New Xfire Building

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by nexus7, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Here are two pics (not a great intro, I know...).

    One is of PA from ontop of the new Xfire Building, and the other is one of the Xfire Building itself.


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  2. Ok - I'll tell the truth. I wasn't at the top of the middle part, but on one of the wings with the 'x' symbol on them - the back of these has a fairly easy slope that you can go up ;)
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  3. I will be trying that, maybe the Tigers can add it to their Olympics :)
  4. " I will be trying that, maybe the Tigers can add it to their Olympics " LOL! The trick is to run up any side of the U-shaped ramp that goes aroung the main building, and then to jump over the short wall and go along the narrow crevice formed between the middle bit and either of the wings - then continue forward to where the crevice flatens out, and then turn up the slight gradient of the base of the wing. The final bit, going up the back of the wing, is the easiest bit.
    Warning! If you try going up to the top of the middle part, as I did, you will for some unknown reason, fall through the roof and end up outside the main entrance near the Exo :D
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  5. Thanks for that, i will try it tonight but with the amount of lag I get in PA it sounds like it's gonna be a difficult one :).
  6. Nope - it won't be difficult for you, it looks alot harder than it is;)
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