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  1. Looks really nice. :)

    Cyrene is the main planet i look forward to seeing, and from what they have shown so far looks good .

  2. Funny i saw big citys at Rcktropia also. Why is it that ND studios and the studio behind cyrene can make big citys without lag and if FPC does it it lags like ******. Check the cites of Zomatthan. Quiet beautiful. Yet on Calypso well we dont have cities actually ..more like villages.
  3. Thanks for sharing, the photos look really great. Cyrene is the planet I'm looking forward to seeing too, but I'm also waiting on Next Island to see where they've come since their original concept, which now incorporates time travel.
  4. MindStar9

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    I think that's what makes each planet partner unique ... I wouldn't want them all the same. ;)
  5. but one big city is more appealing. but take zychion lag city first class. just wondering why other partners can make nice playing field without too much frame drop :-)
  6. MindStar9

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    Ahhh ... guess it's all about the coders then. :D
  7. RAZER

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    Thanx Stave, but that pic has been in the wiki for a few weeks already ;)

    For more pics from Cyrene go here:
    About Planet Cyrene - EntropiaPlanets Wiki - Information about Entropia Universe

    And yes it is kinda weird that ND studio and Cyrene can make cities and FPC can't. But I guess it is indeed all about the coders.

    If I must believe Jamira in THIS thread on EF, where she talks about how a lot of the models are just not optimized for games and have way to much polygons that cause the lag. I'm guessing ND en the Cyrene people had the opportunity to start their development with the chance to optimize their models for CRY2 where FPC still had the old ones MindArk made a long time ago . If you look at the new Caldera area, that's a lot better lag wise and it look pretty cool to, so I guess that is how it could be in the future.
  8. EwoK

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    Looks for coders...does it surprise anyone that other planets have better coders than FPC???
  9. RAZER

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    When I look at the new Caldera site, that looks pretty good without (much) lag, so I think they have the right coders there. They just have to work with old models, that were made for old 3D engines with a lot less detailed skins on them. So I think (hope) it will be a lot better when all the era's are redone, but that takes some time as you will understand.
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    You may have a point there Razer, and never took that into consideration, but it makes sense since they had all the old stuff they had to work with, rather than starting fresh. I guess we'll see how that goes.

    I also guess I better start cruising the EP Wiki more since I now see that all those photos and more are already present for Cyrene ... kudos to you and Tass (and anyone else) working so hard on the EP Wiki site.

    Since I'm heading up the newly created EP Media Center, I am unfortunately not going to have any time to devote to the Wiki with so many projects under way already, so I have asked the Admins to remove my Wiki Wookie banner. :( However, I am excited with what will be coming out of the Media Center, and planet Cyrene will play a role as well. ;)

    Thanks for the info and perspective! :thumbup:
  11. I think alot of folks are looking forward to Cyrene. Im one of them. If the marketing strategies they detailed actually happen it should be a very nice push and get alot of attention for this particular game. Unfortunately the Cyrene based comic was supposed to come up in Summer of 2010 according to the developers (not MA), so the marketing direction may be more hype than hope. In order for any of these planet partners to survive they need to bring a new audience into the game, much like World of Warcraft brought a new audience into the MMO genre. We cant afford to cannibalize our existing player base, or the entire platform will suffer.

    Im also interested in Next Island, although Im curious how they're going to do the Time Travel bit. Small incomplete worlds with invisible walls in areas is my best guess. Again this team was supposed to have a decent marketing effort involved for a summer 2010 release. All I have seen so far is an unofficial power point presentation, and a Mindark financial report claiming a September launch. The concept of Time Travel does push my buttons a little bit though. Not because of a HG Wells fascination, but because I've always wanted to see an MMO developed in an Ice Age environment. How would it work? What would players be able to do and what would their limits be? How would the social structures be organized and justified within the world framework itself? Lots of questions!
  12. Tass

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    Alright, now we really got a brand new screenshot added to the gallery (click).
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