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Next Island Content Release Notes, EU 12.4.2

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by EP-Newsbot, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Next Island Content Release​

    January 31, 2012 / EU 12.4.2​

    There’s so much new content in and around Crystal Center! This new content adds to the backstory released in November, and creates more activities in Crystal Center.
    New Spawnpoint for Starting Players
    New players will spawn right next to the Crystal Center teleporter, in an area called Arrival Alley. Arthur’s over at this new location, ready to greet new players, as usual.
    New Weapons
    Several versions of Slicers, Knives, Swords and Pistols have been added to the crafting loot pool. This release of offers ranged and melee weapons, Greek and tropical weapons. Greek swords, from a set named for Aristotle’s virtues, require Greek crafting components. Next Island Pistols were developed by the Elysians, so you’ll need Elysian tech.
    I’ll leave the names and stats for you to discover and enjoy!
    New Missions
    Helen’s Hunting Party – Helen Venture, known to Next Islanders as a hunting expert, has a standalone mission for new players, offering them training and a new NIP, the firs Next Island Pistol.
    Professor Kardsten’s Journal – Professor Albert Kardsten, a Second-Wave researcher, talks about his love for books, and how the player should learn to love his Action book, too!
    Treasures In The Earth – Emmet Murray, a Second Wave geology student, offers to teach the player mining to help the player acquire his own praetonium and other resources.
    The Most Powerful Profession – Paula Larmer offers news arrivals a scanner and shows new players how to get information on friends and enemies by scanning.
    Starter Crafter – Malcolm Campbell, master crafter, introduces the crafting terminal, and gives players a starter blueprint for Tropical Shades.
    New Locations
    Crystal Center is being redone with new buildings, a more navigable layout, and some new functions.
    Arrival Alley – This starter zone includes new characters with new missions, rewarding with some basic supplies for new players.
    Terminal Services Building – Craft, shop, repair and auction, all in one convenient placeThe Three Mentors – A social location for Elysians. Find a Newlander to mentor, find an experienced player to help you, or just chat with other residents.
    The Developer Shop – This location will become a place for Next Island to distribute special items. We’ve got some sweet Transformers 3 t-shirts and some Optimus Prime helmets for sale now, and plans for more special content in the future. (Expect this function to be accessible about 24 hours after the launch of the new content.)
    The Pit – A PvP location with an event organizer terminal. Train here in new weapons, learn about PvP or challenge other Newlanders! You can also organizer and participate in events here.
    The Boar Fields – Hunting for boar? Training in a new weapon? The First Wavers have gatheredboar, from easily harvested to very difficult, for your hunting convenience.
    Papoo Village – An overgrown jungle area, home to tame and wild papoo.

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  2. Crystal Center looks like crap now!

    Mission Info
    Helens Hunting Party - Recieve a new pistol and 10,000 ammo (pistol has a 50% limit :nutkick:)

    Professor Kardsten - Get refined aragonite crystals (10)

    Emment Murray - Island Ziplex Z1 Seeker, Earth Excavator ME/01, Probes (20) (they look just like the Calyspo versions)

    Paula Larmer - Scanner (looks like the Calypso version)

    Malcom Campbell - blueprint for tropical shades and blueprint book
    Miranda - she only needs 20 wool instead of 200 :cheer:

    Transformer merchandise - You can now buy the autobots or decepticons t-shirts for 45 peds and optimus prime helmet for 20 peds (+shop fee)

    Overall I think the missions are great. But I despise the look they are changing it too. They are taking away the tropical island feel to it. The PVP area looks like a concrete city wreckage, the Boar fields look like its surrounded by electrical fence that has been neglected for years. I really hope they decide that was the wrong way to go and change it back!
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  3. Absolutely agree with Softie! Stop wrecking the look of the island, The old CC was beautiful! Bring it back!

    Thumbs up for all the useful newbie items!

    BOar Fieklds- how utterly stupid to put a TP with a turret right in the middle of the fields, so that your near-dead boar runs to the turret and dies when you revive. Way to totally discourage newbies!

    jay :)
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