New affiliate program by MA(koz) (2016)

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Jun 16, 2016.


    So, MA(akoz), fb name Jan Terje Egeland, posted this site on fb (now gone) :

    makoz affilate.jpg

    The "About" link allows you to search for yourself, showing how much money you would have made by now...

    makoz affilate 3.jpg

    A repost appeared by someone else today :

    makoz affilate 2.jpg

    Is it the "old" MA affilate program, which never really worked out ? Is it the "old" Monria affilate program revived ?

    Right now its just a post on fb. Nothing else is known anymore.
    Thats what I always hated about MindArk, if this is even official.

    Created on 2016-04-11

    Ah, whatever.... *sigh* -_-
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  2. 1% of globals? Is this another tax of some type?
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  3. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    What is happening here is easy to determine:

    Whoever runs the site is an affiliate partner of MA's secret affiliate program that exists for more than 2 (or 3?) years already but to which usually only MA's best buddies get invited and not community sites with actually some impact such as EntropiaPlanets (by the way it took us 5 minutes to get into EVE Online's affiliate program, maybe we should put it to use some day :P ).

    EntropiaFriends makes money from new players signing up to EU through their affiliate link from MA, for example 10% (and it's really just a fantasy number) of what these players spend in EU. To increase the reach of their affiliate link from MA they basically re-sell their affiliate partnership and give their affiliates 1% of global value of players that signed up to EU using EntropiaFriends' affiliate link from MA, so a tiny fraction of what they actually earn from them. Easy, right?

    Certainly Akoz et al. could be behind it, he has the tools, he has the skills. Well, we can just ask @Akoz? Or maybe even @xXSqUaLLXx ? ;)

    Funny that the first Sahmael Sambo Starscrym did was signing up and spamming his affiliate link on Facebook.

    Well, let the affiliate link spam begin I guess :)
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  4. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    What I've learned from working together with Akoz during the development of Monria I must say he wasn't really interested in details like atmosphere, vehicles allowed or not, style and so on. But only in numbers. 2x50 apartments, 2x5 shops, 40.000 triangles per scene. The 40.000 triangles are a good example for his disinterest. My sister Kristin made a 3d-grab of Medusa's Head and we checked the model in Rhino. Result: 400.000 triangles. Either MA cheated Akoz with that number or he simply forgot a "0" while telling me what to care for. I asked him about this issue but never got a response. Until this point I was stupid enough to rank Akoz as an enthusiast. But I've learned from this issue that he is just a businessman, not really interested in stylish details, not interested in technical details, background story. My first scene was at ~200.000 triangles. And I spent a lot of work to bring it down to 40.000. Wasted time. At least I know a bit more than before. Player, community, social aspects, style don't matter. What matters is income. That's all. Let me guess where income shall come frome ...
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  5. All I can say is that I got told by a friend about that website yesterday, and saw my name was mentionned.
    I then labeled it as some kind of scam without giving it another thought at first (without checking website even).
    Then my friend pointed to me that it came from a guy that posted in one of the entropian fb groups.
    To my surprise I then saw that it was an Akoz post, and even made a comment on it.
    I am not close to Akoz at all and haven't spoken to him for months after the Monria team splitted up.
    This morning Akoz wrote me on skype to ask me if I am ok about the fact he used my name, on which I simply said that I don't mind and think it's cool even, now that I know that it does not come from a random guy.

    McCormick contacted me on Fb when he found out, as we often talk, and he's one of the best colombo ever as you know it, :D.
    And I explained to him all this, but the post of Akoz got removed, and from what I saw, he was not clear enough when people asked question about it.

    And then McCormick created this post.

    Anyway, in the end, I guess after Monria, Akoz made some nice deal with MA to be a simple marketing affiliate and they must have agreed to it.

    It could be good for EU I suppose, if done well.

    My 2 pecs since I was mentionned ^^.
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  6. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Ahh, the pyramid scheme...
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  7. "Cockadoodledoo, how may I further degrade myself to you"
  8. Hell I made a post on PCF asking the new MA community rep to check it and all I got was my post removed a nice comment that I should have asked on EF, because all the MA staff read that forum :wink: it was all but dead until ND was forced to make his presidential forum there.

    I might be being over cautious but personally I'm very dubious about it. The certificate is from a free provider and the domain registration has all personal info hidden which although becoming quite normal and offered by most domain registration companies I'd be concerned about putting any personal info about myself or friends into a website I couldn't get any info about the company or people who ran it and the only contact is via a generic email address to the same domain.

