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  1. Hello Mindstar,

    it is true that Mindark does not have much life experience. They are not good at developing. We all know they have no brain and are in strong competition with the donkeys. They are alive because they have a little luck and good people around them. It's a shame to see such a bad team lead the best project of the Internet in the history of computing. I'm on Project Entropia for 9 years, and i totally understand your reactions, with other pilots (hangar owners). I do currently my last attempt. This is all very sad.

    I keep you as a partner on my website as your media remain alive. For the moment, with the other 'pilots' we are continuing our plans to reduce the damage caused by MindArk,' again '. We are not officially at war against Mindark. We expect the latest technology can limit fast approaching.

    I hope you will reconsider your position and come back in September, all tanned and fit. Without you, i am afraid there is no hope for this universe. If you leave us, i do not want to worry, but i would be sad. We remain in contact.

    Be the force with you MindStar:angelic:

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  2. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    My Dear Viper ... you are SUCH a nutbar, but that's a quality I absolutely love about you. No, it's not April 1st, but nonetheless, I won't be too far away. As far as playing at bare minimum - that's where I've been for years already Hon, and really haven't played the game, but rather functioned as media only, which was fine for me. Things are different now after 6+ years, and I really feel the need to drop back 10 yards and punt. As much as I love this universe, and always have, there just has to be more value in it for me, and right now there isn't. Maybe that will change one day, maybe not, but for now - I'm hanging out in the wings and watching how it all plays out.

    I think for now, MS9 would appreciate being chained to you - at least that way I know she'll be looked after - even though it sounds rather kinky actually :rolleyes: - just behave. ;)

    And a HUGE hug backatcha for sure! :)
    NOGGIN ... omg, how great for you to pop in, this is awesome. I will never forget our first space flight together - it was the opening day of CND on Dec 19, 2005 when we joined the twins Ripper and Creature on their spacecraft and the maiden voyage to CND for the opening. I still have the photos somewhere, so I'll have to look those up, but I DO remember you all decked out in pink with your top hat of course, as well as you holding the current title then of "Mr HeMan" ... it was a fun time. :)

    It's really nice of you to share your thoughts Noggin, and I'm looking forward to your post when you get it up.

    Jane, Jane, Jane ... my favorite AHR DJ ... how nice of you to drop in to leave a note, thank you. I can only say that it will be interesting to see how everything plays out. I will be standing in the wings watching it all unfold, but I have to say - despite my official departure as such, I can't help but still hope that MA will be able to pull it all together so that it's more beneficial for everyone.

    We now have some incredible planet partners with Dave and Ed, and it looks like Theryon Wars is following suit, so I hope that MA will appreciate the effort they are putting forth and not mess it up for them, because it would be such a shame. We'll just have to see what happens over time.

    When I'm in the planning stages for the trip to Denmark, I will definitely get in touch with you to see if there might be something we could work out. :)
    Dear Ed ... thank you very much for your kind words, they are appreciated, and please give my best regards to the C-Team, they're pretty incredible themselves, and their contributions to the last magazine issue was much appreciated.

    I will say that working with you on the magazine for several articles, and especially the "MS9 Adventure" (Cyrene - Secrets and Covert Operations) in the June issue was absolutely amazing.

    It was exciting to spend the time we did working out the details in how the new Cyrene storyline would be revealed. I know how incredibly busy you are, and for you to take as much time with me as you did was beyond anything expected, so thank you.

    I truly hope that things will work out for EU in the long-run ... that has always been my wish, but I'll be hanging out in the shadows watching how things progress and see where it all goes.

    In the meantime, I look forward to hearing from you. :)
    My Dear (new) Friend Osiris ... thank you for sharing your thoughts, they are appreciated, and I have to agree - I have always thought that the Project Entropia concept was great, and I don't think it would take a rocket scientist to determine that MA could have taken it in a much better direction than they have - even with implementing the planet platform.

    I really felt bad for the hangar owners, which is why I offered to write the article when approached. I truly hope something can still be worked out for your benefit, and that all will not be in vain, because that would truly be a shame.

    For now, I'll be hanging out and just tuning in to see what's going on, but will not have any in-game involvement whatsoever. And as things stand right now with my current state of mind, I won't be back as a player for sure. I haven't played in several years anyway, so there's no big difference there, really.

