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  1. One of the many reasons to go Live Quietly without too much hoopla is to give the developers time to fix unexpected bugs...

    A good example of a Bug or an unexpected hitch in the roll out of NEXT Island was the Missing Mobs from the mainland..

    In My Role as the CEO of NEVERDIE Studios, I was quite shocked to find no mobs on the mainland... How did this Happen? There are so many layers to the Process of bringing content to the live servers, one of those layers came loose...

    So what was Live on the Test Server, simply wasn't Live on the Live Server..

    Another very key factor to consider at this time is that the new Planet partners are working Remotely from Mindark and are even in different Time Zones, we even celebrate different public holidays...

    So we cant always address issues or even understand the cause of them as quickly as Mindark was able to do in the past when it controlled Calypso or even as FPC are still able to do...

    In fact We are breaking new ground with every step of the technical process, working together with Mindark we are creating a pipeline for new content and formulas for working together...

    There were so many hair raising moments the morning of the launch of Next island, truly it was miraculous that we got as far we did..

    Personally i am blown away that it seems so easy to Plop a new world into the Universe and I am so grateful to the Developers at Mindark and NDS who barely slept for 72hrs to make the launch date...

    Since there were deliberately no official Press releases to Drive new users to NEXT Island it was not the end of the world that starter Quests were withdrawn from the launch at the last minute for safety reasons..

    The Quest system although it has been in operation for 9 months or more on the platform, we at NDS a remote partner have only just been able to fully implement our first Quests.

    The NEXT VU should introduce a few starter Quests and the Spawns to the mainland and address other issues that have arisen. Having said that, that could still change, which is why we are still reluctant to include release notes during VU's at this time

    Its a little like being a magician and Digging into the Top hat to Pull out a Rabbit and out comes a Porcupine or a Monkey or Hamburger...

    David Post has provided a Timeline elsewhere regarding the official Launch of NEXT Island.
  2. Thank you for posting some information for the community. While I was looking forward the new mobs on the mainland and time travel, I found plenty to keep me busy at CND: very nice scenery, interesting mobs, and (for me at least) much better than average loot.

    Spending a few hours getting the tps on the mainland, I came away very impressed with the terrain and design -- certainly looking forward to the new mobs and time travel.

    All in all, the things that worked with the soft rollout worked very well.
  3. The physics involving plant life etc also dont seem to be working on Next Island yet. And theres some funny bugs with loot coming up as red X's and water physics coming unhinged in certain areas so that players end up falling as if in air to the bottom of the water, only to walk on the lakebed.
  4. So far I am totaly enjoying hunting drakes and seing all the pretties. When will lots of shops and houses be on auction? XD
  5. I have to agree to the overall "Good Feeling" with NextIsland. Honesty, i did not had much hope since i am still disapointed with RockTropia. Seeing the progress and good desgin of NextIsland maybe RT will be one day what its ment to be :)

    That there are not that many mobs out there is fine in my eyes. Its fun to explore and go for a nice hunt later. No need to be allways in danger because of mobs everywhere.

    Really, i hope there will be less mobs but more to explore and REAL Missons - compared to Calypso.... 3 kind of Drakes are ok and i really hope there will not be more drakes... I want Parrots, snakes... jungle stuff
    AND of cause a Parrot on my shoulder :)

    Good Work Neverdie Studios!

    PS: Its so nice that you stay in touch with the comunity and show up from time to time on NI Neverdie. Thats a big part!
  6. I have to agree that Next Island has a great vibe. Graphics are great and have that Caribbean greenish exotic allure. Nice chilled out mellow music is in perfect tone with the landscape. Gives a general feeling of relaxation.

    I was also particularly surprised how much work was put into modeling the mobs. Those wild boars are 10/10 Star animation. The anatomical features are very well represented, showing all the body muscles`n such. Those have to be the best mob animations so far and it beats what Calypso has to offer in that department.
  7. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Agree with you all about the overall 'vibe' of the place, it will be nice to see NI's own community begin to develop now over time. New blood coming in in future will no doubt help that process along too, looking forward to seeing how it grows. Those who hate it from the get go won't stay if they ever bothered coming in the first place, as it will be with all new planets no doubt.
  8. My first impression of NI is very good. The scenery is awesome, the colors and the designs too. :love:

    The only thing I think is a bit strange is the music it plays when your near the teleporter. Man, that's creepy. The first time I heard it I was alone in the middle of ND 500 Raceway and no soul around me. Seemed like a terror movie, or that episode from the twilight zone, where this guy finds himself alone in the world. :p

    Other than that everything seems really great. I also particularly love the color of the water in some areas. It is so blue that I want to jump into the screen and dive there :D

    Can't wait to see the next VU.

    Keep up the good work :)
  9. ROFL best thing i've ever herd you say.
  10. Calin

    Calin Due for an Ultra-Uber Loot.

    Which is why MA really needs to step up into the big league and have the necessary staff on hand 24/7 365 days a year. EU is not a Swedish or even European universe. It's a planetary universe (which just plain old sounds weird).
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