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Discussion in 'Greetings, Hello, Goodbye' started by Alice, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Hey guys and gals,

    The thread is mostly because i think i owe it to a couple of people, to explain my absence lately.
    It isn't a full quitting thread as such either, more of a longer break with pop ins in between, although i dont know if i ever play EU again as much as i used to, i doubt it atm.
    In case this isn’t allowed on this forum either, feel free to delete the thread again. I didn’t even bother posting on PCF already. (Until I find a decent loophole doing so).

    Anyway, lately my interest for EU is on an all time low, because of several reasons.
    Foremost, the lack of people who are online in my friendlist and especially my soc, who I had contact with the most.
    That MA all of a sudden made the impossible possible and a big friendlist to show everyone who has you in FL, to show that there are still lots of ppl around and cover that the ones you actually most cared about are around less and less, i just wanted to mention for good measure.
    Most of them either quit by now or play so rarely that i hardly see them.

    The second reason for me is simply time. I cannot find the time anymore to do the one of the things i enjoyed the most, which is mentoring. Along with that came also less people in the society, as I was recruiting most disciples into it (see problem 1).
    Along these lines, the few times i have tried going for this again, usually led me to believe that most newbies nowadays are very unpatient and ungrateful, more than in my whole mentoring career at least. Yes, there were a few nice ones though, so not all is bad. : )

    The third reason is, and here i will be blunt, MA pissed me off on a couple of occasions more or less recently. I will not get into this, nor start a debate about it, but the reason is there and is valid. (3 main Hints for any MA person or ppl who know me, "adviser program", "master coat", "my EU guide").
    Which is also one of the reasons i applied the „vote with your peds“ and actually withdrew most of my fluid money (i left enough to play with on the level i am used to-i.e. low-) and my skills and gear though.
    I will continue to pop in here and there and also lurk around the forums.

    Oh, for the ones wondering if i came out at a loss so far, my total deposits have been lower than the money i withdrew (and as i said, i got gear and skills left ;), neither for sale though)..

    For the ones wondering what i am doing currently game wise, I am actually playing Planetside 2 (Ceres server as NC, if ya wanna shoot me desperately join the other 2 factions :P).
    Along with that, i keep an eye on Star Citizen, where some of the withdrawal money went in terms of pledges.
    I mention this in particular here, because I want to make one thing clear to any MA person who reads this: I took money out from EU to spend it on a game thats not even done yet and the already published preprepreprepre alpha stuff is more bug free than EU. Plus, the level of communication they have with the community during development is so far away from you MA guys that it is just mindblowing.
    Also, the things they plan about organisations (their version of societies/guilds) already beats the soc system of EU.

    Anyway, you may check Star Citizens out if ya want as well, but i won’t go into SC promo. If you want to know more google it or PM me, I don’t want to have this thread turn into PS2 or SC discussion or something.

    So to close this, thanks for the fun times, also the bad times and i gonna be around still. Just way less. : )

    See you around :)

    PS. i neither sell gear, skills or my guide or anything i currently still have as such :)
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  2. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Take care Alice, and hope to see you around here now and then, you're one of the greats of EU for all that you have contributed, and it was also my honor to highlight you in my article a long time ago called "Paying it Forward: The Noob Connection" ... I wish you the very best Alice.
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  3. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    Good luck with PS2 and SC. I tried the one and pledged for the other. SC is coming in 2015 and PS2 gets boring realy fast so I expect a comeback thread after 2 weeks :)
  4. playing PS2 since about 3 months, got a nice outfit, don't expect the comeback anytime soon :P
    i have to admit that i play most classes though, depending on need and what i feel like, so i am not "just medic" for example
    with a decent outfit and regular platoon things going on it is pretty enjoyable and relaxing :)

    and compared to my 3 years of merp grinding, well, i have done more repetative things in the past :D
  5. hmm, PS2 looks interesting, I am going to give it a try :D
  6. Hi, dear mentor of mine!

    Disciple reporting:

    I've passed the 50%, finally. One of these days I'll surely graduate, but probably not before 2015 - rising the required skills is a pain where it hurts, at my level. Got me a Philosopher's Sword, this should speed up the development a bit. One day I'll reach the final goal, and I'll let you know in time.

    Praying to Lootius at every opportunity, to make sure your mentor gift will be worth it!
    Should you get anything below a "Castorian Combat EnBlade-13 Mentor Edition" I'd be deadly offended and would immediately chip out, sell all of my stuff and skills, and withdraw the whole shebang. Yeah! (MA, you hear me?)
    But, maybe, until then, maybe, we'll have mentor gifts corresponding to the planet where the disciple has graduated? As it is with disciple gifts already? You'd deserve a "MAKO Lightning Smuggler Mentor Edition", for sure!
    (Note to myself: Pester Arkadian Officials for Arkadian Mentor Editions!)

    For your new gaming habits, I don't feel very different. For me, EU has lost its power on me, has lost its magic, and its soul. I'm still playing, even if rather occasionally, because I have a certain value in game, and don't want it to get lost. I'm not selling out & withdrawing yet because I haven't completely lost hope yet.