    I plan to focus on some real life projects, but will certainly stay in touch with my friends, and I wish you the best too Osiris.
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  3. Thorn

    Thorn Proud CND Baby

    I`d say I`ll miss you but we have`nt ran into each other in game in a long time. I have`nt been on near as much either and hiding out on another planet. But your stories and articles will be. As for you... well there is always Skype! We should make it a point to catch up soon. But I know real life has way more to keep one happy and busy than any computer based game ever will.
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  4. Always a nutbar hun, life is not worth living without a little bit of craziness in it.

    I think that is why I am playing Entropia on some level :D

    Good to hear that you won't be too far away, drop in from time to time ofc ;)

    Ooo chained to MS9, kinky that is ... ok I will behave hehe :angel:
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  5. safara

    safara Pamwe Chete

    Pretty much idling myself. But on holiday for a section now. The Beer will flow :)

    Best of luck MS9 :)
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  6. We've had our share of disagreements, but in the end, we've always been good friends. And that's what I've loved. Someone willing to share their true feelings, even at the threat of friendship, understanding that it in fact strengthens it.

    I share solace in the fact that while I may not be able to spend time w/ you ingame (like we used to long ago) I can still look forward to you peeking back on the forums occasionally and reading you there.

    Please drop me a PM occasionally and tell me of all the fun you're having IRL and other Universes. :)

    Since you understand the true nature of my usual comment, I have no problem saying:

    Happy Hoffing
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  7. Who will write up these uber long posts now? =(
    It's the suffering MA has brought upon us that made the
    community band together and get strong!

    *Jokes aside*

    I've always been lurking the forums and reading great
    stuff you wrote. (I'll miss your works)
    While I have only chatted with 2-3 times those are
    times I will remember forever.

    Best wishes from me!!
    I hope you drop by and write something on EP
    once in a while. :balanced:
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  8. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    It's true we haven't met up in game in a long time, but we have always remained friends and connected now and then, and ... I agree, we need to fire up Skype soon and catch up, because those are good times indeed, and we are far behind in doing so.

    Real life is going to be quite interesting, and will certainly keep me involved, but it won't prevent me from checking in now and then and at least saying hello. However, I really want to make it clear that as far as MS9 (the avatar) is concerned - her days as an EU player/reporter are over - except for perhaps one last hurrah, but even that is uncertain at this moment.

    I'll catch up with you soon Hon. :)


    I have to agree ... a sense of humor and frequent NutBar behavior is essential, and the craziness is just frosting on the cake. It's always served me well, and I won't be stopping anytime soon either. :D

    And no, I won't be far away, just not active inside the universe, but definitely have plans to hang around here and support Lykke and Peter . We have a very close relationship, and we work well together in many respects, so that connection will remain solid. It's not all about EU, and that's what I like about our friendship.

    And you behave? :p


    Thanks Hon, and you guys enjoy your holiday, as well as the idling. The two of you have always been favorite friends as well, and I will never forget our crazy-ass fun times on TeamSpeak - it was always a non-stop laugh fest. :D


    One thing we do agree on ... is that real friendship doesn't end just because we don't see eye-to-eye on something, and I have always appreciated that no matter what the circumstances, the friendship stayed intact.

    After we met in-game in 2005, we had some pretty special times that will always be remembered, and plenty of them in stories, on film, and even your Who's Who that I did. These were some of the good ol' days worth remembering.

    It's all good JC, and I'll be sure to check in with you now and then, as I will with many others.

    And yes ... I definitely understand the true nature of your usual ending comment - backatcha! :)

    Thank you Misao ... I'm happy that you appreciated my work, it means a lot, and ... I too enjoyed our Skype chats recently, they were very enlightening - especially as it relates to what our topic of discussion was. ;)

    As I mentioned, I'll be hanging around, but just not active in game, and probably won't have too much interaction at the forums, but that depends on what's going on and whether I have interest in anything where I might have something of value to add.

    After all ... I'm still curious to see how this universe unfolds going forward. :D
  9. You my dear will be missed, stopping playing - I truley understand that ( I feel I am heading that way) But dont be a stranger, the odd post to let us see your true purpleness would be awesome, take care and have fun in the thing that is RL :) :hug:

    :bee::sluggish::spider::cat::unsure: <- this is odd! Smilies ftw
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  10. EwoK

    EwoK Southern Fortress Engineering

    Dear MS9,
    To say I'm stunned by this is an understatement. Few things shock me these days (a hold over from the job I do) but you deciding to leave has really shaken me to the core. I am struggling to think what it will be like without your purple view on things around here. It certainly won't feel the same without you.

