New Direction NI Staff let go.

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by Jim Angel, Jul 17, 2012.

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    Bump for more info!! :thumbsup:
  2. I agree its all bout having an economy which is means having lots of bps Limited weapons armors tools tropical toys like boats jet-ski etc and make sure the resources are available if u have crafters then the rest will follow hunters and miners will have a market for there loot also keep the hunters interested more mob variety covering all levels then later on u might include annual events like the migration on planet calypso or give away a major prize each year to the most points like merry mayhem.
  3. In my opinion the death knell was issued to NI when space travel was required to get between planets. The lack of a robust economy on NI and hit-or-miss transport to NI (and back) made folks think twice before heading to NI for a familiarization trip or occasional visit. I remember folks begging for a way off NI but there was no way. :(

    The old teleport method between planets may have been expensive but if you had the PED, you could go at will and you did not have to worry about loosing your shirt to pirates. Additionally at that time you could buy or sell at auction from any planet by paying a small shipping fee--just like Amazon.
  4. Many things on NI are backwards, like putting so much into marketing and so little into development. The new releases with hypersense, missions and new bp were so good. If only they had happened months ago at launch time.

    I don't know how David Post expects to sell this game without staff but if that Twitter account is really him, that would explain why so much at Next Island is backwards and inconsistent.
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