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New Feature: Forum Pager

Discussion in 'About EU Chronicle' started by itto, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Hi all :)
    I have added a "chat funktion" to the Forum
    Its a little pager app that can be found under "Quicklinks" - VB Pager

    It will be free for all registered user for now
    later, if it causes to much load on the site, it might be restricted och replaced

    Let me know if you have any problem with it!

  2. Hey Itto :-)

    I got your message, but if i use quicklinks and open the pager i canĀ“t read anything just "Sorry," something.

    Either Firefox nor Internet-Explorer will work
  3. Seems like this little bugger causes some browser problems
    So for the moment the system is turned off

    I will do some futher investigations before it comes back online again
  4. Guess i was abit quick there
    Pager offline again..
  5. Pager Status

    This little bugger seems to cause IE user some problems (only IE not FF or Netscape)
    So until I or someone else can figure out why it does this it will stay disabled

    Futher investigations will be conducted :-?

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