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  1. Thx alot for all the effort u put in to PE/EU MS9, it been much apreciated for sure :)
    I remeber the first times i met u,Lykke and Peter on a Shirpie hunt a long time ago hehe it was much fun.
    Then i remeber when u reported from CND i think it was about some got stuck in the wall there and that is the first i think of u as The Storryteller :)
    Since then u done alot of those storrytelling dear and i apreciated them all :)

    I hope u will dropp in ones in a wile still ;)

    But i have to admit i fully understand u to consider MAs behavior, it dont make me like to play much more either.
    If it was not for the great comunity and all friends i have here i gess i been gone along time ago to tbh.

    Take care MS9
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  2. You will be back! ;)
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  3. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Thank you Harmony ... and I have to agree, that with most MMO's, 6 years is sort of unheard of with regard to longevity, but with EU, there are many reasons why the dynamics capture people and hold their attention and game-play for a rather long time.

    However, despite the awesome concept, and the immense potential of this game, MindArk has (IMO) done themselves (and this community) a disservice by mishandling it with their far too often single-minded delivery of product. This is not to say that they've gotten it all wrong, because I don't think that they have by a long shot. I just think that some decision-making has been weak, along with a sub-par level of communication.

    Even though MA is making an attempt to communicate now through EF with Kim and Bjorn answering questions, I really don't think they truly get the quality level that is required to gain better support from this community. It's really a no-brainer, and they could take Dave (Ozi) and Arkadia as a perfect example as to how it has garnered them such an incredible following, not to mention respect and support, even when things aren't quite right.

    The community in this respect is more forgiving because Dave keeps everyone updated, and answers every question presented with valid responses that are at least informative, and with posting content that doesn't put us off, or leave us hanging. Ed Robles 3rd from Cyrene is another planet partner who will deliver the goods, and one who has been incredibly generous with sharing exclusive content with us not only at this forum, but also in our EntropiaTimes magazine.

    I've already mentioned several times now, that I am absolutely confident that these two planet partners are going to make a huge difference in this universe over a period of time, because time is absolutely warranted with this type of work. It's one thing to have pretty graphics, but it's a whole different story when you can pull it all together with the rest of the qualities and dynamics that make it a whole package, and that means making the community a part of the process. It's really quite simple, and these two planet partners "get it" - as it seems that our Spanish planet partner from Pyxel Arts and Theryon Wars planet do as well.

    With regard to "new stuff" as you put it ... this is something that MindArk is good at - giving us new content, but ... what they fall short at is a more meaningful focus on content that truly needs their attention, which has great impact on the community and game-play, and not necessarily in a positive way. I get the impression at times that they think they can appease us with new content during a period of time when the community is basically upset, and perhaps it does to a degree, but that wears off, and it's back to the real issues that tend to fragment this community and universe, which is unfortunate.

    Thank you for your well wishes Harmony, it's appreciated. Like I've said before, I'll be around, but just in the wings watching how all of this unfolds over time. If there's something of interest in the forums that I feel I can add value to, then I will post, but the majority of my posting will be right here at EP. This is an all universe forum, and Lykke and Peter have it set up for all planet partners to engage in discussion and sharing here, and we're pretty proud that several planet partners have made EP their choice to communicate with us. I truly love the diversity, and I know that they will continue to provide a quality environment for the community to experience.

    Well hello Nova ... you and I also go way back as friends, and it was always a pleasure sharing in-game time with you - especially the craziness you, Moonie and I shared after vehicles came on the scene. There's nothing like racing your boat to try to get it to leap (not literally) over big-ass rocks in order to fall down a waterfall to the lower level. That whole adventure out at Zeus was great fun.

    It's true that Moonie, my brother and I have played other games for a long period of time, but even that is on the back burner right now. I'm not so sure that we'll be starting up anything new, or engage in games at the level we did before, but if we do, then I'll catch you on Skype. :)
    Thanks Wed ... and if there's one thing I can agree on, this community has been incredibly supportive over the past 6+ years that I have been around, and I am deeply grateful. I'll be around sharing my perspectives if I feel there's something of value to add, but MS9's game-play is truly and finally done. I still love this universe, as well as its awesome community, which was really my sole inspiration, but it's time for me to re-direct my focus.

    Fun is an understatement when it comes to you my friend ... I could always count on craziness, a good time, and certainly your unsolicited generous nature when it came to any projects I was involved on. Your contributions to the annual JSA Xmas giveaway events for newbies was very much appreciated, as well as prize donations for some of the contests I held that were associated with my MindStarRadio activities.

    What can I say about the Sakura Crafting Club, other than it was some of the most fun I had ever had in EU. The group we gathered at Sakura all fit together so splendidly, and the fact that humor was always the order of the day (not to mention the golden swirlies), it made it even more enjoyable.

