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Discussion in 'Next Island News & Information' started by Meg, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

  2. Corey 'GreyFox" , how can you "like" this news?

    Just tell me a negative person, but how come this news benefit NI? After searching for information about what this Herograph stuff all about, here is my finding:

    How to use Herograph - YouTube : 124 views, no comment, posted 1 month ago, and this is the only video talk about it.

    Google the Herograph keyword, only get 1 page, even the .com domain is taken by other company, their website is

    Open my iphone, go to app store and search for the app: NO RATING, Price is FREE. You can also check the info here App Store - Herograph (Updated: 04 August 2011 ...)

    Also, the MARKET for such app are FOR CHILDREN and TEENAGER, Entropia survives because of Adult Players, not children.

    No more comment.

    However, thank Meg for all of your good effort. I can see that you are working hard to wake the NI up. But this is just a wrong direction that NI is taking. We love you, Meg.
  3. I was trying to be nice I guess. Give Meg a little encouragment. But like you say, it is an app designed for imature people.
  4. Still it is advertising, and any kind of marketing that will increase the awareness about NI is a good thing.
    Of course it would be better if we had a few crafted items to use the looted materials and have a working economy when these people arrive, because bringing them over to an eerily quiet place isn't the best way to keep them.

    Still, I did 'like' the announcement too, because Meg is trying even if she seem to be the only one that does, and that deserves recognition. Thumbs up.
  5. Really I don't see it as something I am going to go out and try to play but it will show "next island" to the people who DO already play Herograph and that's what its all about I think

  6. With all the forum users who pride themselves on internet stalking, I'm surprised no one has pointed out that this project is really Meg and one of her friends exchanging favors. Take it for what it is, a Next Island employee and a Herograph employee making something quick and fun, and stop expecting each thing Meg mentions or Next Island does to be a magical instant fix for the entire planet.
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