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  1. On a visit to the new area of Amethera we of course saw the Mulmun.

    Generally seem to be a good mob to hunt for us medium level players - some too hard, some quite easy. They seem to have the same level structure as feffoids, with clan warriors etc.

    Their animations seem borrowed from a beat-em-up, with fancy spin kicks coming at ya.:surprise:

    mulmun1.jpg mulmun2.jpg
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  2. Bunny

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    Re: Mulmon (Fun in PVP)

    Yes the Mulmon are fun but the most fun are the little space ships in the NE of the zone. The animation was so funny the first time I saw it I liked to have died laughing and almost let a pker get me LOL. I forgot to take pics so went back today just to get these shots. If you go there these cute little ships are worth playing with. You really need to watch them die in 3rd person. :D

    ship1.jpg Ship2.jpg Ship3.jpg Ship4.jpg
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  3. Burgerman

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    Gratz and +repped you both, thanks for the screenshots. :)

    If you watch the Mulmun's mouth when it speaks, it keeps moving after the mob stops speaking. :hehe:
    ( just like the badly dubbed movies that the mob animation seems based on. :D )
  4. the mulmun pic looks like a horror version of sound of music.
    and the flying robots look soooooooooo cute. I want one as a pet :D
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