My sureal morning at Longuland

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by itto, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. No my friends you will all in chorus say "itto finally lost it!" :)
    But this actually took place this morning on amathere in a LA called "Longuland"

    After a boring morning wasting obscene amounts of ammo I was close to give it up :-&
    But since i was down to a few hundreds shots left i decided to buy more ammo from the shopkeeper, the only shopkeeper had left was 20k ammo bundles so I grumbled a bit bought it.
    Then the first strange thing happened, after paying 200peds for the ammo and closing the shopkeeper I only got time to take a few steps before the "ammo counter" changed to 40k ammo! I asked around if anyone ever heard of "ammo bonus" but everyone shook their heads, Starman told me it was a bug and that the ammo would soon disappear!
    I accepted the answers I got and thought the ammo would soon disappear again.
    I set course South for making my back home when like 2 zillions of longus spawn around me!
    Of course I started to shoot longus as a madman then the next strange thing happens to me, I start to shoot like an â??Uber playerâ? shooting long series of straight +100 dmg. The Longus fell dead like they were â??Exosâ?
    I even removed the Dante amp to see if it was true and it was! I shot Longu Alphas with no amp and that I have never done before.

    While this was going on (and I can admit that I was pretty busy and a bit confused) from nowhere a most annoying noobs shows up asking me to team. As you all know me and what I think of that kind of player you wont be surprised to hear me say that my first idea was to waste this guy but I was to busy with the longus to really take â??himâ? seriously.
    He was bugging me for awhile with â??team requestsâ? and trying to fap me (with a Fap-5 or so) and all of a sudden he shouts â??whoohoo Itto lootsâ? I stopped for a sec and wondered how on earth could â??heâ? se that because it was no global or anything just a few peds!?
    I looked at the noob and it was a really ugly appearance, with a almost deliberate mismatch of armour (all noob stuff) and he was just standing there (in the middle of all Longus)
    Since my dialog with this peculiar fellow been going on in â??all chatâ? several others have heard me telling him that I didnâ??t wish to team up with him and by now other players was pretty pissed at his nagging â??I want in teamâ? (his English seemed very poor). So a guy called â??Hunterâ? finally pkâ??d him and he vanished into thin air!

    I finished the hunt, wasting all 40k of ammo! Coming back to â??Nateâ??s Placeâ? with ~400peds :-D
    Not only did this â??extra ammoâ? saved me the morning from a financial disaster but the whole experience was weird
    Well I guess it all can be explained with â??bugsâ? and coincidences
    And maybe did MA do something just at that moment when I bought the ammo and the noob might be sneaking up on me when I was busy.

    But it felt like I was given a â??Replayâ? from MA and the â??noobâ? was MA logging in and check what happened

    How about this for a morning .. ;)
  2. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    "Itto finally lost it!" hehehe

    What a strange morning you had. The extra ammo was nice, and yes a newbie surviving in among longus does almost sound like an MA person checking on the game. Well I guess the programmers have nothing better to do but appear ingame - doesn't look like they are fixing many bugs. LOL

    Nice work on the max damage, the rifle skills are really kicking in now. :-)

  3. Maybe lootius choose to give you a bonus and came whit one of her incarnations to see you.
  4. hmm Well that is also a theory :-k

  5. Its happend to me a few times hunting near itacha, I sent a support to MA asking what it was and they awnserd with some kind of story about lag and dissapering ammo wich had returned, I was just as happy as u Itto and the ammo didnt dissapear for me either:)

    Gratz on ur free skilling and sucessfull looting :)
  6. Well i cant remember any 20k disapearing ammo! And i do think i should have noticed ;-)
    But your story saya alot abot you, to report your extra ammo to MA, thats honesty i think!
    I must admit i did no such thing ..
  7. honesty or something else.. hmmm lets call it honesty.
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