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Entropia News: New Taming System

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EntropiaPlanets, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. Sharing is caring, you know ?
    Every new "Colonist" will just SEE taming as it is, once it got introduced, that is.
    He will log in, learn how to tame (or not) and move on.
    (as the next phase of taming is probably far away)

    But if he would read in here 1st. Especially this thread...it might influence his feelings toward Entropia (or not).
    (and if phase 2 of taming will never arrive, he might stumble across this thread anyway, and so on)

    MindArk keeps mentioning taming from time to time. *lol*
    We keep mentioning taming from time to time.
    Whats the problem here ? xD

    Its time to move on ?
    Its about time to leave ?
    Its about time to look for another MMO ?
    Why ? Just because we "dont like" (so many) some-thing(s) ?
    Because we dont agree on (so many) some-thing(s) ?

    Do you move on every time you dont agree on something ?
    Do you leave every time, if you dont like something ?

    Maybe it is not always right to leave things behind that you love(d) to your heart...
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  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    So because I don't play, I should just shut up and forfeit the thousands of dollars I have sitting idle in the game, unable to sell due to a lack of active players. Or I'll be labelled "whiner".

    That about sums it up for you?
  3. Yes.
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  4. I knew Hardwrath is an extremist, regarding people that "dont play enough". Even Spawn criticzied that in post #10 on that f*cked up Hardwrath thread, but then links to this thread in here ? To "really show the admin", one last time !? Because PCF was slow that day ? I usually do not simply assume that people are mentally handicapped, because of discussions about a MMO, but this is a tough one to think about.

    I dont want to reach new heights in these discussions, I dont want to insult anyone, just because they have different thoughts or feelings about a computer game. Just because english isnt their 1st language. Just because they like or dislike things.
    I let others do that, while I will simply lean back and enjoy the show.

    Even their beloved "PCF rules for a happier life" do not force players to actively take part into the MMO itself. I mean, how sick are these people that keep saying "probably the people that dont play anymore, have failed at life and if they fail ingame they start to stick to the forums" ?!

    I mean, would that count for Hardwrath, Spawn and OZtwo as well then ? x'D

    Should I start to get afraid of the fanboys out there ?
    There are not much people left in this game, that also (actively) use a forum. The usual suspects.
    Should only these forum guys be allowed to "make the rules" ? I mean, a big part of our so called community does not even have a forum account.

    But everytime somone doesnt like something about the game or doesnt agree with something, the PCF police shoots forward, claiming that you are :
    a.) a whiner
    b.) bad PR for the game
    c.) failed at life
    d.) failed at the game

    And Im not talking about such repetetive threads like "My loot sucks".

    Why should one not be allowed to take part in forum discussions about this game anymore, just because he isnt running around in this 3D world on a daily/weekly/monthly basis ? Why would you stop him or force him to leave ? Just because he has a different point of view ? That doesnt make any sense. Seeing each discussion as a personal attack. Wtf is wrong with you people ? LOL, seriously ! :O
    What am I actually missing when not running around in this MMO on occasional moments ?
    What am I actually missing, except for nice chats with nice people ?
    What am I actually missing if I dont hunt, mine, craft ?
    Whats would be the reason of a forum then ?
    My thoughts go way deeper then your "Entropia is a program to escape daily life, that you probably failed at" ;D

    How would that sound to you ?
    "I inhabitated this world before you and when you guys showed up, things started to change dramatically."

    Wouldnt that be the same ? You say we are creating bad PR...that might probably change the game. You think we have the power to change this game because of the bad PR we are making ? Come on, we arent even on your holy PCF anymore.

    I mean, you also believe fake voting Entropia up on one of the top MMO sites will change something.
    (bring in tons of money...or something like that, because, as OZtwo already mentioned...Entropia might really go to hell this time...then again, the investors behind it, really want this pyramid scheme to stay alive)

    In the end it is very sad, that we cant maintain a mature discussion about a once mature MMO anymore. Also because we are not enough "serious" people anymore. All that is left is somekind of a fight between a minority, that noone cares about, its about fanboys, that dont understand a word and just call it "the past". Fanboys that wish, you would just adapt to how the game is, that you would just leave this game, so you wont be able to post "bad PR" about it anymore.

    Get a life ;D
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  5. just a couple of links for the good ol fanboi holier than thou types such as queen hardrath




    (in other words if it REALLY matters to you why others are still here, perhaps you should look at WHY it matters to you so much, and perhaps discuss it with a professional in the mental health industry?... you can only control your own thoughts and actions. stop trying to control others....

    bitches that bitch about others bitching is the REAL "detrimental cancer" /mind virus/ meme that is causing the downfall of EU... The general population outside of the game doesn't give a damn about all of those little melodramatic temper tantrums, but when they see them are more than likely turned off from wanting to become a part of this virtual universe we ALL (including those you may question as to why they are still here) share...)
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2014
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  6. Neuromancer

    Neuromancer Brainstormers Official Brain Glue

    Woah! Way too heavy. The topic was taming I think. At least that is the thread I responded to,

    Would it be possible to get back on topic?
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  7. Sometimes silence is not the best way to respond to false accusations.
    "Fightning it out" in personal messages is useless in this case anyway.
    But agreed. Topic is "the looooOooOng way of taming", not whining.
  8. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Here's a thought. Convince MA to allow for an option where it would be possible to instantly convert locked-in assets at 70% of the market value by means of a TT-like system. Items, skills, everything.

    I, and many others like me would be gone in a heartbeat and you'd have your ideal environment, right?
  9. All I'm saying is if you dislike the game that much just leave. I know when I leave this game I will leave since I have respect for the newer players who are actively having fun. That's all.

