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Next Island - An Outpost in Entropia Universe!

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by Yao-Te, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    You are making valid points, I am just showing there might be some different POVs (Points Of View, not the other POVs).
    And if old players are scaring new players on forums daily the game will hardly grow, making it harder for MA and all PP to survive. And for the game we like.
    And I would make myself clearer if we were talking in Hindi.
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  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Scaring players away? How is that being done, exactly?
  3. So true but still we are trying :) but yes I hear you on that one :)
  4. It reads like you only SEE us talking about the past and how glorious it felt for us.
    It reads like that you think we totally dislike everything about Entropia already.
    But thats simply not the case. Sure, I became grumpy over the last 10 years in Entropia, because MA failed so often...so I should be allowed to throw out a little warning to the new ones out there.

    Its not that I run around saying MA sucks and this is probably the most expensive game ever...
    ...but I run around saying MA sucks and that this is probably the most expensive game ever. [/sarcasm]

    It reads like that you even support the banning on the other forum.
    My blog for example does not just show up the past and how good it was. It shows a steady process of epic failureness. The guiness book of epic failures. Which is a gigantic part of Entropia. As long as you cant SEE that and as long as you deny it, you dont have the right to say we are just bitching around and claim that we reminisce about the past only.

    Yesterday is already the past. So, shall we ignore it already then ? And just because taming is from 2005, doesnt mean we shall ignore it, shall we ? Also because MA does develop it on paper since 2012 again and keep announcing it as not dead. (And taming is just one little example, you know that, dont you ?)

    There are so many things that failed, you cant just deny that and simply label us as "bitching around only"

    Maybe without my blog or entropia-trash, many things would have been already forgotten and each new failure would only be a failure (to the new ones)

    I like to talk about the past. It is history. Sometimes you can learn from history. MA did not learn from history. (Did I just bitch around again ?) :O

    Jesus, what the...what...WHAAT ?

    I made this video for both of you. Just in case...

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  5. Thank you for the video! That is exactly what I have been saying ! :) If you don't like it, just go away :)

    Edit..Sorry, typed that before coffee: if you don't like it, then just take a break and come back later and don't build yourselves up over the past that will never be again.
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  6. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    But one has to pay attention to cause and effect.

    MindArk: "One million users simultaneously logged on to our system 24 hours per day. This assumption is conservative."

    That was about 12 years ago. If you achieve about 0.1% of your original goal there potentially might be a tiny chance something went wrong, possibly.

    Besides that the number of active players doesn't seem to be increasing significantly since many years and it doesn't seem to be high enough to feed the number of developers of the game.

    The reasons for this 'development' are NOT discussions on forums that might scare away potential players - the reasons for this 'development' are the subjects of discussions on forums. The discussions are NOT the reason, the discussions are the effect!
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  7. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    We don't need to shoot MA in the head, they're already adept at shooting themselves in the foot very consistently over the years, so all is good. However, every submitted support case comes with a fee, so flooding support is not an effective method, especially if the support cases are submitted through a PP, because they have to pay that fee for every support case filed. So increasing their overhead or reducing their revenue is not such a great idea.

    Sorry OZ, I don't talk directly to MA anymore, and don't care to. However, those who need to know things, or have things to say to me still continues, so the network is still working. One way or another, the powers that be are informed. Whether they do anything about things or not is another case altogether.

    Points of view are real and valid for the person making them, and it's good to entertain different perspectives, but it's also important to maintain a level of truth in what is being said without looking through rose-colored glasses.

    Old or veteran players have very little to do with scaring new players away, because there is plenty of consistent evidence out there to the contrary. MA does a great job with development and presenting an environment conducive to short-term play, because new players learn rather quickly the lay of the land and what it takes to get anywhere in this game, and that it's not like any other game they've played, not to mention the cost of progressing their avatars to more efficient levels as in other games.

    I learned that myself when I started playing other MMOs and couldn't believe how much more immersive it was, as well as all of the features that were available. I found that game-play was a much easier process without so many glitches, bugs, or computer issues. With EU, there are issues with every VU, and when you have new players coming into the game who can't even seem to get through newbie missions or environments without problems, then it's not very impressive, and their time with us is generally cut short.

    The learning curve is extensive and lengthy, and when a new player enters our universe and there is so much not working properly, and they have issues with EU that they don't have playing other games, nor realize that their impression of this game as a "make money" environment doesn't pan out as expected, then their time with us (again) is short-lived.

    The only one fully responsible for the bad reputation that EU has across gaming sites is MindArk because of how they have delivered our universe over the years. Those who have their experiences, whether short or long-term are critical about the game for good reason, which is only confirming of what kind of product is being delivered to its participants.

    Personal experiences are subjective, but valid, as is the critical thinking perspectives and opinions that are offered as a result whether new or old players. People report what they report, or give feedback and suggestions, or even complain for very valid reasons, and the biggest motivator of this process is MA.