    You have provided a shining purple beacon to many of us over the years and its been both an honour an privilege to count you among my friends here in the virtual universe. Hope to stay in touch as often as both our lives allow, all the best for your future endeavours from us all "downunder". Stay frosty my friend.
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  11. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space


    Thanks Rocky ... and I like that we have the purple in common - you've always had cool avatar pics and other graphics representin' the purple in one way or another, and I've appreciated them for sure. I love you guys as a couple, and as long-time friends, even though we didn't get together that often - but then, when our paths have met, it's just like yesterday - if only things could be like yesterday, eh? ;)

    These are for you:

    6875.gif 8837.gif high-5_87123.gif purplekiss.gif ToastingSmileys_jpg.gif


    With friendship - time is not bound ...​
    However - TDO beacon missions are another thing! :D



    My Darling EwoK ... you are indeed a very special friend, and it will always remain that way for sure. I'll be around, but mostly here at EP, because this is my home forum. If I have anything to say, or to respond to, it will be here, because I respect what Lykke and Peter have worked so hard to accomplish - and I will write more on this at a later time.

    You and I as well have Skype, and other means to continue communicating, and I don't see that changing. ;)

    And just for the record my huggable EwoK ... my purple view is not lost - just because MS9 will not be an active avatar within our universe, it doesn't mean that my purple matter turns to mush. :D

    One thing is for sure ...

    "you can take the purple out of the universe, but you can't take the purple out of the girl" :p

    Oh, and ... much love back to my Aussie pals. :)
  12. red


    best wishes for whatever you decide to do in the future.

    it will be very odd going forward and not reading a picture story every once in a while.
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  13. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space


    Thank you very much Kira ... I really enjoyed doing the picture storytelling, as well as writing front page stories and articles for the magazine, but it's really time for me to make a change. Writing is still in my future, and when I have it more organized, then perhaps I'll share what dimension I've stepped into.

    For now, I will just hang out here and post now and then, but I think I'm going to pull together a little bit of MS9 nostalgia in video format and make it a humorous walk down memory lane. My times and travels have been nothing short of hysterical at times, and I was lucky enough to capture it on film. :D
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  15. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    My Sweet Sweet Skeezer ... there was nothing more appropriate that you could have posted - it says it all. This song has always had a special meaning in our friendship for sure, and why I would bump it to the top of the playlist when I knew you were tuned into MindStarRadio. Love the photo - thank you for that gift as well.

    Let me return the favor by posting my own video - it was my very first attempt at driving the new vehicle on the roads of ROCKtropia thanks to your generosity and willingness to put your life into my hands. It was the most fun I had in a long time, and I'm glad I got it on film. The track is also significant as well, because it's a reminder of other fun we used to engage in during the Athena Spaceport TP runs.

    You are dear to me Skeez, thanks for the friendship - I shall definitely stay in touch.

    (where's the damn hug emote?)

  16. In the end people come and people go, but i sure hate to see you go mindstar.
    If you think about it 6 years is a pretty long time to be playing a computer game, so there must be something about it...

    While i personally think mindark is becoming better with communication (on EF) and ingame progress (new stuff) I can understand some of the frustrations you and other players feel.

    I will miss you and your stories, and wish you all the best wherever you may go.
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  17. MS9. It is sad to see you go. BUT, make sure whatever other game you play to let us know. Like this we can join you. MUHAHAHAHAHA. :p
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  18. Wed

    Wed The one and only...

    Im sad to hear your leaving MS9. All your work for the community have been really approciated. I wish you the best of luck in all and whatever you do in life :)

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  19. We had a lot of fun, didn't we! :) Crafting together with the "crafting club" at Sakura City (and you getting your ATH! :cool: ), helping out with a few JSA events even your radio show and events. You have more than done your part in helping a lot of people in the P.E./E.U./P.C. community. Saddened to hear you won't be playing in the "sandbox" anymore. :( I wish you all the "purple power" to you and stay in touch! Love ya! :D

    (another one gone......:cry:)
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  20. Sad to see you go, like so many others have done before. I fully understand your reasons, having the same thoughts from time to time. Some faith is left, not to MA, but to PP that hopefully can change some things if they can find a way to do so.

    I wish you all the best for the future.

    Kind regards,
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