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Narfi's Life after EU: Chapter Four - FS17 a 17ft V-Hull Powerboat

Discussion in 'Life, the Universe and Everything' started by narfi, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. narfi

    narfi Lost

    The canoe is finished and a week of sitting around got boring, dont really feel like watching TV or playing video games after months of being productive :(

    So..... Will see how much I can get done before it is too cold to work in the tent.




    specs pic.JPG


    Sept 19, 2017

    Printed out a "shop copy" of my plans and took them out to the "boat factory".

    20170919_215112 (Medium).
    Sanded all the epoxy lumps off the table. (Just so Fuzz can tell me, "I told you so")
    20170919_215200 (Medium).
    Plywood Inventory: 10 sheets of 3/8" Okoume and 6 and 2/3s sheets of 1/4" Okoume.

    Looking at the nesting and trying to figure out the best way to use the partial sheet I think I had a good idea but would like feedback before actually cutting.

    I'll cut the two rear side panels from it which leaves nearly 2x lengthwise 1/2 sheets for cutting rubrails from.
    20170919_215309 (Medium).

    20170919_215553 (Medium).

    20170919_215340 (Medium).

    I will cut my molds from OSB. However when it comes time to make the bulkheads I don't see them in the nesting pages. I assume they are from 3/8" ????

    Are the motor well sides supposed to be glued to the stringers before assembly?

    I don't understand the diagram of the motor well on page D284/5
    1. Are there any square corners on the motor well side panels?
    2. What is the purpose of the gap/notch cut out of it against the transom?

    I'm sure I'll have more questions going forward....
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2017
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  2. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    LOL! As I mentioned before: Narfi's Shipyard is on it's way ;-)
  3. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    What about news from Narfi's Shipyard?
  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Well, its been a busy winter and I didn't get as much done as I would like. But we do have a hull built and finished on the bottom. In the process of glassing inside and will be ready to start installing structure later this week.
    I will try to update the pictures and transfer the log here soon.
    Until then, you can read it here,
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