    And speaking of the golden swirlies, there was plenty of that going on for sure, especially when Lykke joined us to give us all the official Lootius blessing, along with getting her own swirlies now and then of course. After I got my ATH on April 2, 2008 - which was literally my 3 year EU anniversary, as well as my brother's birthday - the purple magic in the ATH machine just kept on giving and giving, and I was glad to see that friends like you, Torlin, and others were achieving 4-digit ubers on a constant basis. Of course, Torlin had to go off and top my 81k ATH with a 93k ATH of his own, but I was incredibly happy for him, he certainly deserved it. I only wish that you would have opened that trap door in a bigger way. ;)

    Then of course, there was the night I was able to get my dear, dear friend Auktuma to join us for some fun, and to show us how it's done. He certainly lit up the room, and his conversation with us was priceless. He's a class act and I love him dearly - a real heart and soul Entropian. In my "Sakura Crafting Club - IV - w/Auktuma" storytelling article, it all unfolds with a specialness that topped off our night.

    I'll be staying in touch with you my dear Toast, for sure ... you are my Chicago HomeBoy, which is actually where I'm from, instead of the sub-tropics with all this heat and humidity. I really miss the snow at times, but after seeing what happened this past winter, y'all can have it. :p

    Love you long time, and that will always be a constant. :)

    Another long-time friend ... hello dear Lazz ... I'm glad you popped in, because you have always been an enormous supporter of everything I've done, and it's deeply appreciated, so thank you.

    With regard to the picture storytelling ... I started that in the Summer of 2005 when I posted the adventures at the then EntropiaForum. It has always been something I've enjoyed, and the community was such an incredible cast of characters for sure.

    Funny you should mention the stuck in the wall storytelling, because I truly had fun with that one. It was so lengthy that I had to make it a 2-parter - Control Room Wall Art -1 ... and ... Control Room Wall Art - 2 ... but the Entropians who played roles in this particular story gave me a lot to work with. Being a part of the first generation CND era really gave me diversity with regard to my storytelling, and it will always hold a special place in my heart for sure.

    Writing is my greatest passion, and what I love doing the most, so I'm sure that it will be an integral part of what I do from here on out - just not sure what direction I'll take it, but I have options, so I guess we'll just see how it all works out.

    I can appreciate your sentiments my dear Pirx, especially after I have stepped back several times in modified activity, or no activity as a result of a break, but this time my friend, MS9 as this community has known her to exist is truly over. I'm an EU civilian and will share my thoughts if I have something of value to contribute, just as many others who have ended their game-play but still offer perspectives. Your years of experience and knowledge about this universe doesn't dissappear just because you choose to not engage in activity any more. ;)

    You too have played a role in my storytelling for sure at some of the events, but one in particular that I remember very vividly was the 2008 Hurrikane Appreciation Party for all the work he did (yet again) on WoF. You exhibited your sliding abilities in a unique way, on the ledge of the roof of Chug's Hideout.

    Here are both videos from that appreciation party which was one of the MOST fun times I had for sure. :)

    Hurrikane (WoF) Appreciation Party - Video #1

    Hurrikane (WoF) Appreciation Party - Video #2

    See you around in the forums maybe. :)
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  4. Another fallen soldier. (Though maybe not fighting for the same side as I).
    You know.... In Canada we have what we call our "Highway of Heroes" where Canadians line the highway and over-passes down the stretch of Highway 401 in Toronto where our fallen soldiers make their final journey of repatriation. It's a sign of respect and thanks for all they have given our country.
    May your avatar find her own "Highway of Heroes" and may it be lined with the avatars present and past who you have touched in one way or another over the past 6 years.

    Good Luck!
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  5. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Wow Menace ... your post literally brought EU tears to my eyes for the first time in I can't remember how long, and certainly not something that I would have expected from you since we have been mostly at odds with each other.

    However, much respect for your sincere and surprise offering, it's appreciated. It means more than you may know, because it was the catalyst of a flashing of MS9's life over the past 6+ years that literally caused my skin to flush, which actually startled me. Sounds silly perhaps, but for those who know me, know that my heart, soul, and emotions have been tied up in this universe at a very deep level, and the sudden, and quick parade of images that came to mind as I read your post and listened to the music track took me on a warp speed journey that literally found me holding my breath.

    I don't know what else to say at this point, but wow ... and thank you!
  6. Kitty

    Kitty Catnip is my kryptonite!

