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Next Island - An Outpost in Entropia Universe!

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by Yao-Te, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. So true, NI is one of the best planets in EU if not the best and this news of MA taking control just may mean that they may do something great with it. I can't wait to see what will come of NI!!
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  2. Sorry for getting off topic here, but what is your computer specs? I have been using an outdated I7 for 3 years now in game without any issues when playing in Very high Graphics mode?
  3. Getting back on subject here..

    What a few here have over looked is that there were people interested in buying NI but couldn't due to problems and of course David not waiting to give it up...now if MA has control of NI that means that maybe MA is going to sale it to the few that were interested in buying it.
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  4. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    I think we all agree that NI has great potential and that development of NI is better than no development.

    I was just hoping that David Post would find an investor to fund further development or even a group of players would take over. That this didn't happen and now NI lost its planet status does not sound really good to me. But let's wait and see.

    I bought a new mid-range computer last year (http://www.entropiaplanets.com/threads/need-a-new-computer.9195/#post-60013) (meanwhile upgraded GPU) and I regularly run into issues like CTDs, EU window not responding anymore although there are plenty of free resources on my system. I've played 4-5 other games on this computer with absolutely no issues. Just watching Dahlia streaming the 5+ years old L4D with significantly worse computer, multiplayer, on a private server, with a large crowd of mobs on the screen: http://www.twitch.tv/dahliagray She says she very rarely has any issues, in L4D or any other games, but would have stopped playing EU in her first hour due to multiple issues if there wasn't me persuading her to continue... Of course you might find similar stories just the other way round, but issue related to EU do exist for some people.

    David had given up and wanted to get rid of NI, the earlier the better, and multiple groups of potential investors and development teams were interested in taking over. But rumors are that MA were not exactly a help for him... Rumors also are that MA ensured David to keep NI alive for 5 years, but rumors also are that in addition to the revenue sharing with MA the planet partners also have to pay additional fees to MA, for the game servers, support, etc etc, meaning NI's debts at MA might have been increasing and increasing and increasing... And there are even more rumors...
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  5. Really? No issues? No lag? No DCs? No graphics glitches? No locked in space? No problems with the TPs? No invisible mobs? No rendering delays? etc etc etc

    Hard to believe...

    Back on topic, the proper solution, let the new players choose :
    (Pics from Razer's post #8)

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  6. Tass

    Tass Administrator


    (just saying)
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  7. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Specs are irrelevant, experience is, and I stated mine.

    So, getting back on topic here as you suggested, what you are failing to accept is, not that MindArk has control of Next Island and that something good might become of it, which is highly possible, and that's a good thing, because I really like Next Island too, BUT ...

    That MA is requiring new players to create their accounts on Calypso, rather than having a free choice in planet of origin, and thereby, putting the higher percentage of revenue in their (MA and Calypso's) pocket, instead of the potential for other PPs to reap greater rewards.

    If MA and Calypso are separate, then MA needs to let the Calypso development team manage their own population like other PPs do, and worry more about a more stable platform environment. It really boggles the mind how this escapes you, and just how much of a conflict of interest this is. If Calypso is indeed a separate entity and considered a PP to keep things fair and just, then MA is doing a piss-poor job of it.

    But then ... we all know that it's nothing but words no matter what's in print about separate and distinguishable companies. If you need further evidence of that, then all you need to do is consider the answers to a couple of questions that were posed in the profile of one of Calypso's game designers, who used to be a tester on MA's platform environment. Nothing personal against him whatsoever, he seems like a really nice guy who cares a lot about what he's doing and what should have been done a long time ago. I'm just bringing some data to the forefront in light of some comments.

    Responses from Joakim Antonsson: (Planet Calypso Game Designer, previous platform tester for MA)

    Q. Anything you would like to add or comment on?
    People claiming Planet Calypso and Mindark is the same thing are wrong, we are very different teams with different incentives, people seems to forget that. Calypso is NOT MindArk.

    (regardless of technical company paperwork, the following tells quite a different story)

    Q. Do MA guys get put on Calypso projects or Calypso guys on platform projects? How does that work?
    Yes, sometimes cooperation is needed.