    The post on EF, which xXSqUaLLXx has pointed out was removed, was made with an account called entropiafriends but the one on ark forum was called Akoz although the account hasn't exactly been active with only 6 posts since July 15 2011 four of which were in the last two days the other two were made when the account was, so we can't use the posts to prove it's him. Although looking at my record on here ..... :whistling:

    The fact that there's been no post on PCF is for me the obvious glaring issue, no announcement on the biggest forum.
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  9. Amber Knightley

    Amber Knightley I see dead people.


    Kinda unrelated but did you guys ever stumble on this site
    EntropiaLife's Entropia promotion site that is built to generate traffic/signups through their affiliate link :)
    I think it is one of the best promotion sites out there for Entropia, wish MA had a similar information on the main site.
    I really think the site is rather worthless when it comes to attract attention/interest in none players...
  10. Tass

    Tass Administrator's a pure clickbait site with a lot of misinformation for the sole purpose of directing money from the clickers' pockets into their own
    2. they've lied about it multiple times
    3. they've used black hat methods to promote it such as comment spam under genuine articles by entities really promoting EU
    4. it's showcase of MA's corrupt system, a site that had to be created first because MA refused to invite entities to the affiliate program that had a focus on new players for many years

    Hey, let's try to do it better :)
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  11. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Interesting. I've missed so much lately, what's the story behind that? We can setup a forum section for @NEVERDIE any time.
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  12. The story behind NEVERDIE creating a political section on the old entropia-forum ?

    Well, he posted dumb stuff about his amazing tp fee plan I believe on planetcalypsoforum, got put in a corner by the EU population, he kept saying bullshit and completely dismissing people thoughts , (you know like dictators do).

    People got more and more angry, as one would expect with this unprecedent level of BS.

    And then he decided it was a good idea to create a new new forum on some old website no one use anymore , where he can be moderator to distance himself further from the crowd that supposely voted for him but absolutely did not.

    A supposed "political forum" where people supposely can discuss politics and be listen to, over moderated by himself and Serica ofc in the way that even a simple post has to be accepted before going live.
    (And I probably made the worst thread ever in there too, satirical post at it's best.. Which was accepted ! After I probably whined on it on the regular pcf tho).

    If you follow McCormick post, then you know all the ND bs.
    And then he let that forum die once again more or less. As far as I know.
    I was so angry at him also.The whole presidential thing, can't be more retarded and fake than it was and -shamefull- . Presidential / Tp fees and so on.

    ND style at it's best..

    With the economical knowledge of a pre-school Unicorn it seems, and the democratic / diplomatic skills of North Korea.
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  13. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Email that came in today:

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  14. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    That is... quite a pay out... I would imagine 20$ is a fairly common first deposit size (I wonder if webshop counts too?) so essentially they are giving the money deposited direct to the recruiting players. Globals are really low value now iirc? (10ped?) so yeh... big payouts really.

    I guess it is because they are closing the service so maybe this is actually small money for them if there are only a smallish number of people involved. Essentially we could think of this as payment for participating in an experiment or beta test

  15. Which reminds me that I expected the Compet deeds to pay PED inside of EU and not inside of Compet, which I dont play. ;p

    If the games arent connected to each other, but I have the deeds inside of EU and the game (not) on my mobile...ahhh, thats MindArks logic.
  16. Amber Knightley

    Amber Knightley I see dead people.

    Where did you get this information?! I don't believe this to be true until I read an official statement.
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  17. Hu ? I never got this information.

    I just wrote that I expected it.

    Because of one simple logical reason => I payed for the compet deeds inside EU and have them in my EU inventory.

    But the games arent connected to each other. Whats the point ?

    The account of compet though is connected to my deeds that I have in "another game"...hence I wrote MA logic.

    Ah whatever. Selling Compet Deeds xD
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  18. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    Did MA ever make an "Official" statement about how Compets would pay out or even how it was going to work?

    Oh, and how is it doing these days? Did the Pokimon Go craze kill it yet?
  19. no word on payout scheme yet, but I think, based on what the website's said in a place or two that many are assuming it'll be monthly payout... so I'll be sticking with my one deed for now and buy aud instead til that's confirmed... since one month is a looooong time to wait.
  20. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I was considering 1 deed but didn't know where to buy one... probably a rather desperate player base at a guess now ;)
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