    But far more time I'm spending in other games, too. And to my surprise a small Indie sandbox MMO with a max. of 1200 players on line at a given time feels much more vivid and lively than EU these days ...

    I hope you will visit us every other time, still, and I will have a look for Star Citizen, have heard about it already. Maybe we'll meet there, one day?

    My best wishes to you, and don't forget us completely, OK? Take care, have fun and prosper!

    Have a good time!
  7. @ MS9
    meh, missed that post in first reply
    thanks :)
    all the best for you as well :D

    @BMW, choose factions wisely tho, from the NC side, thats generally the hardest faction to play weapon and more or less equipment wise, some stuff not as good as other factions (wont get into that unless youre interested)
    but they are blue and got the best music o.O
    playing PS2 solo is fairly pointless as well, get in squads and platoons or possibly an outfit if you like (those are like socs give or take)

    @Xandra, no hurries :)
    the last 2 "active" as in "who prolly graduate in the nearish future" graduated a while back, i think 2 months ago
    i will pop in here and there and see whats going on, maybe the spark hits again and i play more again, but gotta see
  8. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Sorry to read it, but understandable, Alice. A true shame, seeing you've probably done more to nurture new players than MA itself.

    I also backed SC, by the way, and cannot wait for its release :)
  9. I am interested, just dld-ed the game and about to launch it for the first time, I saw there's a bonus there if u bring in new players, anyway I can let them know it was you who corrupted me? :D
  10. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    I was afraid to read something like this one day since your name didn't show up often on my FL lately.

    I remember well when things like WoF happened I asked my walking library Alice for help occasionally ;-) That was really dangerous, believe me! Once asked, good old Alice started from the basics, explained all connected aspects and didn't stop at hints, what to do ;-)

    Aside from this, this is one of the major losses for the community I think. Do you listen MA? We have a saying in Germany. It's probably from WW-I ... dunno. It says "Impacts come closer."

    Goodby Alice. It was an honor to share the time with you.
  11. @BMW, uh, my name for NC is Sinafa, if that helps?
    but no need to put me as referrer, ill live :)

    yeah, i wouldnt catch your LB anyway :D
    but yeah, was fun to have some other melee chick around :)
  12. Cheers Alice.
    You know it makes me very sad when I see someone like Alice turning away from EU. Alice of all people, who wrote the definitive beginners guide to EU. Even after all these years and changes it's still THE go to guide. Even Alice is fed up. If that's not sad tell me what is. I don't post much, but these days I quite frankly can't really be bothered to even log in. Like Alice I have'nt sold my skills. I watch the forums a bit still hoping in vain something will change. It amazes me that VU after VU they promise much and deliver fuck all. They break more and create more bugs than they fix. Years after VU 10 they keep introducing half ready broken shit and fix very little that's been broken forever. I just can't beat the feeling they want to get rid of all the old players.
    Ah well, heading back to gta5 :headbang: gl :wink:
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  13. Really want to "vote"? Take down any and all of the tutorials you've put online... Thousands have come to rely on them as they are extremely useful... but if you are wanting to piss off MA, that'd be one small way to really give em a sucker punch to the gut. :nunchucks::bigsmile:
  14. in the forum some cant be edited anymore i take, dunno if deleted as such
    guide wise, i didnt update since quite a while and i leave it as such, its not the newbies i wanna annoy anyway

    but i think about a EU guide link leading to a pdf "ma pissed me off, find something else to play and save ya furstration"
    but gotta see :)
  15. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    You could remove the PDF file from your website, I'm sure we at EP can host that for you. Can even make a redirect from your page to EP, getting people here instead of any MA run forum.
  16. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    It's really sad to read. I can't think of anyone who took bigger efforts to support new players, hence EU, as a mentor and adviser and by creating the most complete guide for EU and keeping it up-to-date for so many years. What's pissing me off regularly is that people like you do not get the recognition they deserve - MindArk always seems to privilege those who just like themselves have a completely selfish interest in extracting money from players pockets...

    It's certainly good to read that your 'life work' is not for sale. Replacing it with a warning seems to be attractive but on the other side is playing into the hands of MA's minions again... However, I'm biased. MA did care little when you've been all around and active, they'll probably care as little when you and your work is gone. They also seemed to care little when hundreds of veteran players were pointing out deficiencies over and over again on almost daily basis for a whole decade, it's sad but I guess no one can change that...

    I'm really interested in SC too. 'Old' EU people running a private SC server has some charm. ;)

    1200 online at a given time could be more than EU has...
  17. I only read until the PlanetSide 2 mention, as soon as my internet connection is decent enough again (which will hopefully be start of february) we might run into each other.
    When I started with PS2 the engineering part was especially nice for me, its a neat game.
    Having my eyes on SC as well, but did not fund it, will buy it if it shapes up nicely.

    Oh in regards to the guide... I never heard anything new, else I would have told you :-(
  18. yeah, they didn't care much about my guide or me being here anyway, so no point
    it would basically hurt newbies which isn't my intention

    as to SC, so far I plan to go together with 4 good friends of mine from EU in SC and form a smallish group there :)
    (2 similarly active newbie helpers as i was, a soc mate of mine who mentored quite a bit too)
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