    (confirming that Calypso developers or game designers work on MA platform projects and MA developers work on Calypso projects ... yup, MA/Calypso are not the same ... difference is on paper only)

    Q. Do you have any involvement with Space development or Monria?
    Space development, no. Monria, i did the initial quest progression implementation requested by Mindark, nothing more.​

    (confirming that Calypso developers or game designers work on other MA/PP-Marketing partnerships that are in direct competition with Calypso ... so yup, MA/Calypso are not the same ... difference is on paper only)

    What also boggles the mind is that there are those who gloss over this kind of information, or results of managerial decision-making and behavior that is clearly in direct conflict with PPs. Monria is in partnership with MA, not Calypso, so (IMO), no Calypso development or design team staff should be working on Monria or any other planet development, nor MA platform development.

    So ya, everything is separate and MA is not Calypso, and Calypso is not MA, and Calypso is not Monria, etc., etc., etc. ... but now we have Next Island, and I am wondering what development or design team is going to be working on this new project, if and when anything further is to be done, other than it being an Outpost and remains to exist as is, except for new players being required to start their accounts on Planet Calypso.

    Regardless whether David Post made a conscious decision not to invest anything further into Next Island, and somehow MA was able to make a deal with David, I still say that this is not license for MA to favor Calypso whatsoever, because Next Island was never a part of Calypso, nor was it part of MA, other than David Post and MA signing a Planet Partner Agreement ... Calypso had nothing to do with it. They are a competitor.

    Who needs a storyline, it's a soap opera. However, in the vein of saying something positive (again), I hope that some good does become of Next Island, so I guess it's a wait and see scenario.
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  8. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Instead of people Husking a post, why not give a constructive response and contribute something of substance to the discussion. Share your point of view, or why you disagree with some or all of what I or anyone else posts.

    BTW ... constructive is the operative word here ... there is no need for rudeness. We all have our opinions and varying perspectives about EU and the developers, and while I've already said that I still enjoy exploring in the universe despite the frustrations and how the game is delivered to us with each VU, that doesn't seem to have any value.

    I don't hate the game, so please understand that ... it's just that there is so much wrong with what I have knowledge of that I sometimes wish I didn't because it might make it easier. However, it is what it is, and if I didn't give a damn, then I would completely open the virtual vault and let it all fall out in one big heap.

    However, I won't do that, and I'm sure there are some relieved by that, but as a result of my journey and PE/EU educational path, I now have more respect and care for the players and the community, rather than the developers and those very closely associated with them.

    I gave a great deal to this universe over my 8-1/2+ years, and supported MA, PPs, the community, and did my best to shine a very bright light on our universe, and really could have done so much more, but all of that is over, except periodic exploring that just continues to confirm what I know to be truth.

    If you have something to contribute, then please do so constructively and without rudeness, and don't hide behind Husking a post ... I consider that to be cowardly and ineffective communication.
  9. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    For me... Yes! The only time I have any of these issues is when I use my wifi in my basement! Directly connected, I haven't had these issues since the last time I was on Cyrene, and there I was only getting lag. No disconnects, no graph glitches, never been locked in space... Etc. etc. etc.

    My setup:
    First gen i7 ( although it was a chip that wasn't supposed to be sold. It runs like a extreme chip instead of what it is and with just air cooling, can be over clocked to 4.9ghz from 3.0ghz at 50*C. If I put my water cooling on it, easily hit 5.9ghz at 50*C) at 3.0ghz, about 29 to 30*C which is where I run it 99% of the time.

    AMD 7970 3gigs ram
    6 gigs triple channel ram.
    Kingston hyperX SSD.
    This rig is about 5 and abit years old. Bought for upgrade to Cry2 engine.

    On topic, I really hope it is being developed now. It is still my favorite place to visit, even if it is just to expore. :)
  10. I see both a negative and a positive here. It may seem to other PP's that MA is in a sense bailing out NI and so slight favoritism, but on the other hand MA must believe that NI still has a future and a key role to play in Entropia. Having said that, I don't see how those wanting to sign-up to NI will actually be able to get there, so as many have said, can only see this increasing Calypso's player base and not NI.
    I have nothing against MA as it used to be; that is the people that actually created the initial PE (concept, game assets, etc), but lately the current management of MA doesn't seem to be doing things properly.
  11. Kim|Calypso is son of CEO of MindArk(If remember correctly).... Yeah MA does not help Calypso team and otherwise....
    MA has reached with my patience to a end! If RT,NI,CYR will fail is 100% MA fault .....They drive all players to Calypso! If some of our post was on PCF some players was banned and deleted their post!
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  12. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    yeh its bad that they favour Calypso again. I can't see a good reason why this should be done. I do think it is right to direct people away from NI though until they are more established. As usual MA, good idea, poor execution. Oh and thanks for asking the community for their view on this,... oh what's that? you didn't? oh...
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  13. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    So what planet should MA favour. If NI is in some sort of ''pause'', where should new players start if not NI? RT? ARK? CYR? SPACE? on NI as bonus for the next owner of NI? You people are seeing bad things everywhere. MA may be the devil in human form, but wait until it reveals itself before you say it. again and again until all is left on forums is this
  14. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    That's the whole thing. They shouldn't favor *any* planet. At all. Favoritism among planet partners shows that MA simply is unable to remain impartial. They should simply add a message that there are other planets where players can start, without specifically pointing at their own planet.

