Next Island gains additional funding!

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    News reached us that Next Island has found new capital. It was announced by Mr. David Post on his Facebook account:


    Next Island was initially funded by Mr Post himself:


    However, it seems Next Island has been struggling with their finances for some time, as can be see in these July and August (2011) blog posts made by David:

    Despite all this, the last few months have shown their development and communication to improve radically, with new items, quests and content being released in every VU cycle.

    Aside from that, Next Island also managed to secure some interesting advertisement deals, including, but not limited to: in-game Transformers clothing, giving away a gaming rig from iBuyPower, and the "Get in the game" contest which had Next Island advertised on, a site for aspiring models to show off their profiles.

    With new money in their warchest, let's hope that new content will be added fast, to build up the Next Island economy into a sustainable one, and perhaps we will then get to see additional time traveling locations!

    From all of us at EntropiaPlanets, we congratulate David Post and the Next Island team with this new milestone, and we are looking forward to see how this cash injection will take Next Island to its next level!

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  2. We can only hope it will bring in money and development, but i'm a bit sceptic about it. Let's see what happens
  3. Sr Torz Man

    Sr Torz Man Freelanser

    I'm not surprised to the sales, Hope they now can fix forum and planet .
  4. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Welcome visitors from PCF, post here more often.

    The investment group in not called SEE VW, is it? :tongue (2):
  5. We will have to wait and see, but good luck to David on the deal.
  6. LOL lets hope not!

    So as I mentioned in that FB post that doesn't show. Who actually owns NI? And what is David's part in it now?
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  7. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    all the investment wont help if you dont market the product. needs 10k users? i bet, and that requirement just increased. but where's the promotions, where's the stunt low cost or otherwise? dwelling mostly on PCF these days i dont even hear about NI, hows it fairing in the wider world? I thought the guys behind NI already had the network and PR side done, its proven to be a big diappointment.
  8. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    I would give the award for "Best PP Communication" to NI. Meg gives quite detailed info about the development quite often. The NI section is full of it.

    We create a preview before each major PP VU, if you check them you'll be quite up-to-date for each planet and also see that the most detailed and complete info is available for NI, example: 13 March 2012 Version Updates.

    Also NI is actually releasing new assets most frequently. Each VU contains small changes to the environment, a couple of mission and items. Unfortunately they have a very small development team (lack of money, I guess) and therefore are improving steadily but in small steps.

    So... NI's starting situation was completely fucked up, it improves slowly but they'll probably never reach the richness of content to be found on other planets.

    I wonder what has been sold. Debts? I think NI rakes in 5k$/month at most, they must be deep in the red and still sinking.
  9. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Ok, let me add some fuel:

    23 November 2009:

    14 July 2010:
    Presentation for potential investors:

    EDIT: Removed on request.

    July-August 2011:
    David Post's "Diary of a launch" (meanwhile deleted).

    October 2011:
    NI's ex-producer just after he left NI quoting from the story of another games company:


    From CLD's we know that Calypso's 50% PP Revenue can be ~70000 USD/month (at ~30% ROI on CLDs).

    From AucTracker we know that NI has 1% to 4% of Auction pages of Caly. Projecting this on revenues would mean NI (50% PP revenue) 'rakes in' 700 to maybe 3000 USD/month.

    Maybe we can do another projection using Entropia Tracker data.
  10. This is probably a good thing.....time will tell.
  11. Good questions... Also, does JNJ still have a role in it?
  12. It can't get any worse that it's already, can it? So from now on things will only get better :)
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  13. Good luck with your investors.

    I hope I get to see another good planet.
  14. I can't believe MA has not looked at this and tried to do something about it. Like how do they plan on getting other dev teams to buy into building there own planets when they see them fail like this.
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  15. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Just wanted to clear up some of the rumors swirling around! To clarify, Next Island has NOT been sold. We have received an investment that will enable our team to keep developing new and exciting content, and to make our upcoming content releases even better.
  16. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Thanks, Tass! Hearing your kind words really makes all the hours and problem-solving feel worthwhile! And thanks again to EP for sharing our dev news with the community.
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  17. NotAdmin

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    My bad. Let me fix the title of the thread then.
  18. Yes, Meg you are doing a great job and have one of the best up to date blogs going on the development of any planet in EU.

    The only problem is Next Island seems to be going backwards. Now, a while back I started calling Next Island my home and it will be for a very long time, but you need to get it back to what the theme once was. If anything you need to find a way to FIX the homes fast. I understand that you probably were having object problems with the old style homes, but the new lunch box homes will just not cut it for long if at all. As well, you need to fix the new arrive area. Why didn't you put your old style buildings in a circle with the new arrive area in the center? That would have kept the theme of the planet without having everyone now fighting to get into the little tin cans. And with that, right now that area can only support maybe 20 people if that. Any more there would just be a big mess.

    The forums. You really need to take it down for now and place a big colorful "under construction" banner up until you can get the site worked out.

    I'm on Arkadia now, but hope to be home very soon.
  19. Tass

    Tass Administrator

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  20. Hi,

    ^^ This! (Bold/ underline by me)

    MA has chosen itself the role of the "Platform provider". Why don't they better support their "platform customers"?
    It would be quite easy to support a weak planet partner, if this would be intended.

    For instance, a portal in any planet main town that would offer a TP to the "planet of the month", and back. Best done with a 2-way ticket/ voucher that could loot on any planet, would have no TT, but would be tradable. Such tickets should come in such numbers that 10 - 20 PED MU would be reached. And each month, the planet with the worst numbers would become "planet of the month".

    This "planet of the month" also could get a tiny bit better loot, 0.01% or such.

    Yes, it would be a shame for any planet to become "planet of the month". On the other hand, this could bring established players to such planets, helping to get their economy going.

    In any way, it would be good for the platform. The platform cannot be better but their weakest member, and a crash of any member would damage the platform irreparably. IMHO.

    To expand, or even to survive, the platform needs trust. Without trust you don't get money at acceptable conditions, without trust you don't get new members.
    And with media headlines of crashing planets you don't get new depositing players for any part of the platform.

    My 2 animal oil residue.

    Have fun!

    PS: My best wishes to the NI team, may all work as intended!
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