    You still don't get it OZ ... we have taken breaks (many), we have changed our level of play, but it doesn't negate the fact that the dynamics and continued historical evidence of how the game is evolving doesn't change, and for all intents and purposes, seems to be developing even more issues.

    We're not "building ourselves up over the past," and we're not delusional about it ever being as it was before, but rather employing intelligence and critical thinking about the evolution of the game and how things have changed not so much for the good, but with more issues than ever before, and ... that management decisions made at the top are what's damaging this game consistently.

    However, I will say that despite barriers put in the path of progressive development, Arkadia and Cyrene seem to be moving forward and giving great thought to their involvement. Arkadia is definitely a leader with regard to successful development and fixing issues more quickly than others, and even though Cyrene is flying below the radar a bit, they are consistent in what they want to do with the planet, and also address issues as quickly as possible.

    Game-play on Arkadia and Cyrene is by far the best with fewer issues, and engage more with their respective communities to get things right. While ND interacts with the RT community, there are definitely some major issues on that planet, and the continuing issues on Calypso make it not as much a pleasant experience as on other planets. Arkadia and Cyrene are my choices for now, except for when I get to play in space with the Yamato and Obie, but I'm definitely waiting to see what happens with Next Island, because I would definitely go back there. Since it's now considered just an "Outpost" ... I'm wondering if downsizing is in its future.
  8. No, no no no. :)

    What (fails) would I have missed, if I would have really stayed away from the game at all. No login, no reading the "news", no forum...Im glad I was staying all the time (more or less)...but I have to admit, even then I missed so much already, not beeing active 24/7 anymore.

    Like Liu wrote elsewhere...back then we hammered the F5 key in the client loader to read about the latest update...beeing one of the 1st to download and try it.

    Whatever happened to such kind of updates...
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  9. Well, there we have it. See you stopped talking with MA and due to that fact MA has gone to crap! MindStar we need to to get back in contact with MA and make it right! you can do it!
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  10. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    That was actually rather funny, thanks for the laugh. :thumbsup:

    MA doesn't or didn't need any input from anyone to increase their efficiency on the crap-o-meter scale, they're quite adept at doing that on their own without listening to anyone else. They have their go-to sources because they're not proficient enough to figure some things out on their own, so any of the really good stuff we get in the game has a Midas Touch to it from ... :nana: ... you knew I wouldn't go there. :biggrin:
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  11. just sayin'.....


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  12. Guess I'll keep the archon sword for now in case you are right on this, unless someone wants to trade me 2 clds for it. (might be willing to go for one cld for the right buyer)
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2014
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  13. I never said you are not allowed to be happy in here. Im glad you are.

    I stopped caring ? Its more like that a lot of stuff did not feel "awesome" for me over the years. Whats awesome for you, can be boring to others.

    I never cared more. But care turned into hope. And hope will die last.
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  14. I am sure behind this was some "intended restrictions" and Mr Post stopped the development..... Let's look to RT...For 1 year I tryed to skill tailor ,RT t-shirts blueprints(wich I was after to loot them) start to drop in June 2013 after our complaints on ND forum.... Another shit happened with Grindhouse Sleaze(L) blueprint (TT food weapon- we shouldn't have problems looting the ingredients)...It required this undiscovered item (at that time) Grindhouse Sleaze Death Vinyl...who finally starts drop at end of December 2013(before that dropped but just 1 pec at a time) so blueprint can be clicked only in January 2014.....I am very suspicious that this "intended restrictions" are behind this shit with NI....
  15. leeloo

    leeloo cOloRmAnIaC

    It sounds like a good idea.. but on the other hand how should a newbie be in the right position to choose a planet when knowing nothing?

    if they would do that you would need a grace period where you can jump on each planet for a few days and after that choose which planet to stay on

    OFC this does not mean I think its fair to state the other planets as "outposts" and require ppl to start on Caly. Just thinking that the choice might be quite difficult and could end in a disaster when ending up on a deserted planet
  16. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    The whole thing with signups like this is that their point of signup ends up determining where the revenue generated by the player ends up. PPs get a certain share of the revenue generated by the player that signed up through their portal, thus ensuring that if a PP puts a great emphasis on marketing, they thus can reap some of the rewards from it. Even if that player then decides to leave the planet that recruited them, the PP that brought them in still is eligible to receiving a part of the decay revenue.

    If a new player does not sign up through a PP page, but instead through www.entropiauniverse.com, 100% of the money ends up at MindArk.

    Unless there has been some sort of arrangement between Calypso and Next Island (which, granted, we do not know), MindArk should either point these Next Island signups to a neutral signup where no planet partner benefits, or should offer the player the choice to start on any of the available partners.

    THAT would be fair. Not this shenanigans.
  17. Tass

    Tass Administrator

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  18. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Next Island's ex-producer Harold Sipe and Next Island's ex- game content designer Meg Stivison commenting on this latest turn of events:

    Meg and Harold on Next Island demotion.
  19. Was there an update to Next Island or just they sad that MA took control?

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