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    The developers of Planet Arkadia have implemented a critical update that now sets the path for delivering not only an enormous impact on the Arkadian experience, but lays the foundation for the largest-scale marketing plan that Entropia Universe has ever seen.

    It’s the Dawn of a New Era, and Arkadia is not holding back. As a matter of fact, they’re just gearing up to give us their best yet, and there is much on the horizon to look forward to as shared by Arkadia’s own CEO, David Dobson, in his pre- and post-update interviews that can be found here and here.

    The long-awaited Arkoin Broker has arrived …


    … and access to the Arkoin Broker has been made easier and more convenient than ever. There is now only one single Arkoin Broker, rather than the several previously positioned in a few of the IFN Supply Depot buildings. One-stop shopping with an interface much like a Trade Terminal, and conveniently located near the brand new IFN Supply Depot Teleporter. There’s word traveling on the winds of Arkadia, whispering that the Arkoin Broker is worth getting to know.

    For the first time ever, Arkadia Land Areas for purchase are making a presence …


    … and the first two of six private island estates have been released with a Desert Theme. The first estate is available to purchase through the Arkoin Broker located at the IFN Supply Depot, but it won’t be easy to take over as proprietor of this private island estate. You need to come with heavy pockets filled with 15,000,000 (fifteen million) Arkoins just to purchase the claim, which in turn can be traded to Cyrus Chen, Arkadia’s Community Manager, in exchange for the actual land area deed.

    These private island estates not only come with a personal elegant residence, but an opportunity to entertain many upgrades to make the experience more inviting. You can find the details of what comes with each island estate here, and check out the list of upgrades for these estates here, where requirements and costs are clearly spelled out.

    It might be a good time to get your treasure hunting on and start collecting those Arkoins. The Aakas underground instances provide you with a way to do just that, and if a Desert Theme isn’t your thing, then stay tuned, because over a period of time, two more of the private island estates will be released with an Arctic Theme, and the last two with a Jungle Theme.

    Entropian Larkin put together a narrative video that takes a look at the two new island estates:

    This is history in the making, and an opportunity to invest in, and manage a unique piece of real estate on Planet Arkadia. The potential for personal benefit, as well as contributing to the ever-growing economy is limited only by a commitment to be dedicated, with determination to help make a change. There are many in the Arkadian community who wouldn’t hesitate to step forward and support your efforts.

    And speaking of getting the word out, Arkadia implemented its own Global Ad System …


    … so it is now easier than ever to advertise your business or service, as well as alert the community of upcoming events and unique activities. However, it doesn’t stop there, it’s also a way to announce personal milestones or achievements, and even send someone a congratulatory message for a birthday, an Entropia Universe Anniversary, a get well wish, or perhaps a special message that only the recipient will understand. How about advertising what you have to offer when you become the proprietor of one of the new private island estates – the possibilities are endless, and an efficient way to connect with the community.

    Another incredible addition to this new era, is a brand new episode that continues the Arkadian storyline –4.3 Beyond the Golden Door. The last episode published in August of 2012 revealed the discovery of the underground ancient city of Aakas, along with attainable treasures that requires a definite level of perseverance and effort in the form of navigating instances that will challenge your determination. Whether you’re seeking treasures, or collecting the Arkoins for the next unique purchase from the Arkoin Broker, your choices are many.

    There have been 10 specific Aakas instances, in addition to the ever-elusive Golden Door where a Golden Key was required to be crafted before access could ever be granted. There was one final component to the blueprint recipe that produced the Golden Key, and until recently, no one was successful in doing so.

    However, as we all recall, the first person who produced the Golden Key had a very difficult decision to make – to use the Golden Key to gain access to the Golden Door instance and discover what treasures awaited, or turn in the Golden Key to Cyrus Chen, Arkadia’s Community Manager, for 1,000.000 (one million) Arkoins. It was anyone’s guess not only who that first individual would be, but also what decision would be made when facing two impactful choices … until …


    … Colonist Svena Faraday earned the right to make that decision. Her choice – to take the 1,ooo,ooo (one million) Arkoins, thereby leaving what’s beyond the Golden Door a mystery, until Boardian Chilix was successful in producing another Golden Key. His decision – to open the Golden Door, and once and for all reveal the ever-elusive mystery. He and his team passed through the Golden Door, and shared with us from a live video feed what we’ve all been waiting to see.

    Other exciting things occurred with this Update that contribute to the importance, influence and impact it will have on Planet Arkadia’s economy, overall Player experiences, and a peek into possibilities that elevate just how immersive our choices can be – not only currently, but anticipation for the future as well.


    Recent adjustments to the skill requirements for each of its ARK, ASI, CAP and LAW firearms, sent Herman Industries back to the drawing board to examine how its range of equipment fits with the playing styles and skill levels of the colonists of Arkadia. Their goal has always been to make choosing the right weapon as easy as possible, which is why they were specific in naming their weapons with a number that reflected the minimum required skill level.

    This is where colonist feedback is critical, because it brought to the attention of Herman Industries that gaps had emerged between the skill requirement levels. As a result, they made a number of additions and adjustments to their range of weapons. Complete details can be found here.

    Additionally, five (5) new event areas have been added at various locations, including a PvP environment where colonists can explore and discover possibilities. Three (3) new mining amps have also been introduced: (1) Terra Amp I ‘Athena’ (L); (2) Terra Amp IV ‘Athena’ (L); and (3) Terra Amp VI ‘Athena’ (L). TEN edition items are now possible to loot in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Entropia Universe, and many upgrades have been implemented to improve playability.

    And speaking of celebrating, Arkadia will soon celebrate its own two (2) year anniversary since launch (May 25th). In the course of two years, we have learned just how dedicated the Arkadian development team is to not only delivering quality, but keeping the Arkadian community informed and current with the evolution of the planet, and just how much impact and inspiration the colonists have on development.

    The A-Team is focused on detail with a 2nd-step mentality that really pays close attention to the player experience, not to mention keeping an open mind when it comes to inviting talent from the community for fresh ideas. Onciest Dropkick Advrise and Parell Ori Losira are two such Entropians tapped for their creative ideas that resulted in contributions to the Arkadian environment.

    The recent Update is indeed the most important since Planet Arkadia’s launch, and these are exciting times. The Arkadian Sunrise, and the Dawn of a New Era is clearly just the beginning, with a solid foundation setting the standard for what’s to come. It’s good to be an Entropian, and it’s good to be riding this wave of new possibilities on Planet Arkadia.
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