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  1. With VU 12.0 effectively restricting interplanetary transportation and auctions now being planet bound, the flow of available weapons/tools/armor/clothes is going to reach a bottleneck at least until MA gives us warp drive or a safer passage through Space.

    This is viewed for many as a curse, but it can be a blessing by allowing the local economy to flourish, with a virgin market for NI’s own crafters. Of course means that we should start organizing a bit better.

    The idea of this thread is to keep a repository of shops and crafters, something that is for the benefit of everyone:

    Buyers will be able to get their information in one spot
    Crafters/shop owners will be able to spot what is missing from that market that they can offer, so hopefully the whole range of the market will be more easily covered.

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

    Shop Owners
    Post the coordinates of your shop (photo’s welcome) and a list of the usual items you are selling/crafting

    A list of the BP’s you can and are willing to craft, separated by categories (tools/weapons/armor/clothing etc)

    If all goes as planned this could even be sticky, with constant renewing of the contents of the thread as shop’s contents change and crafters start using other BP’s.

    Let's try to keep the thread clean, post only if you have a shop/are willing to craft to help sustain the economy - and make a small profit on the side too.
  2. I have a beach house in Crystal Bay and installed there two shopkeepers filled with a bunch of new items.

    Position: 136308, 83615 - WSW of Crystal Bay TP


    Carbines: Sollomate Kangoo, Sollomate Tasmo

    Pistols: EWE EP-11 Self-reliant, EWE EP-14 Nebula, EWE EP-16 Protector, EWE EP-17 Bodyguard, Breer P1a (L), Emik S50 (L), Isis HL14 (L)

    Rifles: B.A.M.F ZA2 (L), B.A.M.F ZA3 (L), B.AM.F ZK4 (L), B.A.M.F ZK6 (L), B.A.M.F ZK8 (L), Isis CB24 (L), RMG Diplomat 5 (L)

    Support Weapons: Vumpoor Rx10 (L), Skildek P 40 (L), Skildek Gak 1500 (L), Skildek Viper (L)

    Melee Weapons: Chikara Mudra Mk.I (L), Brutal Road Crew Axe (L), Rock n Roll Axe (L), Brutal Rock n Roll Axe (L)

    Medical Tools: NEVERDIE HK Series 001 (L), NEVERDIE FA Series 001 (L), Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-50, Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-80

    Mindforce: Cryogenic Attack Chip I (L), Regeneration Chip I (L), Regeneration Chip III (L), Teleportation Chip I, Teleportation Chip II

    Armor Parts: Pixie Harness (M), Pixie Shin Guards (M), Pixie Shin Guards (F), Pixie Foot Guards (M), Shogun Foot Guards (M), Shogun Foot Guards (F)


    The male shopkeeper, located at the entrance, proposes firearms. The female shopkeeper on the balcony sells melee weapons, medical tools, chips and armor parts.

    Prices are normally below mark-up :)
  3. I regularly craft:
    vehicle repair tools ( Rk-5 and rk-20)
    vivo faps (mostly UR-125 for my own use, but also have bps for all the lower ones)
    all Rascal Armour (L) parts

    I also craft Geo Trek Apis (L) occasionally (trying to decide if it is worthwhile)
    I also have blueprints for many of the lower level tools eg, Ziplex Colourator and Texturizer, mining excavators etc

    I prefer to craft on Caly (as materials are much more easily obtainable there) but planet-hop often, usually coming to NI at least twice a week.
    Happy to sell my own crafted goods at standard mu or lower.

    If people want other items (besides those that I craft) picking up from Calypso or Arkadia, I am also willing to do that, but will charge above-market for those items ofc (not only to cover transport costs and trouble, but there is also the chance I will get stuck with an item I don't want, if you change your mind, or otherwise fail to meet me)

    Please PM me here, and get me added to your FL, if you think you might be interested in supplies of any of the above

    jay :)
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