber is a great example of the sort of thing you can do in VR that you can't in other games. There are many other examples too of course. Interestingly the song in the example is actually Swedish, it's just it got re-released at some point slightly sped up with the anime-ish styled dancers. Somewhere along the line after that it became "a thing". I first heard it at an anime con where there seems to be something of a tradition of playing it at some point during the con and everyone gets up and does this sort of cat ear dance thing. It's just a bit of silly wholesome fun.

    In the case of beat saber, I just picked it because the bit with over head arm waving looked quite tiring especially with all the jumping about.

    Incidentally Jamira I heard that that post apoc like cave girl with robots game you like will be coming to PC this year - maybe there will be a VR mode? dunno. Ah, Zero dawn? I forget the name (kinda hard to pay too much attention to games that are exclusively on console).

    Anyhow going back to the reaction, yeh it is interesting. I remember my mum told me my Granddad once said "Cliff Richard can't sing and would never last" (my mum was big into Cliff as a kid). Similarly I remember my Grandma taking the piss out of The Bangles' song Eternal Flame. She was singing it in a sarcastic way. But we as kids liked that stuff in the 80s. Even today, I still hang out with a lot of people who are younger than me sometimes and what fascinates me is what music they have and have not heard of/like. e.g. they might know early 90s things but not Blur... (I was shocked). Still I guess it is the same for me. There is some older stuff I would know and probs others I never knew of. Then there are the things that don't seem to die... like my sisters kids like abba... I mean my mum liked abba so we did too as we grew up with it. I guess my sister continued that tradition and got her kids into it. These days with youtube and all the music services it is possible to get into more or less anything. I've found as time has gone on I've liked more and more types of music even stuff I'd have turned my nose up at as a teenager. My most recently discovered favourite band is Korean (and no it isn't BTS).

    Back to Beat Saber though - I'm glad it is working out for the exercise. It looks so hard to me but I'm hoping it just "looks" hard and is easier in situe so to speak. Time will tell hopefully I'll get to try it out.

  14. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Got Virtual Desktop installed on the Quest and the VD Streamer on my laptop last night, installed steam and started the SteamVR download, but didn't really get a chance to play with it.
    Virtual Desktop just streaming your computer screen is actually kind of cool, you can setup different environments you are in to view your flat screen..... A desk in a bedroom, a home theater, a public theater, space, etc..... The home livingroom with sitting in an easy chair with the big screen on the wall is pretty nice when you are sitting in a similar easy chair :P

    My laptop has a gtx980m which i read some people are able to use, but its at the bottom of the usable range, so not sure how it will work for me.

    Started playing the first(of3) episode of Vader Immortal, and it is pretty cool so far, no real challenging puzzles or difficult fighting, but it is an interactive way to tell a story with just enough interaction to keep you involved.

    This mornings Beat Saber workout,
    187 calories burned
    average heart rate 108
    max heart rate 144

    Did the entire first album on hard settings without failing. (no where near perfect, but didn't get kicked out for being too bad)
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  15. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

  16. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Thank you for being patient with a choleric old man. I agree with you: being part of such worlwide community expands the own horizon and leads to think about issues in a different way. Look, I was born in the fifties, a few years after WW2. Until 1980 this date was closer to the early thirties than to the present ;-)
    Well, at the other hand I still do things most others never heard of nor ever tried them. Feels good :-)
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  17. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Reset and new installation of the VR-computer yesterday because it was completely disturbed. Just to make it fit for VR presentations at fairs and exhibitions. Parallel a clean-up of the old computer. That was the point to deinstall Entropia Universe. A small tear in my eye. But I will follow Narfi:
    Narfi's Life after Entropia
    It's Jamira's Life after Entropia ;-)

    Reality is something for those who can't do it better ...
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  18. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    To be fair, even I've been on hiatus from Calypso (and indeed the whole Universe) more or less since they broke the control system. I did pop in last week though (cause I got the email thingy thing thing) for a fairly typical "Wistrel lurk". Couple of nice things to report:

    1. When you view your character from the side say, and then zoom in to FPV, it no longer rotates your avatar and instead swings the camera round to face the direction the avatar looks in (as it bloody well should do!)

    2. Had a nice chat with Kira Red StarRigger who some of you oldies may know. We'd not crossed paths in a while so was nice to see she's still around. [OK she actually lives on Next Island but does frequent flights to Toulan and some others for trading]


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