New Year's Next Island Celebration Global Competition!

Discussion in 'Next Island News & Information' started by Enzo, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. There is a decent chance she will win. Not too many people to compete against and fewer who pay attention to this forum.
  2. Well if Manny would have a CPU meltdown or something I'd feel a little more confident. He's busting his ass out there and he's due to get paid....

  3. I'm trying real hard here.... REALLY need that estate for a SOC HQ.

  4. Gz on another HOF:D
  5. I managed to destroy my GFX card a few weeks back and had to replace it. I hope that counts :D

    Gratz on the 2nd HOF whiskey - I see you like to keep us on the edge ;p
  6. "Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth..."
    -- Noela Evans

  7. Gratz :)

    Seen that in game. Does it make me a bad person that i hoped you'd forget to post it here?
  8. Manny, this is not enough.

    If a bad person can become good, a very bad person can become very good :)
  9. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    Looks as though WangXiang is in the lead with a 951ped Global.

    There is only about 1.5 more days for this competition... So if anyone wishes to dethrone WangXiang here you better get to work.
  10. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    If any of you are having issues with the forum album please use any image upload service like flickr, imageshack, photobucket. And then post the image in the thread.
  11. Gratz Wang!

    Unfortunately for me, I've lost more PEDs on Sea Artists trying to win this then it would have cost me to buy a hut. So after 3 days and 4k PED in losses I'm done.

    GL to whoever is still alive, and GZ to the winner whoever it may be.

    Whiskey Girl :(
  12. Thats a sad story W.G.
    I say just hunt as you normally would. You never know if it will come or not.
    (or switch it up from sea artists, maybe your calling is in sharks?)
  13. Well Menace talked me into one more hunt on the Sea Artists. I got a 250 PED HoF which kept me alive a bit. Unfortunately an avatar by the name of "Pepper" who is a freelancer decided she would aggro some mobs on me (gotta love cars in the hands of assholes). Then... she decided to steal one of 2 Sea Artists I had tagged. Didn't work out well for her when one of the "cabin boys" she attempted to round up earlier happened to spot her and kill her. Then... the Sea Artist she stole from me was asked to go for a skinny dip with a super sexy ;) avatar. He obliged and unfortunately it was a short dip for him. Pepper continued to run massive mob trains on me totally eliminating my ability to take part in this competition. "Turk" then showed up and was nice enough to divert some of the bigger mobs away from the last Sea Artist I was killing. When I pulled the Sea Artist away from the blob of red he then proceeded to the water and took several screenies of Peppers continued attempts at ruining the game play and competition for others and filed numerous support cases against her. Thanks Turk! It's nice to see that us Islanders look out for eachother when someone attempts to ruin our fun! So everyone... Turk deserves a pat on the back for sacrificing decay and PEDs to help me out.

    If anyone plans on attempting the Sea Artists you can blame the super fucked up blobs of big pirates on Pepper..... like that spawn wasn't difficult enough to hunt as it was.

    Hopefully I can get back out there to finish my final hunt before the competition is over.

    Whiskey Girl

    P.S. You wanna see some funny shit.... you gotta see Menace go nuclear when someone pisses me off. I got booted off the computer for 20 min while he sent some PM's out to ensure this "Pepper" will be awarded the highest order for assholes... "The Order of the Walking Bullseye" (as he calls it). :)
  14. Well that's it.... I'm out. Just had 2 Sea Artists on me which I tagged. Got crit twice in a row and died. As I was flying back I had no choice but to watch her tag my 2 mobs and drown them. Completely ruined the competition for me and as you all know... I WAS having a lot of fun with it. :(

  15. hehe, you mean there is someone out there acting like a complete asshole. Oh good I was waiting for a chance to justify a little kill stealing. :)
  16. I had a couple run ins with this avatar as well...
    Too bad they had to ruin your fun as you seem like you were having.
    I understand the comp. is now over, congrats to the winner. It was a great event and I too had lots of fun.
  17. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    Ummm the comp. still has about 4.5 hours left to enter as of this posting...
  18. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I burning through the artists for a couple of nights with my soc for this, but no love :/

    GZ to the winner :)

  19. Grats to the winner ! and Grats for this competition/event
    I did want to post earlier but i did not get any global neither hunting/mining/crafting last days on Next Island :)
    So grats again to the winner of this competition/event, which i hope is the first of several new competitions/events !
    Btw, i'd like to know if there was more hunting or mining globals qualified for this competition...
    For next event/competition, i'd like to see the running event in a window same as the mission's window, where it could be possible to see our personnal rank and the top ten globals/hofs... (maybe i m off topic here)
    Have a nice year
  20. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    Well it looks as though Wangxiang WangXiang Tuxin has won this competition with a 951ped global off a Fire Drake.

    Congrats to the winner and thank you to all the participants.
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