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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Lykke TheNun, Oct 16, 2009.

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  3. A Special friend of mine.

    Kelly Mueller My cover of The Script's "We Cry" on You Tube:

    TY Kelly:) realy speaks to me, deeply so.

    Community: Shes a new upcomming artist and vey talented. I think you may agree:):yay:
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    Thabo Mdluli - Wonderful Life. There's also an awesome acoustic version of this track on the album. Listen to samples from the album here.
  5. Ageh! Muthleh gakulu mfowetu! cyabonga manji.
  6. Kelly Mueller Debut
    If you like, you can download her MP3 songs here.




  8. those were the days ;) one of my favourites. too bad that girls always love the bassman and i`m only playing drums, grrrrr ;)

    another nice one:

    last but not least:

  9. Predden

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    This thread needs some Pink Floyd:

    And some Gregorian:

    NovaStar is one of my favourite artists:

    Buena Vista Social Club:
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    There's a severe lack of Runrig in this thread. For those who never heard of them, they're a Scottish band founded by the brothers Callum and Rory MacDonald. They've been around for well over 30 years, and still going very strong. Lykke and me have seen them live more than any other band we ever saw live (well, we saw them live 4 times), and we definitly think that no other band comes close to what these guys pull off live.

    The thing I love most about them is their music actually is about something, and they are extremely good at what they do. Their gigs are usually completely packed and sold out, and they really manage to interact well with their audience (see some of the movies below where they stop playing and just have the audience involved). We're members of their fanclub, which means every now and then we get a chance to meet them after the concert, and it's absolutely brilliant to see they really take their time to talk to the fans.

    My absolute favourite song by them is this one, which also happens to be the first song I ever heard from that and which got me hooked instantly:

    In every gig they do, they have a medley of a few songs, which changes every tour they do. This is one contaning four songs, and was performed at their 30th anniversary concert at Stirling Castle in 2003. The songs, in order are: Every river, Only the brave, A dance called America and Pride of the summer:

    Another great example of a medley and one where you can really see the interaction with the crowd is from Sheffield. The songs are Alba and MayMorning:

    Speaking of Alba (Gaelic for Scotland. Runrig has about 25% of their songs in Gaelic, to show support for this dying language):

    One more is Loch Lomond, a poem written by what is believed to be written by a prisoner awaiting the death penalty. I picked an old version featuring their old singer Donnie. Donnie left the band in favour of a political career, which almost marked the end of the band. They were just about ready to toss in the towel when they stumbled across their current singer, Canadian Bruce Guthro:

    Lastly, here's a clip showing exactly what I meant earlier when I said their music is about something. It's a song called Summer Walkers. Skip the first seconds:

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    Can you feeeeeeel it!

    Every now and then, my mind wanders back roughly 10-15 years ago, when I was still a wee lad. I used to DJ at the time, mostly for fun, though I ended up playing paid gigs regularly. Not nearly enough to keep up with the music I purchased, but still.

    I was a big clubhopper at the time, and figured I'd post a few of my all-time faourites. My wheels of steels are right here in Denmark, but my records are stored on my parent's attic (moved them there right before moving, as I had more urgent stuff to drive over here).


    More modern

    When I get my vinyl here, I'll look up some of the more obscure songs and see if those made it onto YouTube as well. Or perhaps after some practise, do a little EP mix :D
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    Rather good this.

  16. Not enough Rammstein here.

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    agreed! fascinating duo! :)

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    another great duo! :)
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    #1 opening line of all time :afro:
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    For all those who will be in my neck of the woods to "wave flag" ;)​

    ...and if you're staying home to watch it on TV, it will be like this :

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