    The simple fact Calypso is being produced by the son of the owner of MindArk, and the Planet Calypso company CEO (whatever name it goes by nowadays) is a member of the board of directors of MindArk should tell you more than enough on whether or not there's golden haired children among the planet partners. If *you* were running a planet, and suddenly see that MA points newcomers to a failed planet to their own planet, would you be happy? If the current PPs at the time they signed their contract were told that MindArk themselves were running a planet that directly competes with their projects, I highly doubt any of them would have bothered signing the damn contract.

    And considering MA is clearly favoring certain planet partners, what guarantees do you have exactly that the same thing does not happen when it comes to players? I certainly have my doubts when it comes to that shit. There's far too many cases of where specific avatars join events precisely in time to just loot the big loot, or with big loots coinciding with press coverage (Leeloo's mining ATH which was a darn exactly rounded number, and at the time the biggest ATH ever, happened exactly when a TV station was filming coverage of EU), or people who loudly complained about losing their shirts off on PCF suddenly finding some high-value item in their loot that I certainly don't trust the story of random loots. Fact: MindArk is perfectly capable of dropping loot on specific players. This negates the whole "loot is random" bullshit story we've been spoon-fed all these years.

    EP is a fan-forum for Entropia Universe. That does not mean we have to praise every move MindArk makes. It's exactly this kind of bullshit that causes people to run away from this game in droves. If MindArk ever wants the universe to become successful, they should ensure that *any* kind of favoritism does not exist.

    I for one believe that stirring where it stinks and publishing these kind of things is a good thing. Some may call it negativity, or "Whining". I call it simply exposing the truth. At the very least it gives people half a chance to see what kind of people you're dealing with when it comes to MindArk. Whether you choose to use that information or dismiss it is your own choice. At least you cannot claim you didn't know. And heck, maybe, just maybe, someone at MindArk will get a clue. I highly doubt it, as this crap has been going on for years, and keeps going on, but one can hope.
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  15. Yes, that would have been nice...but also have you noticed that they did update the CryEngine logo? hmm? I feel it coming 2020 we will be going to CryEngine 3! :) (See I can put MA down here and there)

    O ok, MS was making it sound as if her system wasn't running well as in speed..but yes, I have had a lot of DC as well..not as many as others..not much really. Been on Arkadia and the only really big dc place is at the stupid Query. I found a lot have been disconnecting due to playing in 32-bit mode. But a great sign to all this is that the new update system is working really well. I like how MA has it updating the systems on the fly now without having to download the updates every 6 months.

    Also a lot forget that we are dealing with a very small development team here. For all that MA has, they are doing it with a very small team of people.
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  16. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Kim Welter (Calypso) is the son of the Chairman of the Board (Jan Welter Timkrans) who used to be the CEO, but David Simmonds is now in that position. Also, MindArk has made many decisions that have made it very difficult for Planet Partners in certain respects over the years since the platform came into play, and they don't miss a chance at taking advantage where advantage is there to be taken. I know this for a "fact" and will refrain from making a bullet-point list.

    Admin said it best ... MA should not favor any planet in this case, but present the option for any new players who happen upon the Next Island website to have a choice as to which planet they want to spawn on, not be redirected or required to create an account on Calypso. As the EU platform developer, they should not favor a planet whatsoever.

    MindArk obviously made a deal with David Post behind the scenes that both agreed upon since Post didn't want to invest anymore into Next Island, and regardless of what that deal was that put Next Island into the hands of MindArk, they are (once again) the EU Platform Developer who signed Planet Partner Agreements with each planet developer, and as good business practice should maintain impartiality no matter what else they might have their hands into.

    We don't "see bad things everywhere," we critically think about and discuss certain (bad) decisions made by MindArk, and there's longevity in the results of such that has promoted a lot of bad press ... it's really as simple as that.