    WHAT in the pink and purple world!?!?!?!
    I remember our first interaction on CND when I was flirting hard with Jack Johnson (guest Dj) and you told me to move so Asti could get close to him!! I was pissed!! :) (I looked forever to find a screenshot of it cuz I know I saw it before but couldn't find it)
    From there is just got better! I think you knew before I did that I would end up marrying Vixen and now here your going and splitting. I do understand, I miss the old PE too and everyone that was there, but I hate it.
    If you do end up in some other world, please let me know. I will come and stalk you ;-)
    Take care my friend and don't be surprised if you get an email from me in the future!
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  7. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    My Dear Kitty ... we were made to be girlfriends for sure, and have shared some interesting times together, not to mention some pretty interesting conversations.

    Yes, I remember the Jr. Jack episode at CND when he was a guest DJ we had at one of the events I helped ND produce for the community - even did a picture story out of it - Ambuli Aphrodisiac & Junior Jack - what a blast that was. Sorry if I caused your nose to get out of joint in the request to let Asti pass, but I was in photo shoot mode and needed to get a quick pic - didn't mean to hoard in on your flirting chickie! :p

    You and Vixen just seemed inevitable, and I'm glad that you two are happy, although it took you out of Florida, and even though we were about a couple of hours apart, it was nice knowing that you were at least that close by.

    I'll be around, and will certainly keep in touch with you. Not sure I will be inhabiting any other game at this point because I have some real life projects to work on, but will keep an eye on what evolves here with EU, and will post now and then, but probably just here at EP.

    Take care my friend, and love you much! :)



    Thought I would also add the - Ambuli Event After Party - and perhaps you'll find the photo you're looking for. :D
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  8. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    First to all, excuse the double post if this ends up being a double post, but I realized that I missed responding to Danton, so my apologies.

    Thank you Ron for your comments, they are appreciated, and I have to agree with you that it's sad that so many really active players have left EU, but I don't think the exiting is over yet, and it's a shame. I truly think that it could have been avoided and something more phenomenal developed, but we don't need to hash that out here. :)

    I also agree that I think more and more people have their faith in a couple of our planet partners, even though only one of those I am referring to have launched their planets. I wish all planet partners success, but it will be interesting to see how it all plays out over time.

    I wish you the best as well Hon, thanks!
  9. Kitty

    Kitty Catnip is my kryptonite!

    Darn good memory, but that wasn't it. We were all in the hot tub. Damn if I can remember where I saw it :(
  10. Holy crap I have an account on this forum?

    I've seen this episode before. Spoiler : She comes back. :(
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  11. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Awww ... well, maybe we'll run into it along the way somewhere. :)

    Not this time Centech ... MS9 as this universe has known her is out.

    So you are free to start your party now. :D
  12. So... That's it?!?

    No home in Celeste Harbor?!?

    No "Pier of Tranquility" for broadcasts and quiet moments of reflection?!?

    No more reports on the expansion and continual changing state of Entropia Universe?!?

    Harumph... :confused:
  13. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Yup to your first question, and nope to the 3 others!

    However, I still have MindStar Radio operating 24/7 thanks to Peter and the EntropiaPlanets Radio server, and will be adding new music, so anyone can still tune in if they so desire. Never know when I might pop in to say hello or make some kind of an announcement. :D

    And sorry dear heart, that's it for MS9, but you are definitely one of the people I will be staying in touch with. Our friendship only blossomed not that long ago, but it's quite special, so I'd like to hang on to that. :)
  14. Very sad to hear you've left the universe, MS9.

    All the best and thanks a bunch for all the excellent reads.
  15. Post Removed.

    I thought it was funny. Probably it was an "ewww grose" thing for girls. Sorry I didn't remove it early. I was trying to make our final laugh together. Didn't turn out as I expected. Sorry again. :(
  16. Hi,

    this is sad times :(

    And the forum software ate my long winded wall of text, written during the last hour.

    So the short version:

    MS9, my best wishes for your further life! I'll miss you!

    Uh, eyes bleeding. Or is it tears?​
    Have a good time, cya!​
  17. sorry to hear that you are going away. Hope to welcome you back in about a year and a half when things improve. ;) :)
  18. Chopper

    Chopper Sanctuary

    Good luck MS9!

    Stop by TS and say hello now and again :)
  19. Hey MS9, I'm not much of a poster really but thanks for what you did with the hangar owners and I think its sad that yet again someone is leaving because Mindarks visions of a virtual world that is better than real life is being proven to be quite the opposite. All for the sake of a small bit of engagement and consideration for those that actually bring the virtual world to life. They need to realise that their approach, like communism is far better in principle than practice.

    Here's some music to enjoy with your free time:

    And a book you might enjoy reading:

    It may resonate with you.

  20. As we seafaring types say, "Fair winds and following seas" MS9 :)
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