Next Island Economy circulation program. IE by my stuff! I am broke!

Discussion in 'Trading & services' started by Mukyoucom, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. before posting" i already know i miss hit and missed the U in buy"

    Alright all I am posting this in the hopes that it will build up my budget to go hunting and what not since I am at a stand still.

    Metal residue 3962
    Energy matter residue 3121
    Socket I components 17
    Simple I conductors 8
    Basic Wires 113
    Basic Servo 21
    Basic Filters 4394
    Yellow paint 73
    Pile of garnets 5
    Tier I component 35
    Generic leather 77
    Soft leather 5
    Inferior cloth extractor 299
    Weak cloth extractor 66
    Secound rate cloth extractor 64
    Basic stone extractor 164
    Hand full of other extractors

    Also random pixie armor items that I will be posting on the AH as I sell them. Once one is sold I'll put another piece of the same type up.

    will be going at the going day rate of MU as it is hard enough to get what I need to keep playing on NI. So please be considerate of that or I will have to move to calypso and sell my stuff there and leave my island home T_T,

    Thanks all in advance.
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