Next Island Funniest Screenshot Contest

Discussion in 'Next Island News & Information' started by Enzo, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Gratz and Nice work Softie:) , by pulling that one out you beat off all the competition :)
  2. Yeah, I've learned never to compete with her. She always pulls out the "low blows" to win.
  3. LOL good thing I sold that filthy jeep yesterday XD

    watch fro a purple on midastree jeep with blue hubcaps XD
  4. LOL Thanks, I couldn't have done it alone! haha thanks for the use of your jeep Kitten and the volunteer.......haha forgot his name (ayu?) And thanks Enzo for the competition it was fun! Can't wait till the next one :)
  5. Gratz Softy! :)
  6. Gratz Softy, and gratz Kitten for getting rid of that jeep. I'm sure this didn't appear in the carfacts report :)
  7. You don't even remember his name?

    I'm sure he remembers you :p
  8. the moral of today's people... *shakes head*
    nothing is sacred anymore
  9. His name was Ryu Dragon Yickno. Hes assistant professor in my soc and mentioned something about rufies and the back of a jeep... and that he had no idea what was going on but that it felt adequate. ;-)
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