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New features: Twitter authentication and Planet Partner Posts Search

Discussion in 'About EntropiaPlanets' started by NotAdmin, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    It's been a few days since we last rolled out something new so I figured I would work a bit more and throw something out again, to ensure EP never looks stagnant or stale, and constantly increases usability and features.

    This time I'm proud to announce Twitter authentication and a Planet Partner Posts search.

    Let's start with Twitter authentication. Essentially this will allow anyone with a Twitter account to create a new account on EntropiaPlanets without having to go through the trouble of creating a profile here. Or, like the Steam Authentication we released last year, it allows you to login to EP if you are already logged on at Twitter, if you previously associated your EP account with your Twitter account.

    To do so, when you are not logged into EP or Twitter, when you navigate to EP, click the "Log in or Sign up now" link:


    You will now be able to directly login using your credentials, or use any of the three other authentication methods offered (Facebook, Steam, or Twitter). For this example, we'll use the Twitter button:

    You will now be taken to the Twitter site, where you login with your Twitter credentials (these will *not* be made available to EP, but simply are meant to let Twitter 'inform' EP that there is a valid login associated with the Twitter credentials) and then cliuck 'Sign in':


    After you are logged into Twitter, you will automatically be taken back to EntropiaPlanets, where you can then proceed signing up with a new account (default option), or by selecting the tab labelled 'Associate existing account', associating your existing EP account with the Twitter login by filling in your existing accountname and password:


    Once done, if you ever sign out from EP, you can then use the Twitter button to quickly log back in if you happen to already be signed into Twitter.

    At this very moment, there is a tiny bug where you can only use 1 external authentication method (so Facebook OR Twitter, OR Steam) and the forum will only store the last option used, but this will be solved by the next XenForo patch.

    The second new feature is a quick and simply way to see all posts from all Planet Partners made on EP, sorted by the most recent ones first.We added the option to the dropdown menu next to the Forum Tab:

    Planet Partner Posts 1.
    Or, if you already are within the Forum tab due to reading a thread or post, or having clicked the Forums tab, it's available on the meny directly below the navigation tabs:

    Planet Partner Posts 2.
    The Planet Partner Posts link will directly take you to a list of posts made by the planet partners who currently have an account on EntropiaPlanets.

    We hope you will find the new features useful :tiphat:

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