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Next Island is fun XD

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by Kitten, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. OK now that I been on Next Island for days and explore I can say its super fun and cool and beautiful and awesome XD

    I was pretty worried when it looked like its all neverdie theme stuff but now I know its got lots more than that my worry is gone XD

    The new player mobs are wonderful the new things to loot are cool and so much to see XD

    so far its positive and I have big hopes for next island. Good job
  2. Kitten - I totally agree with your post. I have enjoyed the parts of NI I have visited and chuckled when I saw the auction, trade and repair monkeys.

    I am now exploring the main areas of NI and getting teleports. The scenery is wonderful and I am looking forward to the creatures.

    Nice work so far - I hope we will see more today - and thanks to the developers for letting us have a preview before the official launch in January.
  3. I thought the offical Launch was today? or did I miss something? to many forums to keep up with...
  4. Ya the info here is terribly unreliable. Is next island open now or not? I have been playing for a week, saw NextI was opening, read repeatedly it was opening on the 10th, deposited ped for my wife and I, transferred all our storage from Calypso there, and now hear from some people it is not until Jan 2011. Is there no place to just read the exact info? I thought Jan was only a debut showing at a vegas video game show, but the official release was Dec 10th... Is there anyone one who has some official information? How is it possible not to find any readily made info about this.... very unprofessional. Any game company should expect every person looking for info is a new player who has no idea where they are looking. Will someone please just post the official MA info pls? I am part of half a dozen forums now, have booked marked a dozen related pages to EU, and the best I can find is outdated info or hearsay.

    I have no idea if it is true, but some dude in CND NextI was saying the only reason the creatures were not spawning where due to a server sync issue, but if this were the case, where is the official post on this? If anyone can link where MA puts its real info, I'd appreciate it.
  5. From what I understand,

    As of right now Next Island is open to beta testing. You can travel to it, but the only thing that's populated is club NEVERDIE, which is essentially supposed to be a "themepark" area according to most posts. Although the scenery on the rest of the island is beautiful, its essentially barren, especially when compared to the NEVERDIE areas.
    There are teleporters on the rest of the land and CodeMonkey has done a great job of listing them all out.. but they aren't around anything.

    The upside to this (or downside, depending on how you look at it. A lot of people are really upset about this) is that Neverdie's region is huge. It takes up a big portion of the southeast region, and has a lot to explore and enjoy. The scenery (if you ignore the absurd amount of Neverdie branding) is spectacular.

    So In short, you can go, but you're essentially going to another club neverdie with a nextisland twist until the full version is released in january :)

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