Next Island Release Notes -- 10/4/11 -- Entropia Universe Release 12.1.0

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    October 4th, 2011 / Entropia Universe Release 12.1.0

    Next Island is pleased to introduce more of the Elysian backstory with this content release.

    New Items

    This new release offers several new items for colorists:

    - Elysian Colorator, a lovely new coloring tool currently available through a quest.
    - Bleaching Attachment for Elysian Colorator
    - Miranda Violet, a new paint color named for Miranda Stratford
    - Kylon’s Blue, a new paint color named for Dr. Paul Kylon
    - Elysian Artistic Patterns Blueprint Book (Oh! Spoiler alert!)

    As part of our ongoing partnership with meemo and Transformers 3, we also have an Optimus Prime helmet for available for men and women. A limited number of these helmets will be dropping from boar!
    If you’re not lucky enough to get one, visit Sandy in Crystal Center to pick up a blueprint for one.

    New Missions

    New missions begin to reveal the Elysian backstory and set the stage for our new two content releases.

    -Lost First-Wave Elysians
    -Inventing A Color

    Once you’ve completed the June quests, and fixed the sensors to locate First-Wave Elysians, head back to Samuel to see what he’s found now.
  2. Yes! Can't wait till the download finishes so i can check the new quests out :) Bring us some Ancient Greece armor too Meg!
  3. wheres the bp book ? O.o * search search *
  4. Is it safe to say you can't use the bp without the book?
  5. so BPs are there yet?
  6. the color bps loot but no book to use them with
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