    Also I would love to bitch about the game myself but can't due to the old time inactive players jumping in and going on and on about how it was so great in the past.

  10. Do you actually read what we write ? If we dislike the game that much ??!?!? What ?
    Where the fook did anyone ever write that ?

    Its not just "I dislike this game and Im going to tell you" omg, settle down.
    This has been discussed for ages by now and people like you and Hardwrath and Spawn and whoever the fook else is not able to understand it, keeps coming back with "answers" like this ? Keeps coming back to try to shut our mouthes ? Keeps repeating how wrong we are all acting ?

    Who are you ? Some kind of wise guy ?

    When you will leave, you will leave ? WTF dude ? Of course you will...
    But in respect to the new players that are having fun you wont bitch ? Say what ?

    You cant bitch about it now because we are talking about how we experienced great adventures and explorations in here ? And you cant bitch when you left ? What a strange attitude toward games do you have ?

    We often discuss "games" with friends. How one played game "A" and enjoyed it and how someone played game "B" and disliked it and how both agreed that game "C" sucked balls. But also fans of game "A & B & C" would probably all enjoy game "D" and so on. Why would comments about a game, be it positive or negative, needed to be stopped ? Hello ?!

    Keep enjoying your game, but dont force me to make me think Im doing it wrong and you are doing it right.

    And where the fuck does my talking about the past and how I dislike (many) little something(s) about the game scare away new players ? Every forum has honest-souls. Where else Im supposed to write about this Universe, if not in a forum dedicated to it ?

    God damn it ! x'D

    That would be indeed a button Id press at once, without further questioning. Hell, make it 85% ! ;D
    (that wouldnt automatically mean that I leave the game btw.)
    Taming anyone ? ;p
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2014
  11. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    That. And let's say this round of personal disputes is over too.

    Not exactly what you propose but "auction zombies" work like a charm, and most likely give more than 70%. Also, iirc, @Larkin once ran an account liquidation service and might still do that, @Ozi was probably his most famous customer.
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  12. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    I agree with Tass but will add... The irony of all this was that everyone involved were fighting for the same cause, the betterment of EU! :whistling::alcohol:
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  13. back on topic...

    been skilling on the viper whip still. It's my only main weapon at the moment. Pro level on whip this is one level below my old main pro level on longblades, which is saying a little as I chipped up to get to that level in lb... on the whipping it's all been natural skilling. It's still nowhere near what some might call 'uber' but it's good enough for me for now.

    It will be nice to be able to use this whip it to tame again someday... it'd also be nice if, assuming the cost to keep pets isn't sky high, that other UL sib whips besides the viper and mamba would start dropping in loot or from crafting at some point in the coming months as right now the amount of whips out there on the market is just way too low for taming to become a full time profession for many, especially since the majority in auction, etc. are either L or old school non-sib.

    TT value of mamba is way up there (kinda regret not buying that one that was on auction once about a year ago, but at the time I had to pull out my peds and convert them to real world dollars to pay off uncle sam). TT value on viper isn't bad at about 20 usd, but viper is kinda useless unless you have a team and a fapper, or just go for puny or snablesnot type low level critters. Working puny missions with it for now until some better use for it comes along.

    Kinda surprising that the stables sold because of that supply/demand issue, honestly.
  14. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I actually checked Tzepu's bank at some point, but he wasn't exactly giving good rates. If there was a button to instantly liquidate, though, I bet EU suddenly would be pretty darn empty.
  15. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Hey buddy. If some unnamed Swedish company hadn't done their very best to ensure all the stuff I (and everyone else) invested in became more and more worthless, I'd be gone a long time ago.

    Make me an offer I can't refuse, you and Spawn together, perhaps? Both of you want to shut me up. Here's your chance to shut me up without sounding like a total fucking twat. I mean, obviously I ruin your playing experience to such an extent you need to come bitch on the very fucking forum I pay the bills for.
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  16. I sold whip and brush and energy bars after taming never entered stage 2.
    Somewhere around 2008. I waited 3 years for it.
    Taming got removed in 2009. I waited for 4 years to finally recieve the final slap into the face.

    2 more years of silence. It was 2011 by now.

    5 years have passed by now, from stage 1 and MA announced that taming will be re-introduced in 2012, with many new features.

    They did not introduce taming in 2012, but admitted, that the taming system is only existing on paper.
    That "announcement" was made by the end of 2012.

    Nothing happened in 2013. 8 years have passed, no sign of stage 2.

    9 years later they want to make me feel bad about selling these items and on top of that, they added (L) whips, that are useless, except for skilling up (even more).

    Thank god I still have my crippled exo, snable and daiki in storage, which will all gain somekind of "special" status after the taming update. Whatever that means. And I wonder if these will be extra expensive, when you want to make them stay alive.

    Id like to try taming once again, but somehow I have a bad feeling about it, as we will reach the 10 year anniversary of living without taming very soon. Whats 1 additional year, in terms of MA.

    Shouldnt I be called a brave colonist, beeing patient for 10 years ?
    Or should I be called stupid, waiting 10 years for this incompetent company to come up with stage 2 of taming ?
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2014
  17. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    If I understand correctly there will be one creature/planet in the first stage and more creatures coming at later stages. So what creatures will be in the first stage? Will/can existing pets be converted to that creature or will owners of vintage pets either have to wait or to get a new one?
  18. Rae
    Read above. YOur vintage pets will gain a special status...whatever that means.
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  19. http://www.entropiauniverse.com/bulletin/buzz/

    What will happen to existing Entropia Universe pet deeds?
    Existing pet deeds will continue to work, but the tamed creatures will have a unique status and cannot be tamed any further.

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