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New Forum is up and running

Discussion in 'About EU Chronicle' started by itto, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. We finally got the new forum up and since 4th of january it seems to be stable :cool:

    The new forum is based in vBulletin Board v 3.5 and for you whom are familiar with http://www.entropiaforum.com/ are probably familiar with some features allready
    For you who usesd the old forum there is a lot of new features so i recomend you to look in to your User/CP and customize the forum to your own liking ;)

    However there is a few features i like you all to pay attention to:
    • Announcements
      From time to time it will show up Announcements in the Forums
      This Announcements will allways show up in the top of each Forum and do include some vital information, so please pay attention to them
    • The Rep+ system
      If you like or dislike some posts, use the rep button to let the poster know your appreciation or your deprecation! (the prefered way is so give Rep as a appreciation)
    • Invitattion system
      Under your User/CP you'll find a link to "invites" where you can invite new ppl to register to the forum (might come in handy for Mentors for example)
    • Calendar System
      Depending on permissions you will see different Calanders available to you
      It's my strong recomendations that you pay attention to the Calenders on a regular basis.
    This is all that are in use for now but more is to come and i can assure you that the points earned from Rep+ & Invitations will play a important roles in future upcomming events :-k

  2. Good work.
    After some personal confusion about the namechange :confused:
    i have replaced the old link with the correct link \\:D/
    Now i have stable access to the forum :-\"
  3. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    The forum is looking great - Thanks Itto for all your hard work on this, and big Thankyou to Ice for the wonderful graphics :-)))
  4. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    I also had the wrong address and could only connect when it felt like it. LOL.

    Forum looks great and all the new features are fantastic. Thanks to Itto and Ice for all the work you have done.

  5. Looks good, really good :)
  6. Loads better - nice one guys!

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