    I'm happy that there's potential for Next Island to be revived in some way, but if they are claiming it to now be just an Outpost, then I'm wondering if it will go the way of downsizing like RT, or perhaps eventually end up being a situation like Monria and offered to an interested investor, or group of investors. The future of Next Island is going to be interesting to watch unfold ... especially who's going to be doing the development since MA has already established that any new players hitting the Next Island website should create their avatar on Calypso. I'm certain there will be more discussions about this.

    It's not a question of how large or how small a development team is, it's about good business practice and impartiality as the EU Platform Developer, and not favoring one partner (client) over another to benefit their investments. It's also about giving their partners a fair shot at success without the continuous barriers and added hoop-jumping they have to do.

    I'm not speculating or guessing at this stuff ... I spent a year as a member of a Planet Partner team, as well as having a very intricate inside network, and know first-hand what Planet Partners are up against, as well as some of the maneuvers that at times have been put into play that have not only benefited MA, but at times very much a couple of Planet Partners.

    There's no excuse for poor business practice, nor creating situations where decisions favor the platform developer and its investments at the expense of other Planet Partners, Players, and Investors.

    I have always said that I want the game to evolve and become tremendously successful, but at the rate it's going now with who's in charge, I just don't see it happening anytime soon.
  17. Yes, lets all shoot MA in the head..but still it's just great to see some change going on with NI finally.

    But yes, all who would like to should put in a support case to remind MA that they should post all planets as a starting point on NI's updated website.

    Or yes, please MS you could just call up some of your contacts at MA and have it done tonight. :thumbsup:
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  18. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Who is asking for MA to be shot in the head?

    As for your suggestion to create support cases, when has that ever helped anyone? At the very most, we'd receive a "Thank you for contacting support", followed with a copy/paste reply that would be totally unrelated to the issue being raised, and find our ticket closed again in record time. And that would be the very last anyone would ever hear about it. It's been tried time and time again, and never led to anything.
  19. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    While most of you make valid points and it is some sort of rule that all planets are equal that if we take for valid we may see breach of that rule.
    But we can look from different POVs.
    1.Are we sure that the contract between MA+Caly is the same as the contract MA+NI or same as MA+Monria or MA+CYR or MA+ARK or MA+Toulan or MA+ND. Everyone can have different contracts with different terms we don't know.
    2.If you want new players to stay longer in the game what planet will you suggest to them? It's retorical question, but for the record it is Caly. So here is another reasonable reason why they did it that way.
    3.Assuming all expenses for NI at the moment (and until something changes) are handed to MA or Caly, why income from NI should go to Ark for example.
    4.May be thats exactly the deal MA and David Post made recently.

    and we can't realy talk for equal planets when 1.One planet is developed and invested for 10 years other for 1-2 year. One planet is 35 game servers the other is 3 game servers. 1 planet has 20k active users (don't quote me on that) the other 1k active users. 1 planet has money for 10 years more, the other for 3. Well it seems all planets are not equal.
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  20. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    My comments:

    1. That's right and most likely you won't find 2 contracts that are completely the same. The PP contract might contain a clause saying that players will be directed to Calypso under certain conditions. This would justify the current situation legally but not necessarily ethically...

    2. That's not a valid conclusion at all. For example some current players prefer other planets over Calypso - save to say that some potential players would do the same. Consequently it would be best to inform players about the planets and let them choose the one that they may like the most and potentially keeps them engaged for longer. For example Arkadia has an elaborated New Player Experience too and with a focus on 'community engagement' seem to be a good environment to increase retention. Also, after Monria we know that it's perfectly possible to connect the Calypso NPE with another planet, and by the way the abundance of a neutral tutorial area is a fatal flaw in design that in the first place is forcing Monria to use Calypso Gateway and as part of the deal send players to Calypso in a mission chain...

    3. I can't see any reason why Planet Calypso AB (or any other PP) should be paying NI relarted expenses which as a consequence could justify sending players to the according planet. And NI potentially being in debt to MindArk does for sure have nothing to do with any other PP and consequently shouldn't lead to any (unequally distributed) advantages or disadvantages for any other PP.

    4. Right, David Post might have made a deal with MA recently. As in 1. that might justify the current situation legally but not necessarily ethically...

    Last paragraph: Differences between all planets are great, people are not asking for equality, they are asking for equal treatment.

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