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    MindStar Media was founded on May 14, 2011 as a Facebook Page with the intention of reporting on activities that took place within Entropia Universe. Over the course of nearly 17 months, the direction of MindStar Media was not without its challenges, but never lacking of inspiration.

    However, it wasn’t until January 2012 that a foundation began to take place with the addition of Vergil “Syer” vonBraun to the media team. He brings to the operation an impressive level of technical skills, along with visual development and sound engineering that fits perfectly with planned considerations.

    Syer was the catalyst behind rebuilding the MindStar Radio website from the ground up, and on April 27th we launched the new site complete with a media section that made it more entertaining. As time passed, the media partnership grew to be an incredible source of inspiration, and plans began to develop for becoming an independent media operation.

    Once again, mission accomplished, and on August 21st we launched the MindStar Media website. The intention was to use the site to write and report on activities within Entropia Universe, but on a grander scale. However, the month hadn’t even ended when there was yet another immense source of inspiration that came out of the blue and lit a fire that has had us moving at MachStar speed in order to accomplish yet another goal.

    I am very pleased to announce, that while we still have a ways to go before we reach the level we’re striving for, we have achieved a pivotal milestone in the growth of MindStar Media. If you have been a frequent visitor to our site, then you have witnessed the goings on with regard to the number of changes that have taken place, but also the nature of the content published.

    Our New Direction

    MindStar Media Website
    • A dedicated Entropia Universe news service
    • We are committed to MindArk and their efforts to promote Entropia Universe
    • We are committed to the Planet Partners and their efforts to promote their planets
    • Our news sources are in place to assist with providing a consistent level of information and news
    • We will continue to refine and develop a higher level of efficiency in getting the news reported
    • News feeds and an advertising system are top priorities
    • Additional features will be added to the site as we continue to evolve
    We just added two members to the News Team, so the community should see an increase in news content. We want to keep the news varied, but always remain focused on information of interest. We will continue to present developer messages to the community, as well as deliver insight as to what’s happening on all planets and in space.

    MSM Staff
    • Vergil “Syer” vonBraun — Visual Director/Sound Engineer/IT Management — The Magisterium
    • Eugenio “Anhithe” Wilde — Business Development — Planet Express
    • “Calli” Callimax Yosta — Public Relations Associate — NBK Elite
    • Bartimaeus Brandenburg — “Bizzarick” — News Team — The House of Lords and Ladies
    • Yettie “Painwrecker” vonNjaapenstein — News Team — The Magisterium
    The above staff will continue to play a very key role in current and future plans for MindStar Media. We also have interest and support outside of MSM that offers us an opportunity to develop the news service to the level we want to achieve. Despite spending inordinate amounts of time building our foundation, we’re actually just getting started, and it will take some time to find that perfect rhythm. The bios of additional staff will be published as soon as possible. Please help us welcome them to the MSM Team.

    MindStar Radio Website
    • The MSR website has once again been redesigned for functionality and content presentation
    • You can access the radio station by clicking on the “MSR” option on the main menu at this site
    • The environment allows user-friendly access to all media, with it’s own “In The Spotlight” feature
    • The goal is to keep MSM strictly news reporting, and MSR the entertainment environment
    • Events, Parties, Adventures, slide-show Photo Gallery, Video Library, and humorous Podcasts
    • This website is for reporting possibilities, and for showcasing the fun factor
    • The “EU Adventures” that were hosted at the MSM website are now hosted at the MSR website
    • MSR will also play a key role in EU News Broadcasting, as well as event and other programming
    We will continue to build on content, as well as organize a broadcasting schedule. We have been extremely busy getting things sorted, but the community will witness our progress at both sites as we move forward. As our media staff grows, it will give us an opportunity to expand even further.

    MindStar Media TeamSpeak
    • We have the ability to provide temporary TeamSpeak3 servers for use with events
    • Full information can be found at the MSR website in the upper most menu under “MSR Services”
    • This is a free service with other features available as well

    We are still busy putting the pieces of the puzzle together, but progressing very nicely. We have immense support that inspires us even more, and are driven to bring a quality product to the Entropia Universe Community. Each day, I post an entry at each website under “Daily HEADS UP” which will give you insight as to what’s been done for that day, or what’s in progress.

    If what we present inspires you, and you feel that you may have something to contribute to our efforts, then use the “Contact Us” at the top of the website and let us know your interests. If you want to explore possible opportunities with the news team, read the introductory article at this site under the “MSM News Team” menu choice to review the requirements.

    I wish to thank the MSM Team for believing in what our vision is, and for the dedication being put forth to make it happen. Tomorrow is not yet ours to possess, but when it arrives, the possibilities are endless. I’m glad you’re on this journey, and you are appreciated.

    Article banner created by @Syer
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