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Next Island info @ entropedia

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by Manny, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. As we know, Entropedia is the biggest repository of knowledge and data about everything EU, from skills to items, mobs and loot.

    Unfortunately, even though there is a Next Island section, the data are so far lacking. Since entropedia is open for everyone to access and add information, i started a small personal quest to up pictures for all the mobs that are available now, while on the same time slowly filling in the loot tables.

    Feel free to join in, helping into building our background and information and making life on our Island easier for all :)

    P.S. Why, oh why is it always dark every time i want to take a picture?
  2. Keep up, islander :)
  3. fyi i have a bunch of info to put int here but I am going to wait till the NI content vu before putting in there stuff as I expect there will be some rebalancing
  4. Some re-balancing is probably on the cards, but i just can't stand seeing the NI category barren like that. Worse case scenario, some things will change. And it helps me take a creative break from Kill-kill-kill ;)

    P.S. While a lot of mobs have the same info when you scan them (papoos for example), others do have interesting info, like the kind of damage each drake type does.
  5. And finished :D

    All the mobs that are currently available on Next Island are up, with photos and descriptions from the scanner.
    Seems we had somehow missed the petit gray papoos, that are now accompanying their other colorful cousins.

    Observations so far: The drake info actually helps with the protection you need, Boars have different descriptions that aren't especially helpful, while we know for sure that Papoos like to steal. And that the next round will probably start next week with our VU.

  6. Good to see you're finally making yourself useful, Manny ;)

    Well done!
    Sam :)
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  7. At least i'm not stalking innocent miners in PvP for a so called "free bodyguard service".

    Everyone knows you're just doing it to meet girls ;p

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